The Book of Ruth

I completed the exegesis of Ruth some time ago, and I am less than happy with the results. Nevertheless, for the sake of completeness, I will publish them on this site.

There is the problem with the html files that you will not get all of the graphics and maps. I would have to upload every single graphic for each file and then change all of the links within the document, which would take more time than I have. Furthermore, the Hebrew does not display correctly in HTML (I place the vowel points using advance in WP, which will not translate into and HTML document). Therefore, the pdf files are also uploaded below:

Ruth Introduction (html)

Ruth 01 (html)

Ruth 02 (html)

Ruth 03 (html)

Ruth 04 (html)

For some reason, the Return to Chapter Outline link works in these documents, but the Return to Chart and Map Index does not. They both should take you to about the same place in the document.

The problem with the pdf files is, I have trouble getting them to display online, although the pdf files display fine on my own computer. In other words, I cannot simply click on the link and view the file (although I can for other pdf files). I don’t know if these files are too large (they are huge) or if there is some other problem that I cannot figure out. You should be able to right-click the link, choose save as, and put the file on your hard drive and open it there using Adobe Acrobat Reader. That will give you a complete view of the graphics and the Hebrew characters.

Ruth Introduction (pdf)

Ruth 01 (pdf)

Ruth 02 (pdf)

Ruth 03 (pdf)

Ruth 04 (pdf)

Now and again, I have seen that I have made some mistakes in spelling as well as in the morphology (I took the information from Owen, but changed it whenever there was a mistake in his work). If you discover mistakes, then I would want to know what they are so that I could change them and update the documents. I enjoy studying the Word of God, but I so hate to proofread.

As to the computer problems noted above (internal document links that don’t work; acrobat files that you cannot view on the web), quite frankly, I don’t have a clue how to fix them.