One of the most important topics of Scripture is the Inspiration of Scripture.  How many times have you heard...

  • The Bible is just a book written by man
  • The Bible is filled with contradictions
  • The Bible used to be worthwhile for men, but that was 2000 years ago
  • The Bible has nothing to say to me today
These words are spoken primarily by people who have no interest in getting to know Who God is.  They are excuses.  These people have not really examined the Bible, for the most part; some may know some web pages where contradictions are listed, and, for them, that is good enough.  However, if you are truly interested in the Bible, I have 3 different papers which I have written on the Inspiration of Scripture.  The first is the shortest:
The PDF format will require you to save it to your harddrive in order to read (you will use the free Acrobat Reader).