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One of the things which I found interesting is, as I examined various passages of Scripture, now and again I would come up with information, or a slant, or an interpretation which was, as far as I know, unique.  Don't misunderstand me here: I have not unearthed some weird set of doctrines which oppose orthodox Christianity; but I have come across a number of items that you may find interesting, if only because you have not read them anywhere else.  Let me give you some examples:

  • A possible pronunciation for the sacred Tetragrammaton.
  • The gospel is clearer in the New Testament than in the Old.  But, you know, there is a reason for that.
  • Something which has bothered me for a long time is, why did God instruct the Jews to carry the Ark of Testimony around Jericho for 6 days, and why were the Jews to burn all of Jericho with fire, thus "devoting" them to God.  God does not just make up stuff for people to do to entertain Himself; there must be some meaning.  I've studied several commentators, and have never come across one who really explained this.  It came to me when I was studying the other morning, and I have included this in Joshua 6   (PDF format).
  • God raises up Samuel from the dead when Saul goes to a medium and requests her to bring up Samuel.  Now, many exegetes say, "This wasn't Samuel, because God does not bring back people from the dead through mediums."  Besides, even if it is Samuel being brought back from the dead by God, why would God do this?  Why would God allow a medium to appear to be an instrument to contact the dead?  Furthermore, Samuel does not tell Saul a blasted thing that he has not already been told....so why does God bring Samuel back from the dead?  Believe it or not, God has a very specific reason for doing so, and when you hear it, you'll go, "Snap; that makes perfect sense!"  (assuming that  snap is a part of your thinking vocabulary). 
  • The Ark is out of commission for 50-70 years during the time of Samuel, then Saul and for the first part of David's reign.  Is this simply some historical thing which is recorded in the Bible or did God have a reason to keep the Ark out of commission for so long?  Also, it appears as though the Tabernacle of God was also out of commission for a long time...same reason?
  • David wanted to build a permanent home for God; he wanted to build the Temple of YHWH.  Why did God have Solomon build the Temple instead?  Was Solomon simply a better builder?  Was this God's reason?
  • The Book of Esther does not mention the name of God, and, in my opinion, there is no system by which we can find the name of God somehow hidden in the text.  However, I believe that is done for a specific reason which applies to the Jewish evangelists in the Tribulation.   The parallels between Jews in the time of Esther and Jews in the present age will become perspicuous.
  • For at least a century, holy rollers and normal Christians have interpreted 1Cor. 13:1 to justify speaking in the tongues of angels, and, in fact, this is the only verse which could possibly be seen to justify the modern-day tongues movement (nowhere else in Scripture can a charismatic point to a place where half his congregation might end up speaking in gibberish--I mean, in the tongues of angels--as a spiritual gift).  News flash: 1Cor. 13:1 has nothing to do with anyone actually speaking in the language of angels.  That is not Paul's point here, and I have not come across a single exegete who understands what Paul's point actually is.  When you understand what Paul is saying here, this completely undermines the most fundamental principle of the charismatic movement--that there are people who regularly speak in angelic languages.
  • In 2Sam. 10, Joab is trapped between the army of Ammon and mercenaries from Aram.  Somehow, he attacks the Aramaean mercenaries and defeats them.  There are enough clues in the text where I can give you a reasonable explantion to explain how Joab was able to tactically defeat the Aramaean mercenaries (this is very reasonable speculation). 
  • Since Satan is a genius, he probably had a myriad of objections to being sentenced to the Lake of Fire for all eterntiy in the basic exegesis of Genesis, I suggest about a dozen different objections which Satan proably lodged.  See The Fall of Satan.
  • I believe that it was Bob which suggested that there are 2 floors of the edification complex which operate in tandem with one another, which suggested to me that perhaps the illustration of the ECS is better understood as a parallel structure, with a man-ward and a God-ward side.  http://kukis.org/Doctrines/Edification_Complex.pdf 
  • In 1Chron. 11, there are the Three (a reference to David's top military men) and then there are 2 additional men named (and translating how they are ranked is quite difficult).  This is followed by a list of the Thirty, who are then followed by a list of 16 more men.  I believe that the 2 additional men and the 16 additional men are simply potential replacements for those on the 2 lists.
  • Given all of the debate about the Iraq War, a believer may find it instructive to determine, from the Bible, what is a justified offensive war?  See 1Chron. 18  Psalm 21.  In addition, examine What is a Righteous War? in 2Sam. 8.  See also the teaching of strategy and tactics in the Bible as well as God's Promises and His Encouragement in War in 2Sam. 10Personal Application of David's War with the Philistines is found in 2Sam. 5.  A clear examination of these important topics is missing from most pulpits today.  Not understanding what war is and what man is, results in believers in Jesus Christ marching in the streets, thinking that, with their votes for a candidate who proclaims peace, they will reduce war and human suffering.

  • I come across all of these approaches while exegeting various passages of Scripture.  Since I do not always keep track of where these things are, and since I don't update this page as often as I should, let me suggest that you use the search engine in order to find any of these topics which interest you:  Click here in order to search this website. 

Things for us to Think About

There are a number of things that I am thinking about as I study as well.  Who knows...maybe they will inspire you?

  • Is it possible that there are no spiritual gifts designed for self-edification?
  • In the end times, during the Tribulation, there will be Jews scattered throughout every nation and there will be war and destruction like this world has never seen before.  Most believers know this and Satan knows this as well.  Today, there are Arab terrorists in every nation and many of them feel as though they are participating in the last great battle of Jihad, where Islam will penetrate the entire earth and become the philosophy of every nation.  Is this Satan's counterfeit Tribulation and Millennium?

    Now, I do need some help:
      Just in case you have read down this far.  I am coming across on the average one minor mistake per verse so I do need a proofreader.  The typical mistakes are, indicating that there is a definite article, when there is not one; or leaving off the 3rd person masculine singular suffix, or representing a perfect tense and an imperfect tense.  Quite franky, I just get bored with proofreading, so I rarely do it.  I need someone who has a small understanding of Hebrew, possesses Owen's Analytical Guide to the Old Testament, who will simply go through the Hebrew, word by word, and make certain that I have the correct words and the correct morphology.  It is thankless and almost mindless work, as you would simply compare the Strong's numbers to those given in the KJV+ (in, for instance, e-sword) to what I have; and compare the morphology found in Owen to what I list.  I would prefer to be accurate in these areas, and have made every attempt to be; however, now and again I am not.

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