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R. B. Thieme Jr. MP3 Editable Lists:

  • Like many of you, I listen to Bob's lessons on my off days, and I have tried, in a number of ways, to keep track of which lessons I have ordered, what I want to order next, and which lessons I have listened to.  I do have one ancient tape list which I used, but I would prefer to keep these records on my computer.  The problem with the online list of Bob's lessons is, it is a PDF format, so it is easy to print out, but you cannot open the document with PDF software (for the few of us who have software which will open a PDF document).  So, I spent a few hours putting together this same list, but in several different formats, so that you could download whichever format you work with and keep track of these same things.
  • R. B. Thieme, Jr. lessons list that can be edited.  (HTML)  (PDF)  (WPD)  (DOC)
  • MS Word version: http://kukis.org/Miscellaneous/Thieme_Listings.doc
  • WordPerfect version: http://kukis.org/Miscellaneous/Thieme_Listings.jpg.wpd  (this website limits which kinds of files I can upload, so I had to make this appear to be a jpg file in order to upload it; once you save this to your computer, change the name, removing the ".jpg"
  • HTML version: http://kukis.org/Miscellaneous/Thieme_Listings.htm
  • Editable PDF version: http://kukis.org/Miscellaneous/Thieme_Listings.pdf

R. B. Thieme Jr. Lesson Summaries:
  • In case you want to see if Bob exegeted a particular passage or subject, it can be found here in several different formats.
  • R. B. Thieme, Jr. All Lesson Summaries (HTML)  (PDF)  (WPD)  (DOC)

Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel:
  • Jesus Christ in the Old Testament.   HTML   PDF   Jesus Christ is a functioning member of the Godhead in the Old Testament; the Old Testament contains numerous prophecies about Jesus Christ; and He is found in shadow form all over the Old Testament.  Some of these charts were taken from other documents.
  • An almost complete listing of Old Testament Prophecies about Jesus Christ and their Fulfillment in the New Testament.  I must admit to being surprised that so many of these are found in the Book of Job.   HTML   PDF
  • Old Testament Prophecies of the Jewish Messiah which are Fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  This is not complete, but it is long enough and covers some of the minor objectives which I have heard.  HTML   PDF
  • Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ (this is one of the first studies which I have done along these lines)   HTML   PDF
  • The Liberated Wailing Wall (an MP3 file from the mid 1970's); it is sort of a play and is about 5 minutes long...very moving.


  • Refuting Dawkins(HTML)  (PDF)  (WPD).  Richard Dawkins, a renown  atheist, wrote the book, "The God Delusion."  I made an agreement with a friend to read it.  So far, I am not very impressed.  These are some comments which I have made on this book (they will be added to as I get further along in the book).

Original Music:
  • This is going to be a very short list:
  • They Say This Is Christmas (a new/revised Christmas song) (HTML)  (PDF)  (WPD)  This is John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Happy Christmas" with original updated, Christian lyrics.

Most recent studies:

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