These are notes of various pastors which I have typed out on my computer.  I am a reasonably fast typist, but these are not transcripts of their notes, and, if you are looking to quote them directly, then you should not use my notes.  However, these notes are fairly extensive, reasonably accurate.  Now and again, I have a thought and I insert it.   If you are missing a night here or there from Bible class or if you just want to see someone else's notes, these are available to you.  If anyone takes notes on a computer, please contact me if you would allow me to post your notes along with mine for days like these).

Do not read these notes instead of listening to the lessons yourself.  I believe that God expects us to experience spiritual growth primarily through the verbal teaching of His Word from a pastor.  The purpose of these notes is to make it easy for you to review your notes or to be able to check them against mine or to read while listening to the message, if this aids your concentration.  Furthermore, these notes should never be a substitute for going to church.  We are not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together (Heb. 10:25).

I should warn you that there are nights when I am half asleep, and there might be 20 minutes worth of notes which are gibberish because of that.  Furthermore, even on a good night, there will be numerous typographical errors, misspellings, and lengthy groups of words which one could not necessarily call a sentence.

Updated 12/25/2010.

Some of these notes have both MS Word and WP formats:

The R. B. Thieme Jr. editable MP3 lists now are set up with a table wherein you can keep a record of what lessons you have ordered and what lessons you will order in the future.  This list is designed for you to be able to download, order lessons from it, and keep track of what you have heard and what you plan to order in the future.

The notes under R. B. Thieme Jr. and R. B. Thieme III have been removed at the request of R. B. Thieme III.  So these will come up as dead links.
  • R. B. Thieme Jr.
    • 1969 Basics   HTML   PDF   DOC   WPD   This is in progress and it includes the two introductory lessons, which are excellent.  I am now 44 lessons into this study (I was repeating it to help a friend who is just starting on doctrine, but then she completed it and moved on to other studies).
    • Ploesti Special   HTML   PDF   This is one of the great, untold stories of WWII.
    • Pearl Harbor Special   (HTML)   (PDF)  (I think this is a part of the Jeremiah series?)
    • 4th of July Conferences   (HTML)   (PDF)   There are 3 or 4 of these conferences here.
    • 1966 Ecclesiastes   (HTML)   (PDF)   This is more or less complete; Bob did not cover every chapter completely.
    • 1962 Isaiah   (HTML)   (PDF)   This is complete, but Bob did not cover every chapter.
    • 1970 Jeremiah   (HTML)   (PDF)   This is complete, but Bob did not cover every chapter.
    • 1967 Zechariah   (HTML)   (PDF)  
    • 1972 David   (HTML)   (PDF)   (Word)   (zipped WPD) Incomplete: Contains lessons #181-467.  I have added a table of contents, which is courtesy of Syndein's website and some maps as well.  This is a fairly large file (in excess of 1000 pages).  This is one of the most remarkable studies that Bob ever did.  The Word file is particularly huge (32 mb), so you may be better off downloading the WP file nad then opening it in Word (and I hope it works out okay : ) ).
  • R. B. Thieme Jr. [editable] MP3 lists:
  • R. B. Thieme III
    • The Gospels (begun in 2010).  (HTML)   (PDF)   (zipped WPD)   (Word)  To lesson #23, 12/24/2010.
    • 1Corinthians--(2004-2010) these are huge files (3100+ pages, updated to 11//27/2010 to final lesson #1151) and note that one of them is a WordPerfect document.  This is a huge document (about 16 mb and the Word file is 46 mb) and make take awhile to download.  Also, I added a couple of maps to 1Cor. 16.   (HTML)   (PDF)   (DOC)   (WPD-zipped file)  The Word file is so large (1) because it is MS Word and (2) I take my notes in WordPerfect (something which I strongly recommend--the zipped WP file is only 7mb).   A 2 or 3 year old version of Corel WP can be purchased from ebay for about $30 (X3 or X4) and I can almost gurantee that, once you begin using WP, you may never go back to Word.  WP can easily open a document this large without any difficulty.  I have been told by others that Word sometimes has trouble opening such a large document.  There are approximately 10 missing lessons.  I misnumbered the final 70 lessons or so; that has been fixed. 
    • Esther   HTML   PDF 
  • Let me also suggest for additional notes as well as a corrected translation for most of the books of the Bible.  He also provides a thorough index  (OT)   (NT)  to Bob's studies.
  • Rick Hughes
    • Substituting for Bobby  (HTML)   (PDF)  
  • Robby Dean
    • Bibliology - this has always been one of my favorite topics.  HTML   PDF 
    • Hebrews   HTML   PDF   This is just lessons 84-91, which deal with when does life begin.  It is an excellent series, highly recommended, and I think that he deals with the topic of abortion and when life begins reasonably, Scripturally and without wild emotions (Dean does not appear to be a wildly emotional guy in his presentations).
    • Ruth   HTML   PDF  
    • As a Berachah Candidate for pastor  HTML   PDF 
  • Danny Ingram
    • Berachah Candidate  HTML   PDF 
  • David Dunn
    • Berachah Candidate  HTML   PDF 
  • Henry Hastings
    • Berachah Candidate  HTML   PDF 
  • Gene Cunningham