I have put together some lexicons and grammar materials, which are woefully incomplete.  The Hebrew Lexicon is updated almost daily on my own computer, but not nearly as often on this website.

The PDF files can be quite large; in fact, too large to display on your computer.  Therefore, in some of these documents, you may have to download the pdf version to your computer and load it from there (the Hebrew Grammar and the summary notes from my Greek class should open okay, however). 

Although I have the html version for the Hebrew lexicon uploaded to my website, the Hebrew letters will not display properly. 

One of the only good things which I have discovered about Windows Vista is that it properly interacts with WordPerfect with regards to writing in Hebrew.  Up until this time, I have had to type backwards and set up macros in order to place the vowel points.  On the plus side, I no longer need to do this; on the negative side, I must now rewrite my Hebrew keyboard and change all the Hebrew in my Hebrew lexicons.  If I ever get to a point where this is done, then the html version will give an almost accurate rendition of the Hebrew letters (the Hebrew letters will be properly placed, written backwards; but the vowel points will simply be represented as another letter in between the consonants--not quite what we want, but better than what we have now).  The Hebrew in the PDF versions should always display perfectly.


  • Doctrines of Specific Hebrew Words.  I may spend as much as 5-10 pages examining the meanings of some of these Hebrew words.  This is a document with links to these studies.   HTML   PDF
  • Hebrew for Dummies  (HTML)   (PDF) updated 12/15/2011
  • Hebrew Lexicon Part I   HTML   PDF
  • Hebrew Lexicon Part II   HTML   PDF
  • Hebrew Grammar for Dummies   HTML   PDF   updated 12/15/2011

Greek and Hebrew References

  • Greek and Hebrew References (HTML)  (PDF)  A list and evaluation of the various resources that I depend upon and my appraisal of them.