Salvation--which is eternal fellowship with God--is based upon faith alone in Christ alone.
  That is our part in salvation.  It takes only seconds to determine your eternal future with God.  Jesus Christ died for every sin we have committed, are committing right now, or will commit.  When we place our trust in Him, our sins are forgiven and we are placed in Him.  Nothing else is necessary in order to attain an eternal relationship with God.

Now, I know that the world is filled with individuals and organizations which would love to put you into bondage to works of some sort.  Furthermore, they will quote a verse here or there to support their evil doctrine of salvation by faith+works.  So, I have collected all of the verses which I could find in the Bible to indicate that salvation is obtained by faith only.  We should expect there to be a lot of verses, as this is our first and only meaningful act as an unbeliever.  Right click on Salvation (PDF) and choose save linke as; or simply click on Salvation (HTML) if you want a rundown of those verses.  This is an 11 page document, so don't expect a half-dozen proof texts.

If you want a short version, see my abbreviated "To the Unbeliever"   [HTML]   [PDF]

Also, if you are an unbeliever, see this warning   [HTML]   [PDF]; it is a different sort of warning than you might expect.

The Fundamentals of the Faith

Salvation (HTML)  (PDF)

Regeneration  (HTML)  (PDF)

Living the Christian Life  (HTML)  (PDF)

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit  (HTML)  (PDF)

The Importance of Bible Doctrine  (HTML)  (PDF)

Doctrine of the Will of God  (HTML)  (PDF)

Dispensations (God's Organization of Human History)  (HTML)  (PDF

Three Dispensations  (The Age of Israel, the Age of the Hypostatic Union, and the Church Age)  (HTML)  (PDF)  It is these 3 dispensations which cause most believers confusion.

Old Testament Synopsis Chart  (HTML)  (PDF

Chart of Jesus in the Old and New Testaments  (HTML)  (PDF

Jesus in the Old Testament (HTML)  (PDF

Prophecies of the Old Testament Messiah Fulfilled by Jesus Christ  (HTML)  (PDF

Logistical Grace (God's support of the believer in time)  (HTML)  (PDF)

The Angelic Conflict  (HTML)  (PDF)

The Doctrine of Redemption  (HTML)  (PDF)

The Laws of Divine Establishment (what laws are true for Christians and non-Christians?)   (HTML)  (PDF

The Doctrine of the Client Nation  (HTML)  (PDF)

Blessing by Association  (HTML)  (PDF)

Inspiration of the Scriptures (short)  (HTML)  (PDF

Textual Criticism  (HTML)  (PDF

Biblical Separation  (HTML)  (PDF


Contemporary Issues

God and the Poor.  Is God Really a Liberal?  (HTML)  (PDF)  There is a false theology out there which attempts to show an agreement between liberalism and Christianity.  This is quite the fascinating approach to me, as, on the one hand, liberalism will seek to remove Christianity from the schools, from public places (e.g., remove any representation of the Ten Commandments from a courtroom); and yet, on the other hand, these same liberals will claim, "What we believe is exactly what Jesus and the Bible teaches."  What is fascinating about that is, liberalism will seek to have its ideas taught in our schools (global warming, acceptance of homosexuality as normal and not as a sin), yet they will fight tooth and nail to keep the Bible out of the classroom, even though it supposedly supports their approach to life.  It is not that they are against teaching religion in the schools--environmentalism is a worship of the earth--but they know that the Bible does not really support what they believe.

The Bible, Wealth and Private Property  (HTML)  (PDF).  Just as the Bible speaks about the poor, the Bible also speaks about the wealthy and the ownership of private property.

Black Liberation Theology  (HTML)  (PDF

Liberalism, Conservatism and Christianity  (HTML)  (PDF)  Almost all contemporary issues are examined in the light of liberalism, conservativism and Christianity.

Jesus is not a Liberal  (HTML)  (PDF)  This is quite detailed.

Was Jesus a Liberal?  (HTML)  (PDF)  This was, more or less, an online debate.

Antisemitism  (HTML)  (PDF)  This is always an issue.  Satan will be against the Jews until the Millennium.

The Doctrine of Suicide  (HTML)  (PDF

Racial Intermarriage  (HTML)  (PDF

Personal Injustice  (HTML)  (PDF

Thomas Jefferson's Koran  (HTML)  (PDF