The Teaching of Evolution and the Believer

I have got a number of things which I have written about evolution; however, I need to sort through them and post them as I have time.

  • Some people don't think that there is any actual support for creationism or for intelligent design.  Much of what is found in related literature are attacks on evolutionary theory (and, in many cases, these are reasonable attacks.  However, there are also positive, valid reasons for believing that God created the earth.  World Population Growth   (HTML)   (PDF) deals with one of these arguments, which, insofar as I know, is exclusive to this website.  Now, some of you will get bogged down in the mathematics or simply just glaze over when you come to that portion.   So let me give you a less-technical summary of what you will read.  There is a population growth equation which is found in virtually every Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and Calculus textbook, high school or college level.  If you take any two world population figures from any reputable source and plug into this equation, you can determine a population growth constant for man.  Then you can use that constant to determine approximately when man was first found on this earth.   Evolution teaches that modern man is roughly 1 million years old.  However, by using this equation, man's time on this earth is somewhere between 2000 years and 25,000 years.   If you choose population figures on both sides of a slow growth period of time (e.g., around the Middle Ages), you can stretch out man's time of this earth to perhaps 25,000 years.  If you take more recent figures, during a time when man has has better luck with war, disease and famine, the time frame is much less.  This is only an approximation and nothing more.  However, they key is, evolution is off by a factor of 40.  That is, if we chose the longest possible period of time that man has lived on this earth, evolution is off by a factor of 40.  So, what would have to happen is, world population would have to start from nothing and build up to today's levels, die off completely; build up to today's level,s, and then again, die off completely; and continue to do this 40 times in order for evolution to jive with the most common, population growth model that we have.
  • When I was a teacher, a science teacher and I had a debate on evolution in our school newspaper.  He (or another science teacher) sent me a short article (HTML)  (PDF) from a science textbook company which I wrote a response to (HTML)  (PDF).
  • A letter which I wrote to MENSA on the Creation/Evolution Debate   HTML   PDF
  • One of the best books that I have read is Lubenow's Bones of Contention.   I've read the book several times and summarize and review some of his points.  I am hoping that, after reading this short synopsis of some of his chapters and some of his reasoning, that you will purchase a copy of the book for yourself.  HTML   PDF
  • Some of the best reference material of evolution which I have read is available for free from the Worldwide Church of God.  This group was, at one time, the Armstrong cult, led a few decades ago by the very dynamic and persuasive speaker, Gardner Ted Armstrong.   However, many cults have actually done excellent work on disputing the theory of evolution (including, surprisingly enough, Jehovah's Witnesses).  As long as you avoid their theological leanings, the stuff which the Worldwide Church of God produced on evolution was outstanding.  The pictures and text are insightful and informative.
    • A Theory for the Birds (PDF)
    • A Whale of a Tale (PDF)
    • Some Fishy Stories (PDF)
    • The Archer Fish Disproves Evolution (PDF)
    • The Fable of the First Fatal Flight (PDF)
    • These booklets may also be accessed at