I have transferred many of my links to The List  (HTML)   (PDF)   (WPD) (if you use WordPerfect, then you can download this document, but you will need to change is extension for HTM to *.WPD). 

I list every doctrinal church which I am aware of, listed by state location.  Their website, location, pastor and web resources are all listed.  Also in this list are all books which have been exegeted (verbally taught audio and in written form) along with certain websites where a number of doctrines are available.  This list was updated November 13, 2019.  Note the "Buyer Beware" warning.  It is not out of the realm of possibility that a church can adopt R. B. Thieme Jr.'s vocabulary, and develop a cult.  Therefore, some warnings have been included and expanded.  Also, there are 3 or 4 sites in particular with the greatest number of doctrines.  They have been moved to the top of the list under "Online Doctrinal Resources."

All of the teachers on The List provide oral teaching of the Word of God for no charge, regardless of your geographical location.  If you do not live near a church which values the teaching of Godís Word, then you need to be learning from one of the pastors below.  All of them provide access to the teaching for free, so you are not bound by your financial limitations.   It should be obvious that our country is in a fragile state on many fronts, and the key to the preservation of our nation is your spiritual growth.  You need daily Bible teaching, and if you live anywhere near one of these churches, you need to be in attendance.  The function of our spiritual lives in this nation is the key to our continuing as a Client Nation to God.

These are brick and mortar churches and ministries which require support.  If you have the means to support them, then please do.  However, I have linked only to sites/pastors/churches whose financial policy is: (1) Get out the Word of God; (2) God will provide the means by which to do this; (3) an individualís financial constraints should not bar him or her from the teaching of Godís Word.

I have also listed missionaries and a variety of other Christian ministries.  Most of them require financial support, and I urge you to support them as well.

It is important to point out two things: (1) I am not a pastor-teacher; in my lifetime, I hope to fully examine a dozen or so books in greater detail than is found anywhere else, and to leave these posted as reference material; however, the average believer is not going to get much out of what I have posted here.  My intention is, to post this material for pastor-teachers, seminary students, Sunday school teachers, and anyone else who needs to examine the books and doctrines which I have examined on this site.  I have done the essential grunt work, e.g., the word-by-word examination of each verse of certain books, like Samuel, Judges, Chronicles (some of these are works in progress).  (2) If you are a new believer, then you need to be under the teaching of a pastor-teacher (ideally speaking, attending a local church, if there is one which teaches doctrine) and not wandering around out there on your own.   I have listed below those who appear to have a doctrinal ministry, and you should place yourself under the authority of one of these men and grow spiritually.  If you are not near any of these churches, there are ways that you can benefit from their ministry online; and many of these churches have offshoots by way of small groups who gather in places far from the church, but study under this or that pastor.  Let me add this for the new believer: money is not an issue and money should never be an issue.  If you are a new believer, a financially strapped believer, a reasonably suspicious believer, then get with one of these ministries, grow spiritually, and do not even think about giving them money until you have spiritually grown.  At some point in time, not only will you have the wherewithal to give but you will also want to give.  Until then, leave your checkbook at home.  Not one of these ministries will ever ask you for money or embarrass you when it comes to monetary concerns.  If they do, let me know, and I will remove them from the lists.

The locations below are linked to a map. Exact addresses and phone numbers are generally available at their websites. A more up-to-date list can be found here: (HTML)   (PDF)  (WPD).

   The list below might be a year or two out of date.

This list was compiled from links of various doctrinal churches, as well as suggestions from other believers, so I cannot guarantee that each and every church is doctrinally straight. Much of what these churches offer online will expand beyond what I have indicated as the years go on.

These churches are arranged in order of the state in which they are located. If the location is a link, that will lead you to directions to that church.

Please contact me if you believe that I ought to update any of the information below.

Buyer Beware: This information is presented as buyer-beware. Just because a pastor uses a familiar vocabulary does not mean that he teaches accurate doctrine nor does it mean that he is fulfilling his commission as a teacher of the Word of God. I recall hearing the teaching of a pastor, via MP3, and I would have sworn that he was teaching almost word-for-word from R. B. Thieme, Jr. (except that he was not as interesting). I have been to one of the churches in Little Rock, Arkansas, and, even though the people and the pastor seemed quite nice and friendly, I did not hear the rebound technique mentioned (restoration to fellowship; restoration to the spiritual life). This is quite important for spiritual growth, and was surprised that it was not mentioned by this pastor. R. B. Thieme, III mentioned one pastor (not by name) who came out of Berachah and is now teaching covenant theology. I have heard from one person that several churches in the east may be cults. An email that I got from one of those pastors read as follows: If you check the exegesis notes of Rev 18 you will see documentation that the United States of America will not recover spiritually, nor will there be a pivot generation. Sad to say, this once great nation has become Satan's premier example of a political entity, just as Catholicism is his premier example of a religion. Both are known as Babylon, and Babylon refuses to be healed. Jer 50 & 51 Our duty is to shine as lights in a dark place, but Babylon will fall due to her excesses and rebellion against God. Although many of us see the United States as a nation greatly blessed by God, we tend not to interpret the book of Revelation or Old Testament prophetical books as speaking of the United States prophetically. So, yes, on the one hand, you ought to be in a doctrinal church; however, on the other hand, be careful that you have not gotten into a cult. I have been told in an email that one of these churches is a cult, where you are separated from family and friends, where the pastor is very charismatic and overbearing. On the other hand, when I investigated this particular allegation, the person making the allegation seemed to ramble on a great deal and he did not convince me. Many have accused Berachah Church of being a cult, which it certainly is not.

It is not out of the question that someone would adopt the vocabulary developed by R. B. Thieme, Jr. and use this in order to exercise undue influence over his congregation. It is okay, within a church, particularly if you are just beginning there, to question what is being taught and to read material which asserts a different viewpoint. There are several sites which list the characteristics of a cult. Bear in mind that, having 1 or 2 or 3 of these characteristics does not a cult make. Here are some sites where cult characteristics are discussed:

Another accusation which has been made against some of the pastors below is, they simply parrot what R. B. Thieme, Jr. taught. I have heard a lesson from one person (I donít think that he is listed below) where he sounded as if he was teaching word-for-word what Bob taught. Even though a pastor might have learned most of his doctrine in Berachah Church and uses the vocabulary that R. B. Thieme, Jr. developed, his study has to be based upon his own study of the Bible. If a pastor has done little but parrot Bobís teaching for a few years, it is questionable whether he is functioning properly as a pastor-teacher.

Of the churches below, I can personally vouch for pastors Thieme, Griffin, Dean, McLaughlin, Perkins and Ingram. My guess is, Eubanks, Bumgardner and Mattox are also reliable. My guess is, most of the men below are honest teachers of the Word of God; however, I have not had the time to personally examine each and every one of them. Therefore, buyer beware.

If you are anywhere near one of these churches, that is probably where you need to be, even if it is a small congregation of 10 or 20 people (assuming the pastor is truly doctrinal). Having attended a taperís church for several years and knowing a variety of people who drifted in and out of this and other such churches, I have found that those who go off on their own, so to speak, tend to become a little (or a lot) more nutty than the rest. Look at going to a doctrinal church as placing you in Godís geographical will at least 3 or 4 hours a week.

The following churches appear to be inactive, so they have been removed The Desert Valley Church, pastored by Chet Pittman (which may have morphed into Arizona Grace Bible Church?); Mills River Bible Church pastored by Stan Newton. If I cannot find this church through a google search and if itís link is no longer good, then I removed it. I looked over these churches again in 2015; if the links no longer worked, I sometimes left the church listed, but with that notation.

Many of these churches can be found here: where the graphics are much cooler.

Chafer Theological Seminary also offers a list of churches. This will include churches not listed below (I have not had enough time to investigate them).

Many like-mind churches listed by Pleroma Bible Church.

The churches are listed in alphabetical order by states. Over 30 states are represented below.

Doctrinal Churches






Doctrinal Studies Bible Church

Ron Adema

Birmingham, AL

There is a searchable database and you can download whole series from this database, both WMA, MP3 files and notes.

Doctrinal Bible Church

Drew Smith

Huntsville, AL

About 50 or so audio lessons available online

West Side Bible Church

Larry Hofmann

Glendale, AZ

Class notes for previous Bible class

Barah Ministries

Rory Clark

Mesa, AZ

Over 2000 audio lessons online

Finished Work Fellowship

Lee Griffith

Prescott Valley, AZ

Free resources e.g. MP3 studies; but you must contact them; website set up like a blog, so it is more difficult to maneuver through it

Arizona Grace Bible Church

John Farley (on video)

Tucson. AZ

These meet weekly in a private home as an independent church

Grace Bible Ministry

Brad West

Arkadelphia, AR

Many, but not yet posted

Grace Bible Church

Mark Goad

Hot Springs, AR

5 doctrines and one lesson online; I donít know if there are more or if this church is just beginning; blank website in 2015

Heartís Journey Community

Ric Webb

Little Rock, AR

About 2 years of sermons available online; my recollection of this church was, I donít recall the pastor suggesting rebound before he began teaching

He Ekklesia

Michael Eubanks

North Little Rock, AR

About 50 doctrines online and numerous audio studies; I did not see any exegeted books of the Bible

Amador Bible Church

Billy J. Puryear

Jackson, CA

MP3 lessons are removed; translation of most of the NT available online on alternate site as well as 14 doctrines

Although this church appears to be shut down, Puryear appears to continue to work on various Bible studies. His notes are posted here:

He has translated almost the entire New Testament; however, he devotes one document per verse, rather than one document for one chapter.

Church of Hope

It appears to be 2 young men still in seminary? and

Laguna Woods (Laguna Hills?), CA

The first website includes some of the lessons which are available; you have to search the website for additional lessons. This appears to be a new ministry.

Grace Bible Church

Thomas Tyree, Jr.

Costa Mesa, CA

40 doctrines listed online; no mp3's online

Grace Chapel

Ricardo Campo

I do not know if this is the right place or pastor

1800 E. La Veta Avenue; Orange, CA 92866

(714) 288-2826 or (714) 288-9555?

Coast Bible Church

Colonel Ridge Ryan

San Juan Capistrano, CA

No online resources. Although rebound is found under what we believe, there are also small group meetings, which concerns me

Front Range Bible Church

Mark Perkins

Denver, CO

This is a new website and it is now very well organized with easy access to more than a dozen studies

Middletown Bible Church

George Parsons

Middletown, CT

A few books studied and available online; a lot of written material online

North Stonington Bible Church

Larry Chappell and Steve Masalin?

North Stonington, CT

Although this website is new, there are a few Bible series online

Preston City Bible Church

David J. Roseland,

Preston, Connecticut

6 sets of lessons available for download along with powerpoint presentations; online real time services

Lighthouse Bible Church

John Farley

Deerfield Beach, FL

This is a fairly new church with audio lessons online from 2009 (Romans and Spiritual Gifts)

Makarios Bible Church

Ron Snider

Sarasota, FL

They lease from a 7th Day Adventist church but are not affiliated with them; over 100 doctrines available online (formats: audio, Worddoc, pdf); 12 years of lessons in mp3 and as Worddocs

Hope Bible Church

Stuart Wolf

St. Petersburg, FL

About 20 Real Audio lessons; about 30 doctrines online, several unique to this site; also the written exegesis for 8 books are available online as well

Grace Doctrine Church

John Voisey?

Clearwater (Tampa Bay), FL

no online material, apart from the doctrinal statement; dead site 2015?

Albany Bible Church

Peter Daughtry

Albany, Ge

audio lessons available

Grace Atlanta Bible Church

Matt Kasper

Atlanta, GE

Recent change of pastor here; the doctrinal information was accurate but sparse

Wenstrom Bible Ministries

Bill Wenstrom

Marion, Iowa

There is a lot of music available (25 songs); also 14 studies and 2 publications can be ordered; ~100 doctrines available online, hundreds of mp3 lessons available for download (in the audio library, use drop down series selection). A unique feature of this ministry is ďword studiesĒ

Panoplia Bible Church

LTC William E. Stebbins Jr.

Bonner Springs, KS 66012

About 70 lessons online with slides, notes and audio

Eagle Point Grace Bible Church

Bob Norris

Tecumseh, Kansas

Barely a handful of lessons online, but 3Ė4 lessons a week are being taught; a new church

Grace Memorial Bible Church

J. Rahrer

Madisonville, LA

4+ years of audio lessons and several doctrines available for download (access requires password) did not load 2015

Eusebia Bible Church

Ed Collins

Rehoboth, MA

4 meetings/week; audio lessons available online going back to 2009

Some sermons are here:

Grace Fellowship Church

James H. Rickard

Plainville, MA

Very extensive list of MP3 files and written doctrines available online; doctrines listed in alphabetical order so they can be found in the MP3 studies (or ordered)

Grace Bible Church

Robert McLaughlin

Somerset, MA

Recently taught classes MP3 files; over 40 downloadable doctrines and about 20 booklets to be ordered or downloaded. CDís of lessons can be ordered. Lessons can be viewed or listened to online or downloaded.

Fellowship Chapel

Mike Kenley

Jarretsville, MD

I listed this church because it is associated with Charlie Clough, but I could not find rebound listed under their doctrines; limited info on web

Metropolitan Bible Church

Robert Kreger

Mayville, Battle Creek, Pontiac, Michigan

Only 2 meetings/week; about 200 audio lessons available on line; some written doctrines and exegesis as well

Iron Range Bible Church

John L. Griffith

 Aurora, MN

An extensive online resource including verse by verse studies of 14 books, 14 topics (notes and audio files) and 5 online booklets

Clarissa Bible Church

Peter Tranvik

Clarissa, MN

Recent MP3 files (about 10 or so); did not open 2015

Grace Gospel Bible Church

Dave Knutsen

Edina, MN

MP3's and PDFís for about a monthís teaching (I guess to help church members keep up)

Duluth Bible Church

Dennis Rokser

Duluth, MN

You can listen online to the past dozen or so messages; several booklets available online; podcasts (MP3's)and streaming video for one lesson

Itasca Bible Church

Shawn Laughlin

Grand Rapids, MN

Two dozen messages available online

Beth Haven Church

Jim Kahler

Kansas City, MO

All their audio files are posted online; all or portions of about 25 books are now downloadable from their site

Grace Doctrine Church

Joe Griffin

St. Charles, MO

Exegetical and doctrinal studies as MP3 files are available from the website directly

Additional study material can be found here:

Believers Bible Church

Dr. Lonnie Hofer

Omaha, NE

about 18 lessons posted; weekly meetings only; recent change of pastor (2010)

Growing in Grace Church

Pastor Dominick Rodriguez

Las Vegas, NV

Online sermons going back to 2007. 8 booklets online

Upland Bible Church

Richard J. Olsen

Las Vegas, NV

several studies can be ordered online

Aletheia Bible Church


I donít know if this really exists. I called the number I got off the internet and it was not a church. There is no website.

1740 Faith Ct NE

Albuquerque, NM 87112

 I am listing this based upon the recommendation of someone






Chafer Theological Seminary

George Meissinger

New Mexico

New address is not listed; doctrinal studies and info available through a search engine; a few pdf publications as well

Grace and Truth

Bible Ministries

Mike Lemmon

Apalachin, NY

1Ĺ years of audio lessons online; about 40 doctrines available as well

There is also a live video or audio feed for this church available at this site.

Faith Bible Church

James Allen

Long Island, NY

About 25 doctrines online, along with the notes to his sermons; and notes for 8 books of the Bible; I did not see any MP3 files; it is my understand that audio files will be added; and that the organization will be improved

Grace Bible Church

Donnie Preslar

Charlotte, NC

No MP3's online; the free literature took me to a generic Bible Gateway search page; looks like you can live stream classed here

Triangle Bible Church

Mark Newbold

Raleigh, NC

Generous archive of class notes, class charts and audio lessons

Lake Erie Bible Church

Ken Reed

Concord, OH

Generous archive of written doctrines and audio lessons (you have to download the index to know whatís what)

Maranatha Church

Jack Ballinger

Bethany, OK

many audio files and accompanying notes; and about 90 doctrines in note form; I did get an email from someone indicating that Ballinger teaches word-for-word from some commentaries; I have no idea myself, one way or the other

Trinity Bible Church

Drue Freeman

Oklahoma City, OK

D Ray revved up (I did laugh out loud a few times); notes and wma lessons available

Countryside Baptist Church

JB Bond

Stillwater, OK

They seem to be fairly accurate when it comes to spirituality, so I have listened them here; they have a large MP3 library online. However, they do charge for some of their resources; they appear to have a live stream of their services

Faith Bible Church

Don Hargrove

Tulsa, OK

There are a lot of doctrines available online; the site could be better organized (it took me some time to figure out where complete chapters and books could be found

Southwood Bible Church

Eric Bush

Tulsa, OK

Several lessons online by various teachers; they are changing over to a new pastor March 2011

Manning Bible Church

Gordon Shearer

None yet

47200 NW Sell Rd.
Banks, Oregon 96106


Trinity Bible Church

John Page, Pastor-Teacher

None yet

2645 S Stage Rd

Medford, OR 97501


Portland Bible Church

Gary Glenney

Portland, OR

About 70 doctrines in pdf format and I believe all their lessons are now available online

Grace and Truth Ministries

Joseph P. Sugrue

Salem, OR

About 500 MP3 lessons online

Fairview Bible Church

Mike Bryant

Fairview, PA

About a dozen lessons are available for downloading; others many be ordered; a couple publications and outlines also available. It is unclear whether this church is still functioning. They have a website still, but no lessons are archived now as of 2015.

Grace Chapel Bible Church

Pastor Bob Lauach

Lyman, South Carolina

about 60 audio and video files online; this church began in 2008; I donít see any lesson now in 2015 but church is still going

Pleroma Church

Clay Ward

Tullahoma, TN

Audio lessons are not online and must be ordered; but there is a good selection available

Austin Bible Church

Bob Bolender

Austin, TX

All lessons available as MP3 files; it will take awhile to locate a particular book or study and download it; doctrines and exegesis listed together

Westbank Bible Church

L. G. Merritt

Austin, TX

About 150 doctrines online; written exegesis of 3 books; about a year or so of audio lessons

Lost Pines Bible Church

Pastor Cliff Beveridge, Gary Stevens

Bastrop, TX

This church appears to be quite new with few doctrines and studies online

Grace Bible Church of Baytown

Roy Cloudt (pastor) and John McReynolds (assistant pastor)

Baytown, TX

This church only meets thrice weekly, but I am guessing that is a matter of demand. Perhaps 150 doctrines online; MP3 available going back to 2002

Country Bible Church

Mike Smith

Brenham, TX

Notes and/or lessons available online; dvdís can be ordered

Church of the Servant King

Steve Ellis

Dallas, TX

audio lessons for Matthew and 1Corinthians (current series) and notes on several topics also available (I do not know about whether he teaches rebound, however)

Grace Bible Church of Rockwell

Todd Atwood

[East] Dallas, TX (Rockwell)

Online lessons of the gospels, Hebrews, Acts and Proverbs (some lessons appear to be incomplete. however, they can be downloaded at

Spring Valley Bible Church

Herman H. Mattox

Dallas, TX

Although there are a number of excellent studies, which can be downloaded (right click and choose save link as) these lessons can be heard online, but not stopped or paused); they can also be ordered here:

Fredericksburg Bible Church

Jeremy Thomas

Fredericksburg, TX

Notes and/or audio lessons available online

The Bible Church of the Comment Lakes

Fred Bates

24101 State Highway 71 E; Horseshoe Bay, TX

(830) 596-0100 ?

Charis Chapel & Charis Seminary

Dr. Larry B. Patrick

Houston, TX

There appear to be 50 sermons online, several books and about 30 doctrines.

Pine Valley Bible

Bruce Bumgardner

Houston, TX

Audio lessons available online;

West Houston Bible Church

Robby Dean and

Houston, TX

Online audio and pdf files. Also, a real-time online church service.

Transcripts of Deanís notes:

Also at:

Grace Bible Church of Houston

David Dunn

Houston, TX

A few dozen lessons available as WMA files

Berachah Church

Robert Thieme III

There is a website both for Berachah Church and for Tapes and Publications (R. B. Thieme Jr. Ministries)

Houston, TX

Lessons may be ordered as CDís or DVDís

R. B. Thieme, Jr. website is

The Berachah Church website is

At the Berachah website, there is also a list of study groups who meet (some listen to Bobís teachings via MP3 files or video), and some listen to Bobbyís teaching live, or via MP3 and videos. Such groups meet in homes or in rented buildings studying the teaching of R. B. Thieme III or R. B. Thieme Jr. (the telephone hookup groups are live, and the others either listen to sermons on CDís or DVDís). Those groups who study under Bobby take place in nearly 50 different locations in about 20 different states. There are nearly 20 groups who still study the Colonelís teachings in 14 different states and in 3 countries (England, Germany and the Philippines).

Tapes and Publications Church has finally broken down all of R. B. Thieme, Jr.ís lessons by book, series, lesson numbers; so that you can see what was taught and when during each series.

On the Syndein website, Bobís studies are broken down into books and series, lesson numbers, passage and topics covered. Berachah finally did this above. Although this is really a lesson index and not a bibliography, many will find this set of web pages to be quite helpful.

Katy Community Church

Stan Simonton

Katy, TX; Stanís email is at this website and church meets at his house

From Katy, TX. According to their website: The Katy Community Church is an Online Doctrinal Bible Church teaching God's word historically, categorically and verse-by-verse. We are a non-denominational, online doctrinal Bible church. It is our goal to give each person a place where they can learn and grow spiritually by the accurate teaching of God's Word.

Sugarland Bible Church

Andy Woods

Sugar land, TX

There are a number of recent lessons; I had problems performing a search for other materials, however; he does not begin a sermon with rebound

Patriots Church

Albert Hill

6818 Paluxy Dr

Tyler, TX

no website yet

Apparently, Pastor Hill has retired. It is unclear whether this is now a ďtaperís groupĒ or what. There is a DVD group which meets in Tyler, apparently studying under Bobby (see the link under Berachah Church above or call Berachah Church directly).

Rephidim Church

Dr. Ron Killingsworth

4430 Allendale Rd., 76310 or call (940) 691-1166

Wichita Falls, Texas

Only 6 doctrines so far; (No login/password required now)

National Capital Bible Church

Daniel Inghram

Arlington, VI

4 doctrines and an excellent selection of MP3 files are available online, including 7 books

Faith Baptist Church

John D. Reynolds

Fincastle, Virginia

I recommend this church with a grain of salt. Reynolds has obviously had some doctrinal training. However, I do not see rebound taught.

Evergrace Fellowship Church

Jesse Acosta

Everett, WA

1 book and a number of MP3 files available online

Lakeland Bible Church

Hugh Crowder

Federal Way, WA

If they still post MP3 files and ppt files (presentations files which MS and Corel can open), I can no longer find them; cannot find them 2015 either

Columbia Bible Church

Bruce Einspahr

Kennewick, WA

Just the most recent notes are available online. There does not appear to be a T&P ministry

Grace Bible Church of Pullman, WA

Ron McMurray

Pullman, WA

There does not appear to be a T&P ministry. There are many sets of notes online. Website not quite finished.

Grace Military Ministries

John Eichmann

Shoreline, WA

There are a handful of lessons which can only be listened to online. There are a dozen or so written lessons also available

Evergreen Baptist Church

Paul Schmidtbleicher

Shoreline, WA

Several dozen MP3 lessons are available online.

Spokane Bible Church

Tod Kennedy

Spokane, WA

Books, notes, presentations (pdf versions) available online; I did not see any audio lessons here. Excellent walk-through studies.

Word of Grace Bible Church

Tom Stegall

Milwaukee, WI

Some messages can be accessed online: or Most series will have to be ordered.

Let me add that these churches represent the deliverance of our nation. Believers who attend these churches and grow spiritually will form the pivot which will deliver our nation. Of all the ministries which I list, these are arguably the most important when it comes protecting and preserving the United States of America. It does not matter if the congregations number 50, 500 or 5000. God is not interested in numbers; He is interested in vindicating the doctrine in your soul.

Grace notes posts a list of doctrinal questions that believers ought to be able to answer; if you go to a doctrinal church, you ought to be able to answer most of these after 5 or so years:

I have mixed feelings about online churches. I have known too many people who have made an attempt to grow spiritually apart from gathering together as a local church (Heb. 10:25), and the results have not always been good (possibly stemming from the lack of academic discipline). On the other hand, there certainly must be people out there who are unable to gather at a local church or do not live anywhere near a local church. Several of the men below study and post lessons regularly, and if you are unable to attend a brick and mortar church, then reading or listening to their lessons as they are posted would be your best approach.

My website is not a church. I try to provide a repository of doctrines and doctrinal teaching, and hope to produce a doctrinal exegesis of some Old Testament books (with Godís grace, I might complete the books of Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Judges, Job, Kings and Proverbs in the next 10 or so years). I would hope that some pastors and students might use this site as reference material and that some believers might learn some things via this site as well. However, for the typical believer, you ought to be in a brick and mortar doctrinal church each and every time that they open up the doors.

I have not updated these for a couple years, with the exception of adding Pastor John to the list.

Online Churches/Ministries





The Christian Way of Life Church

Jim Brettell

If you subscribe, you can get a chance to hear Bible doctrine daily. Check under ďmore...Ē Some files can be downloaded; no DVDís or MP3's at this site.

Bible Doctrine Church, an online ministry

John Keating

John Keating is the pastor and he apparently puts a written sermon online each Sunday. Archives of previous lessons go back several lessons, but not to the beginning.

Biblical Answers To Man's Questions

Doug Laird

Doug has a couple dozen sermons (youtube linked) and about a half dozen e-books all online.

Jim Oliver Ministries

Oliver, Jim

The slides are slides timed to Jim Oliverís teaching on the internet (I am unclear as to whether he pastors a church somewhere). However, the little which I looked at seemed accurate. Essentially you are looking at slides with Bible verses and points written out as he speaks, and some people prefer that visual contact with the material.

Pacific Rim Bible Studies

Mike Philips

From what I can ascertain, Mike is/was pastoring Berean Bible Church in Redding, CA, which may or may not be a going concern. He is also related to some sort of a Bible camp in beautiful Mount Shasta City. There is a plethora of Bible studies and publications available online. He has the vocabulary which many of us know, but I did not hear him teach rebound in the lesson I heard.

Bible Doctrine Church (of Monterey)

Pastor John

I have not explored his site extensively, but my impression is, this is a pastor in search of a congregation.

Biblical Exegesis


Wayne has translated and exegeted most of the epistles, all available as PDF downloads. There is no doctrinal statement that I could find, although he seems to adhere to 5 point Calvinism? He does acknowledge a great indebtedness to R. B. Thieme, Jr. Not to be confused with

I have no idea whether these pastors are interested in a brick and mortar church ministry or not. I have contacted some of them to find out.

  • Missionaries, Evangelists:

    • Missionary List.  These are doctrinal missionaries and links to them.
    • Max Klein (Missionary in Asia)
    • Darryl and Nita Anderson (Mindanao, in the Philippines)
    • Rick Hughes, Evangelist
    • Gary Horton, Evangelist
    • Here are two more links to Doctrinal Churches: A list which I copied from Delphi Forum and a direct link to Delphi Forum
    • In examining the sites above, what seems to be the primary purose is to teach the Word of God.  At this critical point in time in the United States, nothing is more important than our spiritual growth.  The men and churches listed above seem to fully understand that.  How you go as a believer in Jesus Christ is going to determine the future of this great nation that we live in.
  • Doctrinal Forum:

    • Delphi Forum is where several doctrinal believers gather to visit; it also is a place where you might find some like-minded people, if you are taking in doctrine in an isolated area.
  • Online Exegetical Studies
    • Most of the links here are studies which you can get online for specific books of the Bible.  Some of the studies must be ordered, but, for the most part, they can be ordered online.  I only post those links where their giving policy is compatible with grace (that is, if you are broke, they are going to send you lessons anyway)

  • Other Doctrinal Resouces:
    • Charles Clough Ministries: What used to be available in print by Clough is found here on this website as notes and in mp3 format.
  • Free Online Bible Software:
    • E-sword  For those of you who have computers, particularly laptops, e-sword is the place to go for a laptop Bible.  The last time I looked, Rick Meyers provides free of charge an outstanding laptop Bible program featuring over 25 English translations along with various Greek and Hebrew manuscripts along with over 30 foreign language versions of Scripture.  In addition to this, Rick also provides at his site, free of charge, some excellent commentaries (well, some are so-so).  I have never talked to Rick, nor do I know anything about his theology; however, anyone who has devoted himself to getting out the Word of God as he has, must be on the right side of God.  When on vacation, I used to lug around a half dozen books to study from; now I take my laptop with e-sword and one volume of Owen, and I am good to go.  By the way, I have paid for one or two versions of various e-Bibles; I donít use them.  I do use Rickís e-sword, even on my home computer where I do most of my studying.  This is by far the best free software available on the internet.  I use my e-sword daily.  They will freely provide you with dozens of different translations of the Bible; there are a handful which are available, but must be paid for.  In addition, you can get the Greek text of the New Testament (Westcort-Hort, Textus Receptus, the Byzantine Text, all keyed to Strong's numbers); Hebrew texts; the LXX with the morphological codes; Greek and Hebrew Lexicons; and great exegesis by Keil & Delitzsch, Barnes, Clarke and Gill; along with several Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias.  There are additional Bibles and Commentaries for E-sword which are user-created.  There are many people out there who believe in providing spiritual information for those who are interested, which includes a number of new translations which you probably have not heard of before.  There have been fundamental changes made to the program of e-sword this past year (2009), and version 9 is different enough from version 8 to require changes in the modules.  So, there are one set of modules for version 8 and another set for version 9.  At some point in time, version 9 will fully ecclipse version 8.
    • Online Bible also provides free Bible software.   My problem with this is, it does not feel like a finished product and it lacks the intuitiveness (is that a word?) of e-sword.  Setting it up each time was difficult (that is, to get the versions which I needed on my interface).  Since e-sword has the LXX with the morphological code, I have not needed to use the Online Bible any more.
    • The Sword Project is very similar to e-sword, but it isn't quite as good (in my opinion).  However, to each his own.  It is also free.
    • The BIble explorer is a free computer program, but I have never used it before.  It is offered for free.

  • Other Ministries:
    • Thru the Bible Radio: J. Vernon McGee posthumously teaches Godís Word all over this globe.  For 25 minutes a day, he comes on the radio and teaches every book of the Bible, chapter by chapter.  It takes 5 years to go through the Bible with McGee.  If you go nowhere else, find the station where McGee broadcasts in your area (there are probably several) and listen to him religiously.  Regardless of your predispositions, you will learn to appreciate his teaching.  Now, I donít know if McGee speaks with a drawl in heaven, but he certainly does here on earth.  Do not let that throw you off.  Furthermore, he often sounds simple and simplistic.  Do not be misled by that.  McGee was a brilliant man whose teaching is deceptively deep and rarely inaccurate.  There are many times that he takes the most complex doctrines and makes them understandable to believers whose human IQ is below the norm.  He had a gift for making the difficult doctrines of Scripture seem simple.

Some of the videos and websites below can be quite disconcerting; although there are a lot of political overtones in the links below, bear in mind, our war is spiritual.  Satan is the author and father of hatred, and this is what he hopes to inspire in all mankind.  Our best offense and defense is a soul filled with the doctrine of God's Word.

It is also noteworthy that Satan is the great counterfeiter as well.  In the end times, there will be wars and great misery; and Jews will be found in every nation, who will be the evangelists during the 7 years of the Tribulation.  Satan, as a counterfeiter, has made certain that there are great numbers of Muslims scattered throughout every nation, and that their presence will cause great disruption, as a counterfeit of the coming Tribulation.

Also, bear in mind, that despite the large numbers of Muslims in the United States, we have had a minimum number of internal attacks, compared to other countries, and countries with much less freedom.  It is not our job as believers to cause any harm to our Muslim neighbors or to the places where they worship.  Our weapon is the truth, not violence and not political activism.
  • My political blog: Once a week, I blow off steam, and write about politics.  A list of these blogs and the topics covered are found here: Conservative Reviews.  Each issue is about 40-60 pages.
  • Videos: I have come across some amazing videos on the internet which are well worth watching.
  • Islam Links:
    • Jefferson's Quran (Koran).  Do you know the story behind Thomas Jefferson owning a copy of the Koran?  Was Jefferson just a man out there searching for truth, and did he hope to find it in the Koran?  Second LinkThird LinkFourth LinkHTML   PDF  
    • Islam: the Religion of Peace.  The latest statistics as to the number of attacks throughout the world by Islamic terrorists and how many they have killed.  The basic details for just the past 3 months can be found a third of the way down the page and continues for the rest of the page.  The number of incidents is mind-boggling.  I guess there are just too many for our papers to report?  There are also stats on this page about the collateral damage in Iraq from US led troops compared to the innocents who are killed by Islamic terrorists.  Also see this link: Iraqi Body Count.
    • No Substitute for Victory.

  • Immigration Reform:

  • Current Politics:
    • Many have said that Barack Obama is intelligent and articulate and not a rehash of the same old same old.  I don't quite agree, and I have posted my thoughts at Obama HQ. 
    • The Text of Romney's "Religion" Speech:  12/8/07  This is an outstanding speech:   HTML  The actual delivery of this speech is found on YouTube as well.  Part 1   Part II  

    • Rush on Romney's Speech (this is outstanding; also, note how the media speaks with one voice)   HTML 

  • Immigration:
    • This is an excellent, unemotional lecture on immigration; it is engaging, and there are many visual aides.  The gum ball part is the best part, I think.

Stored links which should all be available on The List:

  • Teachers:
    • Austin Bible Church has an excellent set of pastor/church links which Bob Bolender passed along to me.  There will be some duplication below of these links.  Austin Bible Church Pastor Links.  I have made an attempt to take notes from each pastor and these are located on my new Notes Page.  It is going to be awhile before I am able to have notes from each and every doctrinal pastor there.
    • R. B. Thieme III now teaches at Berachah as the pastor and he is doing an outstanding job.  His teaching is highly recommended and available on CDís as MP3 files.  I personally hope that Bobby teaches some of the books which Bob did not (there are several Old Testament books and two gospels which never received a verse by verse analysis by Bob). On this website, a handful of downloadable MP3 files are available; however, you must order from the church directly in order to receive complete studies.  You may do this by phone or by mail; I don't think that they have email access to their ordering (insofar as I know). THEY WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY.  My point being is, even though they do not put all of his content on the internet, they do not want you to contact them directly so they can ask for money.  I think they are more concerned with copyright issues.
    • R. B. Thieme Jr. pastored Berachah Church in Houston, Texas for over 50 years.  Although he does have his critics, he faithfully taught the Word of God as often as 9 times a week.  Without going into any detail, my feeling is that his teachings between 1960 and 1975 are the best, and these lessons are available as MP3 files on CDís (and probably on cassette as well) from R. B. Thieme Jr. Ministries.  There are several important aspects to his ministry: (1) the daily teaching of the Word of God from his pulpit; (2) the careful teaching of mechanics, something almost unheard of except in Berachah Church (at least for several decades; that has since changed); (3) the careful, verse by verse exegetical study of complete books (almost the entire Bible); and (4) his grace ministryóyou will receive tapes and booklets from Berachah, despite your ability to pay for them.  Furthermore, they will never put you on a mailing list or later send out a desperate plea for financial help. MP3 (and other formats) of his teaching are available.  Let me commend to you the 1969 Basic series, and make sure that you ask for the 1969 basic introduction lessons (there are two).  You may think you know something about theology, but you will be surprised as to how much information Bob taught his congregation in this basic series.
    • Country Bible Church (Pastor Mike Smith): I have not listened to Mike yet, but this appears to have a legitimate ministry.  His lessons are available for free as MP3 downloads.
    • Desert Valley Church of Tucson (Chet Pittman, pastor-teacher): Most or all of the material on this website are in written format.
    • Doctrinal Studies Bible Church (Ron Adema, pastor): I don't believe that I have heard Ron before; however, what I have read on his site appears to be accurate and doctrinal.  When it comes to navigating his site for audio teaching, it is there; but it does require a search to find it.
    • Grace Atlanta Bible Church (Reverend Henry Hastings III): I heard Hastings on several occasions, and he is very good.  His lessons are available for free as MP3 downloads.
    • Grace Bible Church (Robert McLaughlin, pastor): I don't recall if I have heard McLaughlin before or not; however, everything which I have read on his site appears to be doctrinal.  He has lessons available online for free in MP3 and video format.
    • Grace Doctrine Church (Joe Griffin, pastor): Joe is also an excellent Bible teacher.  His lessons are available for free as MP3 downloads.
    • Dr. James A. Brettell pastor in Little Rock, Arkansas.
    • Preston City Bible Church: It appears as if they are in some sort of a transition phase.
    • Tetelestai Church (pastor Alan R. Knapp): This church is located in Forest Hills, PA.  Most of these churches have smaller groups that meet all over the United States (and sometimes, even, in foreign countries).  For example, believers in this church gather in the following areas: Nashville, Tennessee;  Knoxville, Tennessee;  Apalachin, New York;  Mount Laurel, New Jersey;  Grass Valley, California;  North Augusta, South Carolina;  Ontario, Canada;  Little Hocking, Ohio;  Tucson, Arizona;  Bakersfield, California;  Kilauea, Hawaii;  Thousand Oaks, California;  Troup, Texas.  My point in this is, find a pastor in this group that you feel that you can grow under; and then worry about the logistics of where you will go to listen to them.  Another approach is, examine their websites, see where they have additional ministries, and if one is close to you, then check it out.  I rarely go in to the main church that I attend; I have always attended an Fx group nearby.  You can grow without physially attending the brick and mortor building; however, you should gather with a group of believers.
    • There is an outstanding list of doctrinal resources found at
    • A List of Additional Churches and Pastors by Location (I am hoping that most or all of these are doctrinal teachers).