I have done a lot of writing over the years, and there are some topics which I have covered which do not really fit into any of the studies which I have already done; therefore, I have collected some of these writings and have inserted them here.

Fundamental Studies for the Christian Life:

  • Basic Propositions for the Unbeliever, the Agnostic and the New Believer  (HTML)  (PDF)  (WPD)  Uploaded 1/9/2013.  Taken from the introduction to the Basic Exegesis series, this is a list of propositions which every open-minded person ought to consider.
  • Doctrinal Terms and Concepts  (HTML)  (PDF)  (WPD).  If you have been a believer longer than 5 years, you should know all of these terms; or at least, the concepts behind them.
  • Jesus Christ in the Old Testament.   HTML   PDF   Jesus Christ is a functioning member of the Godhead in the Old Testament; the Old Testament contains numerous prophecies about Jesus Christ; and He is found in shadow form all over the Old Testament.  Some of these charts were taken from other documents.
  • The Christian Basics  (HTML)  (PDF)
  • Bible, Basic Themes; aka The Fundamental Themes of Scripture  (HTML)  (PDF)  (WPD)  There are certain themes which we find in the Bible, repeated in nearly every book.  These are the basic themes of the Bible which are found in Genesis, in the history, in the prophets and in the New Testament.  The fundamental nature of man; man's relationship to God; man's bankruptcy before God; our need for a Savior; and God's provision of a Savior.   This document names those fundamental themes and shows various places where they are found in the Bible.
  • The Basic Mechanics of the Christian Life (or, "Christianity for Dummies"  (HTML)  (PDF)  (WPD)   What exactly is the Christian life?  Is it going to church?  Is it doing good works?  Is it developing and regularly using a holy language?  Do you stop hanging out with your old friends?  What exactly is Christianity, what is the Christian life and exactly what do you do as a Christian?
  • Dispensations  HTML   PDF   I just recently went back and looked over this short study, and it is excellent; one of the best and clearest short studies on dispensations.  Btw, EVERYONE is a dispensationalist, whether you admit to it or not. 
  • Rebound  HTML   PDF   How are you filled with the Holy Spirit?  What does that even mean? 

Topics of Limited Interest:

  • The Gospel of St. Thomas   HTML   PDF   I was raised in a semi-religious, non-Christian home.  I believed in reincarnation; I believed that all of the passages in the Bible referring to reincarnation had been taken out by some old Bible council or the Catholic church; I believed that there were other books that belonged in the Bible.   Obviously, I eventually believed in Jesus Christ; and, if you have examined much of what I have written, you can see that I have repudiated these notions.  However, partially due to negative volition and partially due to other factors, some people think that there are these books which some straight-laced Puritan/Catholic/Religious figure kept out of the Bible because he just didn't like them.  I decided to study one of these books, the one which is probably the oldest apocraphyl book, and one which many have these weird, romantic notions about.
  • The Line of Herod    HTML   PDF   There are several Herod's mentioned in the New Testament, which cna be quite disconcerting for the new believer who actually thinks while he reads the Bible.   Therefore, it may be helpful to know who these different Herod's are.
  • A Tract for Jehovah Witnesses.  Bear in mind that it is difficult to keep the witnesses on track.  They have been trained that, whenever they begin to lose an arguement, that they will change the subject and argue about something else.  Here, you must keep them focused on John 1:13, 14, where the Word is called God and the Word becomes flesh and lives among us.  What the JW's do is, they claim that because there is no definite article here, that the passage should read the word is a god.  I explain in great detail what is going on here; and how they do not follow their own rule consistently; in fact, this is one of the few places where they follow this rule that they made up.  HTML   PDF (this is about 3 pages long).