Pentateuch Links

Introduction: I began exegeting the Scriptures around 1995, and it took until I got midway through the book of 1Samuel before I began to get my bearings. However, I will include here the examination I did of the books of the Pentateuch.


Concerning the Pentateuch, the Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge writes: Finally, the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, which are amassed in these five books, have enriched the whole civilized earth, and, indeed, greatly promoted that very civilization. They have been a kind of text-book to almost every writer on geology, geography, chronology, astronomy, natural history, ethics, jurisprudence, political economy, theology, poetry, and criticism, from the time of Moses to the present day - books to which the choicest writers and philosophers in Pagan antiquity, have been deeply indebted; and which were the text-books to all the prophets - books from which the flimsy writers against Divine Revelation have derived their natural religion, and all their moral excellence - books written in all the energy, and purity, of the incomparable language in which they are composed; and lastly, books, which for importance of matter, variety of information, dignity of sentiment, accuracy of facts, impartiality, simplicity, and sublimity of narration, tending to improve and ennoble the intellect and ameliorate the physical and moral condition of man, have never been equalled, and can only be paralleled by the Gospel of the Son of God!  Footnote

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Genesis: This is, of course, the book of beginnings, and pretty much every major doctrine of Scripture can be found in this book. This particular document has links to certain chapters of Genesis which have been expanded considerably. (HTML) (PDF) (WPD)

Genesis Links (HTML) (PDF) takes you to the chapters of Genesis which have been exegeted word by word. This is the most thorough exegesis found anywhere.

Exodus: Moses Takes the Israelites from bondage to the Land of Promise. (HTML) (PDF)

Leviticus: This book is not as much about the Levitical Priesthood (a misnomer, by the way) as about the Mosaic Law. (HTML) (PDF)

Numbers: Gen X dies out and the Generation of Promise is raised up. (HTML) (PDF)

Deuteronomy: This book is extremely significant, and many who exegete it do not seem to grasp how it is different from the previous 3 books. (HTML) (PDF). In terms of document style, there will be some minor differences from chapter to chapter. About 600 pages.

Deuteronomy Links: (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). These are links to the individual chapters of Deuteronomy which have been completed thus far. Each chapter averages around 200 pages and every single word is exegeted. This is the most thorough exegesis found anywhere.