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Bold for doctrines which are not finished; partially bold for those begun but much work still to be done on them:

This tells you which subjects and doctrines I have covered in which books; I am working as quickly as I can to place all of this on the Internet, so if you are looking for something which is not posted yet, please email me.

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I have just begun to place doctrines in here with a link to their online location, and I have also begun to list any doctrines, charts or maps found within them as sub-points, so to speak.

Doctrines which I need to place: Omniscience of God (reference. in NIV Joshua 22:22 footnote). The Trinity (covered as perhaps Yehowah in the Trinity in Deut. 5:11). See the Doctrine of the Deity of the Holy Spirit, found in Judges 16:20 for some material. Also, the Doctrine of Grace;

In Judges 4:4, I began to take note of Short Doctrines which are doctrines, generally less than ten points long and placed right in with the text, point-by-point. It appears as though I have, for a reasonably long time (maybe since Joshua), included short topics which are a part of the exegesis.

At some point, I would like to introduce the Doctrine of the Topology of Jerusalem (Psalm 68:16?);

I am thinking that I ought to look at the gospel in the Psalms and the gospel in Isaiah (as well as other books).

Doctrines and Topics to be later Covered


1.       Dispensations. God chose Israel to write and preserve His Word (Psalm 99:7). For those who do not believe in dispensations, they ignore completely the Bible that they carry around with them—the one which reads Old Testament and New Testament (Old Covenant and New Covenant). That is the very essence of dispensational thought is an old and new covenant between God and man.

2.       Prayer. I should include things, e.g., great prayers, like that of Moses for the people of Israel, or Abraham concerning the land of Sodom and Gomorrah, or Samson at the end of Judges 15, or Manoah’s wife.


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Doctrines and Topics Covered in the Book of Genesis

Genesis Links (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).


1.       Genesis Introduction (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

2.       Doctrine of Canonicity, Doctrine of Inspiration, Proof the Bible is God’s Word. (Perhaps misplaced?). Gen. Intro

3.       JEPD Theory. Not to be covered in detail until the introduction to Exodus. Gen. introduction (Authorship of Genesis)

4.       Genesis 1 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

5.       The doctrine of scientific dating methods—not finished yet!! Gen. 1:1

6.       The objections of Satan to his punishment. Gen. 1:4

7.       The Doctrine of Days—not finished yet!! See Thieme’s Creation, Chaos, and Restoration; p. 16. Referred to again in Judges 5:1. Gen. 1:5

8.       Atmosphere and the earth. Gen. 1:6

9.       The Trinity in the Old Testament. Gen. 1:26

10.     Genesis 2 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

11.     Genesis 3 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

12.     The Doctrine of the Cherubim of God. Gen. 3:24

13.     Genesis 4 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

14.     Genesis 5 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

15.     Somewhere early on I should give an explanation of what codices are.

16.     Genesis 6 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

17.     I ought to include the Doctrine of Mountains (not finished!!)—right here in Genesis 6 (see Psalm 90:2)

18.     Genesis 7 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

19.     The flood. (See “Treasuries of Bible Times” p. 38).

20.     Babylonian story of the flood? (See “Treasuries of Bible Times” p. 42).

21.     Genesis 8 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

22.     Genesis 9 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

23.     Genesis 10 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

24.     The Doctrine of Shinar should be covered in Gen. 10:10.

25.     Use the section Nations in ZPEB for Gen. 10.

26.     Ebla in Gen. 10? (See “Treasuries of Bible Times” p. 47).

27.     Do the city of Erech here (see Joshua 16:2 exegesis). Gen. 10:10

28.     Doctrine of the

29.     Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: ...and the Amorites who lived in those mountains came out and fought you. TheyAmorites—not finished yet!! Mentioned in 1Chron. 1:14. Gen. 10:16. Deut. 20:Bible

30.     The Doctrine of the Assyrians. Alluded to in 1Chron. 1:17. Gen. 10:22

31.     Make certain to cover the Septuagint’s time with the years listed in the Massoretic text. Gen. 11:10–29

32.     Genesis 11 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

33.     I spend nearly 7 hours on this chapter in one day. Gen. 11 Introduction

34.     Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Principals of Genesis 11. Gen. 11 Introduction

35.     Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Synopsis of Genesis 11. Gen. 11 Introduction

36.     Reference to Gen. 10 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 11 Introduction

37.     The overall organization; what led to what? Gen. 11 Introduction

38.     Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Map of the Fertile Crescent. Gen. 11:2

39.     Shinar. Why the people are in Shinar. Gen. 11:2

40.     Language and wild children. No reading materials in the home. Gen. 11:2

41.     Technical vocabularies. Gen. 11:2

42.     Spiritual growth can be tied, to some degree, to a technical vocabulary. Gen. 11:2

43.     The establishment of a vocabulary in the electoriate can affect elections. Drill down; hope and change. Gen. 11:2

44.     Liberals teach that Gen. 11 is a myth. Gen. 11:2

45.     International movements that God does not like. Gen. 11:2

46.     Islam, Christianity and Judaism and how they differ. Gen. 11:2

47.     Internationalism is anti-God. Gen. 11:2

48.     Metonym. Gen. 11:2

49.     Each one said to his neighbor is a key phrase. Gen. 11:3

50.     Specialized knowledge; people working together; illustration of the Manhattan Project. Gen. 11:3

51.     How a pencil is made. I could not build one. Gen. 11:3

52.     It is about 500 years after the flood. Noah is not mentioned. Gen. 11:3

53.     Fire is mentioned for the first time here. Gen. 11:3

54.     Men had longer lifespans and greater intelligence. Gen. 11:3

55.     People wanted all to live together; they knew all of their parents and grandparents going back to Noah. Gen. 11:4

56.     Many of the narratives proceed without any sort of moral judgment being given as commentary. Therefore, our understanding of these passages is dependent upon seeking out clues in the text. Gen. 11:4

57.     Noah came out of the ark and offered a sacrifice; these men want to glorify themselves. Gen. 11:4

58.     Medal of honor recipients ought to have buildings named after them; not politicians. Gen. 11:4

59.     Mythology of the flood in nearly every culture. Gen. 11:4

60.     How men could be so negative toward God so soon after the flood. Only 4 actual witnesses. Gen. 11:4

61.     Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: What is the problem with this tower? Gen. 11:4

62.     Why God took on the form of an angel and moved about on earth. Gen. 11:5

63.     Rush Limbaugh: history begins for people the day that they are born. Gen. 11:5

64.     Human history is a teaching exercise for angels, in the format of an improvised stage play with a cast of billions. Gen. 11:5

65.     Anthropopathisms. Gen. 11:5

66.     Reference to the Doctrine of the Angelic Conflict (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 11:5

67.     Important to note, who is speaking to whom and why. Gen. 11:6

68.     When God speaks, the Hebrew is much more difficult; possibly more formal. Gen. 11:6

69.     The Tower of Babel a rallying point for mankind. Gen. 11:6

70.     Although God changes the language of men, angels can still understand them. Gen. 11:6

71.     Fox News panelists often say, look. Gen. 11:6

72.     An Italian and a German developed atomic weapons. Gen. 11:6

73.     Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: R. B. Thieme, Jr. Notes on Genesis 10 and Languages (from Syndein). Gen. 11:7

74.     One possible way that languages could have been caused to differ. Gen. 11:7

75.     Example of the Trinity in the Old Testament. Gen. 11:7

76.     There are far fewer miracles in the Bible than we tend to think. Gen. 11:7

77.     A lot of things seem miraculous to me: computers, airplanes. Gen. 11:7

78.     Calculating the number of people alive at this time. Gen. 11:7

79.     Many might speak of the antediluvian world in bedtime stories to their children. Gen. 11:7

80.     The confusion of the languages. Gen. 11:8

81.     Possibly reasons why the construction was not completed. Gen. 11:8

82.     Man was acting in concert against God; communism is a good example of this. Dissent is crushed, as in North Korea. Gen. 11:8

83.     Men in large groups tend to veer away from God, like the public school system. Gen. 11:8

84.     Reference to the Laws of Divine Establishment (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 11:8

85.     The Hiphil stem. Gen. 11:8

86.     The meaning of Babel. Living in a foreign country. Gen. 11:8

87.     Babel still testifies to this incident over 4000 years ago. Gen. 11:9

88.     If these are allegorical stories, what are they supposed to teach? Gen. 11:9

89.     I was taught in school our founding fathers were deists. Gen. 11:9

90.     More on the word Babel. Gen. 11:9

91.     Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Philology from Bible Believers . Org. Gen. 11:9

92.     Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Special Section: Archaeology, Primitive Man and Evolution. Gen. 11:10

93.     Science favors theory and philosophy over truth. Gen. 11:10

94.     Lubenow’s book. Gen. 11:10

95.     Homo habilis, homo erectus, and homo sapiens do not fit into an order. Gen. 11:10

96.     Population growth curves and ancient man. Evolutionary man cannot match up with population growth curves. Gen. 11:10

97.     There is a site with every single television show but not one where there is every single human fossil listed. Gen. 11:10

98.     Evolutionists agree on one thing only. Gen. 11:10

99.     Great opportunity to teach critical thinking and debate skills, but this is not utilized. Gen. 11:10

100.   No science book opens up evolution to debate or questions it. Gen. 11:10

101.   Example of founding fathers all being deists again. Gen. 11:10

102.   Brought up to believe that there should be a dramatic wall between education and religion. Gen. 11:10

103.   What if a teacher kept a Bible in the room or posted Bible verses. Gen. 11:10

104.   No Bibles could be distributed on religious freedom day in some Florida schools. Other anti-Bible or anti-Christian examples. Gen. 11:10

105.   1844 reading said the New Testament had some of the greatest principles of any book. Gen. 11:10

106.   Man’s memory at this time was nearly perfect. Gen. 11:10

107.   Memory today; deterioration of the human mind. Gen. 11:10

108.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Special Section: Traditional Archaeological Views. Gen. 11:10

109.   There is no archeological discovery which takes us back further than 10,000 b.c. Gen. 11:10

110.   Walking out of the ark and facing and very uninhabitable world. Gen. 11:10

111.   Archeology and the Bible begin to synch up around 5000 b.c. Gen. 11:10

112.   Jericho archeological findings. Gen. 11:10

113.   Why some skills and knowledge were lost over the years. Gen. 11:10

114.   Man, when separating out, did not behave monolithically. Gen. 11:10

115.   How ancient man could be polytheistic. Gen. 11:10

116.   Rush Limbaugh and when history begins for individuals. Populations grew up never knowing a flood or a rainstorm like Noah saw. They had no reason to believe it happened. Gen. 11:10

117.   A college professor told me she only believes in peer-reviewed studies. Also she told me that people bought fast food because it is cheaper. Gen. 11:10

118.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Traditional View of the Ages. Gen. 11:10

119.   Beginning of city-states and sea-faring peoples. Gen. 11:10

120.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Special Section: Archaeological Assumptions, C-14 Dating and Ancient Technology. Gen. 11:10

121.   Science has become more dogmatic and more political. Gen. 11:10

122.   George W. Bush at war with science. Gen. 11:10

123.   Reference to the Sumerian king list. Gen. 11:10

124.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Assumptions of Archaeology and Paleontology. Gen. 11:10

125.   Carbon dating. Gen. 11:10

126.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: C-14 Accuracy. Gen. 11:10

127.   Potasium-argon dating. Gen. 11:10

128.   Faulty conclusions of archeologists. Gen. 11:10

129.   JEPD theory. Gen. 11:10

130.   Stratigraphy. Gen. 11:10

131.   One can find people today, who appear to come from all kinds of different ages, and have a variety of cultural growth. Gen. 11:10

132.   Will Durant on the accuracy of Genesis. Gen. 11:10

133.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Scientific Achievements of Ancient Hamitic Peoples. Gen. 11:10

134.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Types of Genealogies Found in the Bible. Gen. 11:10

135.   Reference to Gen. 10 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 11:10

136.   Cluster genealogies versus straight-line genealogies. Gen. 11:10

137.   The tolodoth of Shem. Gen. 11:11

138.   Two kinds of genealogies. Gen. 11:11

139.   Time line of liberal theologians. Gen. 11:11

140.   Composed can mean committed to memory as well. Gen. 11:11

141.   Every writer of Old Testament Scripture appears to know which genealogical lines to follow. Gen. 11:11

142.   The missing generation from the Hebrew text. Gen. 11:12

143.   The missing generation found in the Greek text but not the Hebrew. Gen. 11:13

144.   Reference to Ussher’s chronology. Gen. 11:13

145.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Ages of the Patriarchs Chart. Gen. 11:14

146.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Why Abraham is called a Hebrew. Gen. 11:14

147.   Peleg. Gen. 11:16

148.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Explaining the Age Decline. Gen. 11:23

149.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Longevity Decline of Patriarchs (Chart). Gen. 11:23

150.   Logarithmic and exponential curves. Gen. 11:23

151.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: When did the flood occur? Gen. 11:25

152.   Reference to World Population Growth (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 11:25

153.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Biblical Chronology of Genesis 11. Gen. 11:25

154.   Overlap of the lives of the patriarchs. Gen. 11:25

155.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Special Section: Ancient Biblical Texts. Gen. 11:25

156.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Ancient Manuscripts of the Bible. Gen. 11:25

157.   The Masoretic Text (the Hebrew text)The Targums (the Aramaic text) The Septuagint (the Greek Text and abbreviated LXX)The Aramaic (Syriac) Text The Latin Text (called the Latin Vulgate). Gen. 11:25

158.   Which patriarchs were alive when. Gen. 11:25

159.   Which patriarchs witnessed which events. Gen. 11:25

160.   The power of faith illustrated with politics and liberal thinking. Gen. 11:25

161.   The more faith one has in God and the Bible, often the less faith a person has in man and government. Gen. 11:25

162.   Faith and other illustrations of it. Gen. 11:25

163.   Having faith is a choice. Gen. 11:25

164.   People testify that they would believe in God if He just spoke to them. Gen. 11:25

165.   Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and many rejected Him. Gen. 11:25

166.   The patriarchs help to explain ancestor worship. Gen. 11:25

167.   History is revised and distorted all of the time. Gen. 11:25

168.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The American English Bible Explains Genesis 11:26. Gen. 11:26

169.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Meaning of the Names in Abram's Line. Gen. 11:26

170.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Special Section: Population Growth; Abram's Line. Gen. 11:26

171.   JEPD theory. Gen. 11:26

172.   This illustrates how Satan works. Gen. 11:26

173.   Will Durant on ancient cultures and their literacy. Gen. 11:26

174.   No population growth curve lines up with man being 1 million years old. Gen. 11:26

175.   Illustration of a cake mix. The golf illustration. Gen. 11:26

176.   Dealing with this as a teacher. Gen. 11:26

177.   How evolutionists deal with population growth curves. Gen. 11:26

178.   Layers of the earth; stratification. Gen. 11:26

179.   The Fallacy of Theoreticus Maximus. Gen. 11:26

180.   Evolution is a good place to study the concept of faith. Gen. 11:26

181.   The uniqueness of this time period. Gen. 11:27

182.   Terah, Abram, Nahor and Haran made some of the most consequential decisions of their time, and none of them ruled as a king; none of them were politicians; none of them were seemingly men of note. Gen. 11:27

183.   Haran dying was probably the impetus to cause Terah to move towards Canaan. Gen. 11:28

184.   The location of Ur is still disputed. Gen. 11:28

185.   What archeology has uncovered with respect to this. Gen. 11:28

186.   What these people had included hymnals and mathematical tables. Gen. 11:28

187.   Reference to the Genealogy of Jesus Christ. Gen. 11:28

188.   Ur of the Chaldees; more archeological information. Gen. 11:28

189.   The kinds of homes discovered. Looks like I repeated myself? Gen. 11:28

190.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Transitional Point in the Book of Genesis. Gen. 11:28

191.   Sarai might mean contentious, bitchy. Gen. 11:29

192.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Genealogies of Genesis (chart). Gen. 11:29

193.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Meanings of the Names of Abram, Sarai, Nahor and Milcah. Gen. 11:30

194.   Going toward the land of Canaan. Gen. 11:31

195.   The difference between Haran, the brother of Abram who died; and Haran, where Terah and Abram moved to. Gen. 11:31

196.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Map of Haran. Gen. 11:31

197.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Map of Abraham's Journey. Gen. 11:31

198.   The similarity of the names of Haran and Charan. Gen. 11:31

199.   Charan. Gen. 11:31

200.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Two Calls to Abram. Gen. 11:32

201.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: An Exponential Decay Curve. Gen. 11:32

202.   The lifespans of man decreased exponentially. Gen. 11:32

203.   God concerns Himself with a particular family line. Gen. 11:32

204.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 11 Addendum

205.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 11. Gen. 11 Addendum

206.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Complete Translation of Genesis 11. Gen. 11 Addendum

207.   Genesis 12 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

208.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Prequel of Genesis 12. Genesis 12 Introduction

209.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Principals of Genesis 12. Genesis 12 Introduction

210.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abrahamic Timeline. Genesis 12 Introduction

211.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Synopsis of Genesis 12. Genesis 12 Introduction

212.   The people with whom God has spoken. The idea of God speaking to anyone today. Genesis 12:1

213.   How many times did Abram speak with God about moving to Canaan? Genesis 12:1

214.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Map of Abram's Journeys. Genesis 12:1

215.   Abram’s half-obedience. Genesis 12:1

216.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: When Did Terah and His Family Move to Haran? When Did Abram Move to Canaan? Genesis 12:1

217.   There is no nation like Israel on this earth. Genesis 12:2

218.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: How God Would Bless Abram. Genesis 12:2

219.   Abraham is claimed by several different religions. Genesis 12:2

220.   How Abram’s name has been made great in history. Genesis 12:2

221.   Mention of the Abrahamic Covenant. Genesis 12:2

222.   Near-fulfillment, far-fulfillment of a promise or prophecy. Genesis 12:3

223.   Example of being cursed by God—living in the Arab world. Genesis 12:3

224.   The precarious position of the United States. Genesis 12:3

225.   The potential of Arabic nations contrasted with the actual Genesis 12:3

226.   The example of Spain as a country which went from blessing to cursing. Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition. Genesis 12:3

227.   The Suzerain-vassal treaty. Genesis 12:3

228.   Reference to Gen. 17 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Genesis 12:3

229.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abrahamic Covenant—Gen. 12:2–3. Genesis 12:3

230.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: "I will Bless Those who Bless you; and I will Curse Those who Curse you." Examples from ancient and modern history. Genesis 12:3

231.   Nations and peoples who have disappeared from history. Genesis 12:3

232.   Jewish integrating into a country. Genesis 12:3

233.   Reference to the doctrine of Dispensations (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Genesis 12:3

234.   Antisemitic attacks in the U.S. versus anti-Muslim attacks. Genesis 12:3

235.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Should Abram have taken Lot with Him? Genesis 12:4

236.   Abraham and his family were quite successful in Haran. Genesis 12:5

237.   Reference to the Doctrine of Slavery (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Genesis 12:5

238.   Reference to the Doctrine of Wealthy Men in the Bible (which reference include McEwan's Doctrine of Wealth) (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Genesis 12:5

239.   Scofield says the time Abram spent in Charan were wasted. Genesis 12:5

240.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Map of the Route that Abram took. Genesis 12:6

241.   Theory on the oak of Moreh. Genesis 12:6

242.   The number of Canaanites on earth at this time. Genesis 12:6

243.   Missing generations in the line of Shem? Genesis 12:6

244.   The appearance of God in the Old Testament. Genesis 12:7

245.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Doctrine of Theophanies. Genesis 12:7

246.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Links to the Doctrine of Theophanies. Genesis 12:7

247.   More on theophanies. Genesis 12:7

248.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Categories of Passages with a Double Meaning. Genesis 12:7

249.   The giving of the land illustrates positional truth. Genesis 12:7

250.   Genesis is the book of beginnings. Genesis 12:7

251.   Abram’s spiritual maturity; Sarai’s interaction with him on spiritual decisions. Genesis 12:7

252.   Abram does not have to be told to build an altar. Genesis 12:7

253.   The subtlety of the Bible. Animal sacrifices. Genesis 12:7

254.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Map of Central Canaan. Genesis 12:8

255.   Abraham’s travels throughout Canaan. Genesis 12:8

256.   That which is central to the Christian message. Genesis 12:8

257.   Why Abram is traveling through the Land of Promise. Genesis 12:9

258.   Famine, the depression, how most Americans do not understand the great want of the depression. Living off one’s principal rather than upon interest. Genesis 12:10

259.   Abram going to Egypt; the will of God. Taking the will of God to an extreme. Genesis 12:10

260.   The subtlety of Scripture. Genesis 12:10

261.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Doctrine of the Will of God. Genesis 12:10

262.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Abram and the Geographic Will of God. Genesis 12:10

263.   Being out of the geographical will of God causes people to do some wrong things. Example of the former drug taker. A man’s got to know his limitations. Genesis 12:10

264.   Abram’s assumptions about the heathen Egyptians. Genesis 12:12

265.   Abram does not believe or is unable to apply the promises made by God to him. Genesis 12:13

266.   Abram is more concerned about his own skin than losing Sarai. Genesis 12:13

267.   What if the Egyptians have some integrity and what if they don’t? Genesis 12:13

268.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Abram's Half-Lie about Sarai. Genesis 12:13

269.   The key to Abram’s scheme. Genesis 12:13

270.   It is legitimate to lie to your enemy in warfare; it is not legitimate to lie to a host country. Genesis 12:13

271.   The key to the Bible is not morality but a relationship to God through Jesus Christ. Genesis 12:13

272.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Doctrine of Faith-Rest. Genesis 12:13

273.   Abram’s prejudgment of the Egyptians. Genesis 12:13

274.   References to The laws of divine establishment and the Doctrine of Morality. Genesis 12:13

275.   Establishment laws. Genesis 12:13

276.   Freedom illustrated with a teenager. Genesis 12:13

277.   Freedom and the United States. Genesis 12:13

278.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Goals of Communism in America. Genesis 12:13

279.   Sarai’s age. Genesis 12:14

280.   Example of where the Bible does not use a play on words. Genesis 12:15

281.   Abram’s complete lack of trust in God’s Word. Genesis 12:16

282.   One reason that we know Abram is rich. Genesis 12:16

283.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abbreviated Doctrine of the Laws of Divine Establishment. Sub-sections: The 5 divine institutions, Attacks against the 5 divine institutions, The Ten Commandments, The Purpose of the Laws of Divine Establishment, Countries Which Reject the Laws of Divine Establishment, The Separation of Church and State, An Example of Illegitimate Authority, Establishment and Morality, The Component Parts of the Laws of Divine Establishment in a Nation, Unregenerate Man and the Laws of Divine Establishment. Genesis 12:16

284.   Reference to the Laws of Divine Establishment. (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 12:16

285.   An example of a play on words in the Bible which is quite serious. Genesis 12:17

286.   Disaster striking the Pharaoh’s household. Genesis 12:17

287.   Satan’s possible involvement. Genesis 12:17

288.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Parallels to the Exodus. Genesis 12:17

289.   The human author says one thing; the Divine Author another. Genesis 12:17

290.   Foreshadowing in a movie or in a book; compared to foreshadowing in the Bible. Genesis 12:17

291.   Melchizedek and possibly what he hands off to Abram. Genesis 12:17

292.   Difference between this pharaoh and the one of the exodus. Genesis 12:17

293.   Ditto for the people of Canaan. Genesis 12:17

294.   God takes Abram’s lie and turns it into a witness for the truth. Genesis 12:18

295.   The parallel situation with Jonah. Genesis 12:19

296.   The pharaoh has a higher moral caliber than Abram. Genesis 12:19

297.   Pharaoh does not appear to take back any of his dowry gifts to Abram. Genesis 12:20

298.   It is very possible that this pharaoh is saved. Genesis 12:20

299.   Summary of Gen. 12:10–20. How personally embarrassed Abram was before pharaoh. Genesis 12 Addendum

300.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Genesis 12 Addendum

301.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 12. Genesis 12 Addendum

302.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Complete Translation of Genesis 12. Genesis 12 Addendum

303.   I need to have the doctrine of the covenant to Abraham around Gen. 12

304.   Links to the Doctrine of Slavery (2nd one). Gen. 12:4–5

305.   Do the doctrine of Shechem in Gen. 12:6.

306.   The Doctrine of Theophanies; this needs to include Scofield’s short dissertation on theophanies. Gen. 12:6

307.   Links to the Doctrine of Theophanies. Gen. 12:6

308.   Genesis 13 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

309.   Definitions for Gloss, Laws of Divine Establishment, Pivot, and Rebound (Restoration to fellowship with God). Gen. 13 Introduction

310.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Prequel of Genesis 13. Gen. 13 Introduction

311.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Principals of Genesis 13. Gen. 13 Introduction

312.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abrahamic Timeline for Genesis 13. Gen. 13 Introduction

313.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Synopsis of Genesis 13. Gen. 13 Introduction

314.   The Jews interact with Egypt. Gen. 13:1

315.   Despite his mistakes, Abram is quite wealthy. Gen. 13:2

316.   The source of Abram’s precious metals. Gen. 13:2

317.   Abram and God’s geographical will. Gen. 13:2

318.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Map of Southern Israel. Gen. 13:2

319.   King David’s failures more spectacular; but he comes out of them still blessed by God. Gen. 13:2

320.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The City of Bethel. Gen. 13:3

321.   Reference to the Doctrine of Bethel (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 13:3

322.   Abram recognizes his wasted time and he attempts to reconnect with God. Gen. 13:4

323.   Getting back to the fundamentals of doctrine. Gen. 13:4

324.   Reference to the Laws of Divine Establishment (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 13:4

325.   What is means to call upon the name of God. Gen. 13:4

326.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: How the Altar Proclaims the Essence or Character of Jehovah. Gen. 13:4

327.   Rebound. Gen. 13:4

328.   Being a literalist; but not all parts of the Bible may be taken literally. Examples of figures of speech. Gen. 13:4

329.   The definition of inspiration of Scripture. Gen. 13:4

330.   The Bible is the word of man and the word of God. Gen. 13:4

331.   Reference to Richard Salt’s webpage called Virtual Salt; where he lists about 60 rhetorical devices on this page http://virtualsalt.com/rhetoric.htm. Gen. 13:4

332.   Reference to a chiasmos (χ) format (Lesson #80). Gen. 13:4

333.   A metonym. Gen. 13:4

334.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Examples of Figures of Speech in the Bible. Gen. 13:4

335.   Abram recognizes his misstep and goes back to where he was before. Gen. 13:5

336.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Doctrine of Blessing by Association. Gen. 13:5

337.   Abram was blessed despite his failures. Gen. 13:5

338.   Example of the blessing of Houston and Texas with Berachah Church and R. B. Thieme, Jr. Gen. 13:5

339.   Growing or mature believers ought to be able to enumerate and appreciate their many blessings. Gen. 13:5

340.   What blessing is not. Gen. 13:5

341.   God has blessed Abram directly and Lot indirectly because he is associated with Abram. Gen. 13:6

342.   During a famine, Abram and Lot have too many possessions. Gen. 13:6

343.   The answer to a believer’s prayer during a disaster. Gen. 13:6

344.   Disaster sometimes moves you from point A to point B. Gen. 13:6

345.   Some people think that the solution to their troubles in life is money. Gen. 13:6

346.   Oprah Winfrey example of wanting to improve the education of kids with money. Gen. 13:6

347.   God removes Lot by giving Lot and Abram too much blessing. Gen. 13:7

348.   The Perizzites. Gen. 13:7

349.   One of the problems of wealth. Gen. 13:7

350.   Abram interacts well with the Philistines and the Hittites. Gen. 13:7

351.   The false concept of separation. Gen. 13:8

352.   Abram should have separated from Lot in Charan. Gen. 13:9

353.   There is a time to separate from other believers. Gen. 13:9

354.   Abram’s graciousness in separating from Lot. Gen. 13:9

355.   2 reasons why Abram must separate from Lot. Gen. 13:9

356.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Robby Dean's Appended Doctrine of Separation. Gen. 13:9

357.   Abram is not separating from Lot by a recent mandate of God’s. Gen. 13:9

358.   Abram is not writing Lot off. There is no animus in this separation. Gen. 13:9

359.   The separation of the two companies of Abram and Lot. Gen. 13:9

360.   Lot is blessed only in his relationship with Abram. Gen. 13:10

361.   Lot’s description of the land around Sodom is poetic and elliptical. Gen. 13:10

362.   Josephus describes the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 13:10

363.   2013 Supreme Court decision about prop 8 in California and gay marriage. Gen. 13:10

364.   Reference to Gen. 19 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 13:10

365.   WWI and WWII; antisemitism, communism. Judgement of AIDS and 9/11. Gen. 13:10

366.   Not enough young people in our churches. Gen. 13:10

367.   The blessing of the Billy Graham and R. B. Thieme, Jr. years. Gen. 13:10

368.   Lot operates only on human viewpoint. He will not get the blessings from God. Gen. 13:10

369.   The writer of this passage is giving us Lot’s viewpoint. Gen. 13:10

370.   The beauty of Egypt back then. Gen. 13:10

371.   The judgment of Egypt today. Gen. 13:10

372.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Explaining "When you enter Zoar." Gen. 13:10

373.   Archeologists have testified as to people living in the Sodom area before. Gen. 13:10

374.   The gloss of Gen. 13:10. Gen. 13:10

375.   The spiritual handoff of Melchizedek to Abram. Gen. 13:10

376.   There was writing before the time of Abram. Moses and the oral tradition. Gen. 13:10

377.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Problems and Possibilities of Lot's Movement. Gen. 13:11

378.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A map of the Dead Sea and southern Israel. Gen. 13:11

379.   The possible changes of topology. Gen. 13:11

380.   Southern Israel was not all desert. Gen. 13:11

381.   The location of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 13:11

382.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Relief Map of the Land of Promise. Gen. 13:11

383.   If you think you ought to be the CEO of your company. Gen. 13:11

384.   Example of Barack Obama eyeing George Bush’s job. Gen. 13:11

385.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Doctrine of Logistical Grace (Revised). Gen. 13:11

386.   What blessing by association takes in. Gen. 13:11

387.   Chinese Christians; Christians in the United States. Gen. 13:11

388.   The Middle East and fledgling democracies. Gen. 13:11

389.   Cleansing of a nation. Gen. 13:11

390.   Why we separate. Gen. 13:11

391.   Lot has been raised around believers and takes it for granted. Gen. 13:12

392.   The directions in which Abram and Lot moved. Gen. 13:12

393.   Location of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 13:12

394.   A little on sin and evil. Gen. 13:13

395.   Calling homosexual acts wrong is not judging. Gen. 13:13

396.   Significance of Bethel and Ai. Gen. 13:13

397.   How far a person can see depends on their elevation. Gen. 13:15

398.   What separation from Lot is about. Gen. 13:15

399.   Practical separation examples. Gen. 13:15

400.   Most churches teach the laws of divine establishment and how to be nice. Gen. 13:15

401.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Spiritual Life Parlays Spiritual Growth to Eternal Impact. Gen. 13:15

402.   Why God repeats information to Abram. Gen. 13:15

403.   Progressive revelation and Abram. Gen. 13:15

404.   References to the Hypostatic Union, the Essence of God and the Angelic Conflict. Gen. 13:15

405.   Why God gives Abram a promise he does not fully understand. Gen. 13:15

406.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: E-Sword Map of Old Testament Events. Gen. 13:15

407.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Map of the Davidic Kingdom. Gen. 13:15

408.   Being a true descendant of Abram. Gen. 13:15

409.   Abram is the pattern for believers. Gen. 13:16

410.   What is means to be a seed of Abram. Gen. 13:16

411.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Abraham's Children. Gen. 13:16

412.   Abraham speaks in hyperbole. Gen. 13:16

413.   What must be true in order for God’s promises to Abram to be fulfilled. Gen. 13:16

414.   The vicious attack on a Jewish family by Palestinians, and how it was celebrated. Gen. 13:16

415.   Why Satan wants to remove Jews from the earth. Gen. 13:16

416.   The number of terrorist attacks throughout the world since 9/11. Gen. 13:16

417.   How antisemitism and conspiracy theorists ruined the conservative movement in the United States. Gen. 13:16

418.   Country club Republicans versus Sam’s Club Republicans. Gen. 13:16

419.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Doctrine of Antisemitism. Gen. 13:16

420.   God begins a new dispensation with Abram. Gen. 13:17

421.   God builds doctrine upon doctrine for Abram just as He does with us. Gen. 13:17

422.   Abram’s categories of offspring. Gen. 13:17

423.   The 3 dispensations that we are most familiar with. Gen. 13:17

424.   Age of the Gentiles, Age of the Jews; the 3 parts of the Jewish Age. Gen. 13:17

425.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Dispensations, an Overview. Gen. 13:17

426.   The Age of the Hypostatic Union and its relationship to the other dispensations. Gen. 13:17

427.   Brief summary of the 3 dispensations that we are most familiar with. Gen. 13:17

428.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Three Dispensations Summarized. Gen. 13:17

429.   Abram founds a new race based upon regeneration. Gen. 13:17

430.   Abram is called out from his family, thus distinguishing him from his family. Gen. 13:17

431.   Jesus as the basis for salvation in any dispensation. Gen. 13:17

432.   Jesus in the Hypostatic Union; the power of the Holy Spirit. Gen. 13:17

433.   Example of omnipotence. Gen. 13:17

434.   Jesus, even having Deity and a legion of angels to call upon, depended upon the same spiritual assets which we have in the Christian life. Gen. 13:17

435.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Importance of Bible Doctrine. Gen. 13:17

436.   The promise of political independence. Gen. 13:17

437.   The key to the difference between blessing and cursing. Gen. 13:17

438.   The 1st advent and the 2nd advent. Gen. 13:17

439.   Jesus Christ as the focal point and the fulfillment of all things in the Age of the Hypostatic Union. Gen. 13:17

440.   The Church Age and nation Israel. Gen. 13:17

441.   Two stages of the Church Age. Gen. 13:17

442.   Jesus’ signs and wonders in the 1st advent. Gen. 13:17

443.   Why Jesus healed. Gen. 13:17

444.   John the Baptizer was confused by Jesus’ 1st advent. Gen. 13:17

445.   The 1st and 2nd advents taught as one advent in the Old Testament. Gen. 13:17

446.   Jesus speaks of a partial fulfillment of Isa. 61:1–2. Gen. 13:17

447.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Advents of Jesus Christ within the Dispensations. Gen. 13:17

448.   Reference to the Doctrine of Dispensations (HTML) (PDF) and the Doctrine of Intercalation (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 13:17

449.   The disciples had the credit card of working signs and wonders; and how these gifts faded. Gen. 13:17

450.   The power of the Word of God over miracles; the power of Billy Graham. Gen. 13:17

451.   Gary Horton as an evangelist in a school. Gen. 13:17

452.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: American Heritage Insert. Gen. 13:17

453.   During the Age of Israel, evangelism was related to nation Israel. However, in the Church Age, there is a separation from church and state. Violation of this includes the Catholic Church. Gen. 13:17

454.   The United States had a good balance between church and state for 200 years. Gen. 13:17

455.   When U.S. courts ruled on church and state, they became lawmakers for the United States. Gen. 13:17

456.   The wall of separation between church and state. Gen. 13:17

457.   Semantics, liberalism and the courts. Gen. 13:17

458.   The evil Warren court; the country gets the government it deserves. Gen. 13:17

459.   Restricting religious expression has led to a very confused state of affairs. Banning the Ten Commandments on court walls, when Moses is on the Supreme Court building. Christians, Jews and Muslims accept the Ten Commandments. Gen. 13:17

460.   The power lust of the Warren court. Gen. 13:17

461.   The Warren court used the first amendment to restrict speech. Gen. 13:17

462.   FDR recognized publically that the United States is where the Word of God is taught. Gen. 13:17

463.   The church universal versus local churches. Gen. 13:17

464.   The founding fathers often quoted from the Bible to support their positions. Gen. 13:17

465.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: By the PRESIDENT of the United States Of America A PROCLAMATION. Gen. 13:17

466.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Quotations from our Founding Documents. Gen. 13:17

467.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Public and Private Quotations from our Founding Fathers. Gen. 13:17

468.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Preambles of State Constitutions. Gen. 13:17

469.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Early U.S. Education. Gen. 13:17

470.   Founding fathers continually spoke of the Bible and of God. Gen. 13:17

471.   Our founders were not deists, as history courses have inaccurately taught. Gen. 13:17

472.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Some Communist Goals. Gen. 13:17

473.   Dispensations, intercalation, advents of Jesus Christ. Gen. 13:17

474.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Sands of Time (lyrics). Gen. 13:18

475.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Altars Built by Abram. Gen. 13:18

476.   Abram erecting an altar was like planting a flag. Gen. 13:18

477.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Planting the Flag at Iwo Jima (graphic). Gen. 13:18

478.   Planting a flag after victory over an area. Gen. 13:18

479.   Information on the city of Shechem. Gen. 13:18

480.   Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim, and the blessings and cursings spoken from there. Gen. 13:18

481.   The Oaks of Mamre and Hebron in the history of Israel. Gen. 13:18

482.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: We Learn from Genesis 13. Gen. 13 addendum

483.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 13 Addendum

484.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 13. Gen. 13 Addendum

485.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Complete Translation of Genesis 13. Gen. 13 Addendum

486.   Genesis 14 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

487.   Abram appears to be the writer or recounter of Gen. 11–24. Gen. 14 Introduction

488.   Abram’s crew and his intelligence outfit. Gen. 14 Introduction

489.   The kings mentioned were probably kings of city-states. Gen. 14 Introduction

490.   Reference to Gen. 11 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 14 Introduction

491.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Links to the JEPD Theory (also known as Documentary Hypothesis). Gen. 14 Introduction

492.   Why the JEPD theory is bunk. Gen. 14 Introduction

493.   How does this chapter apply to you? Gen. 14 Introduction

494.   Why the United States might be headed for a collapse. Gen. 14 Introduction

495.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Prequel of Genesis 14. Gen. 14 Introduction

496.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Principals of Genesis 14. Gen. 14 Introduction

497.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abrahamic Timeline for Genesis 14. Gen. 14 Introduction

498.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Synopsis of Genesis 14. Gen. 14 Introduction

499.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: What We Learn from Genesis 14—A Preview. Gen. 14 Introduction

500.   Every believers faces problems. Gen. 14 Introduction

501.   Shinar; some think that Amraphel is Hammurabi. Gen. 14:1

502.   The use of Goiim in this chapter. Gen. 14:1

503.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Summary of the 4 Kings of the Eastern Alliance. Gen. 14:1

504.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Map of the 4 Kings. Gen. 14:1

505.   Men often reject the Bible’s history if there is not corroborating evidence. Gen. 14:1

506.   The objectivity of Biblical history compared to the objectivity of secular history. Gen. 14:1

507.   Will Durant quote on accuracy of Genesis. Gen. 14:1

508.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The World of the Old Testament (map). Gen. 14:1

509.   Possible differences in the Salt Sea in that era. Gen. 14:2

510.   Zoar. Gen. 14:2

511.   A gloss. Gen. 14:2

512.   Reference to the Laws of Divine Establishment (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 14:2

513.   The conquering of these 5 city-states. Gen. 14:3

514.   Paying tribute; setting up a Suzerain-Vassal treaty. Gen. 14:4

515.   Revolution is not necessarily a good thing; standing up to the British Empire was not necessarily a good thing. Imposition of humility upon a people. This can be warning from God. Gen. 14:4

516.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A stele from the Tophet in Carthage (today Tunisia) (graphic). Gen. 14:5

517.   Ashtoreth, Astarte. Ancient symbols. Gen. 14:5

518.   Shaveh Kiriathaim and the Emim. Gen. 14:5

519.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Horites/Hivites. Gen. 14:6

520.   Wilderness was a word that did not necessarily refer to desert, at first, but uninhabited area. Gen. 14:6

521.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Route of the Kings of the East (map). Gen. 14:6

522.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Route of the Kings of the East (map). Gen. 14:7

523.   The movement of the 4 eastern kings. Gen. 14:7

524.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Strategy and Tactics of the Kings of the East. Gen. 14:7

525.   “Kadesh” in another gloss. Gen. 14:7

526.   Transitive property of inequality. Applying this to us today. Gen. 14:7

527.   Mordecai Ham converted Billy Graham. Gen. 14:7

528.   This war with the eastern kings was inevitable. Gen. 14:8

529.   How the armies of the east and the west match up; advantages and disadvantages. Gen. 14:8

530.   The motivation of Chedorlaomer’s allies; and how this relates to us today. Gen. 14:9

531.   To protect your country, you need a well-armed, well-motivated army. Gen. 14:9

532.   Why the historicity of Gen. 14 has been questioned. Gen. 14:10

533.   Oil pollution now and in the ancient world. Gen. 14:10

534.   The poorly trained western army; their own land is used against them. Gen. 14:10

535.   The tactics of this battle between the eastern and western armies. Gen. 14:10

536.   Chedorlaomer originally did not bleed the western cities dry. Gen. 14:11

537.   Being a protectorate is not necessarily a bad thing. Gen. 14:11

538.   Imperialism, the United States and Great Britain. Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Gen. 14:11

539.   The false charges of racism in the United States. Gen. 14:11

540.   The Salt Sea; the changes over the centuries. Gen. 14:12

541.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Word "Hebrew". Gen. 14:13

542.   Reference to Gen. 23 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 14:13

543.   Abram was a very wealthy man and there were many wealthy men in the Bible. Gen. 14:13

544.   Reference to Wealthy Men of the Bible (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 14:13

545.   Abram’s wealth; why he had arms. His advantage against the kings of the east. Gen. 14:13

546.   The motivation of a wife and children. Gen. 14:13

547.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Delving into Rûwq. Gen. 14:14

548.   The problem of Dan. Gen. 14:14

549.   Abram’s weaponry and army. Gen. 14:14

550.   Abram is not under attack; he is on the offensive. Gen. 14:14

551.   Abram’s strategy and tactics. Gen. 14:15

552.   The Bible is a military-friendly book. Gen. 14:15

553.   Mobs do not think; neither do retreating armies. Gen. 14:15

554.   How Abram’s victory changes history. Gen. 14:15

555.   The results of this victory. Gen. 14:15

556.   The people of Sodom should have learned from this attack. Gen. 14:16

557.   Abram’s strategy and tactics. Gen. 14:16

558.   Strategy and tactics in the Bible. Gen. 14:16

559.   General George Patton on pulpit killers (a quote). Gen. 14:16

560.   The kings of the east would not have known about Abram; the people of the west would have known about him and his God. Gen. 14:17

561.   Sun Tzu “Know your enemy.” Gen. 14:17

562.   This is why we have intelligence. Gen. 14:17

563.   The Valley of the King is where Abram will meet Melchizedek and the King of Sodom. Gen. 14:17

564.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Melchizedek Special. Gen. 14:18

565.   McGee on how Melchizedek foreshadows our Lord. Gen. 14:18

566.   The bread and wine. Gen. 14:18

567.   Salem means peace. Gen. 14:18

568.   First mention of the word priest. Gen. 14:18

569.   Types of Christ in the Old Testament. Gen. 14:18

570.   Recommendation of Josh McDowell’s books. Gen. 14:18

571.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Melchizedek is a real person; he is not a Theophany. Gen. 14:18

572.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Melchizedek Blesses Abraham (a graphic). Gen. 14:18

573.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Jesus Claimed to be God—a Logical Approach. Gen. 14:18

574.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Melchizedek is the Type; Jesus Christ is the Antitype. Gen. 14:18

575.   Priesthood in the Age of the Gentiles. Gen. 14:18

576.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Melchizedek in Psalm 110. Gen. 14:18

577.   Reference to the Doctrine of Intercalation (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 14:18

578.   Reference to Psalm 110 is found here (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 14:18

579.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Melchizedek in the New Testament. Gen. 14:18

580.   The priesthood in the Age of the Gentiles. Gen. 14:18

581.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Post-Diluvian Heathenism. Gen. 14:18

582.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Priesthoods of God. Gen. 14:18

583.   Melchizedek is not Shem. Gen. 14:18

584.   The spiritual handoff; when Melchizedek may have given the Scriptures to Abram. Gen. 14:18

585.   The rationale for Abram getting the Scriptures from Melchizedek. Gen. 14:18

586.   Man blessing man; and man blessing God. Gen. 14:19

587.   Careful in the use of the word Redeemer. Gen. 14:19

588.   The foreshadowing of a good novel. Gen. 14:19

589.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Doctrine of Redemption. Gen. 14:19

590.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Illustration of the Slave Market of Sin. Gen. 14:19

591.   How interrelated the Word of God is. Gen. 14:19

592.   Progressive revelation. Gen. 14:19

593.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Seeds of Genesis in the first 14 Chapters. Gen. 14:19

594.   Story arc and foreshadowing. Gen. 14:19

595.   The concept of progressive revelation with an excellent definition. Gen. 14:19

596.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Progressive Revelation. Gen. 14:19

597.   Progressive revelation is also personal. Gen. 14:19

598.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Doctrine of Tithing. Gen. 14:20

599.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Modern Applications of Tithing. Gen. 14:20

600.   Explaining the rich young ruler, whom Jesus tells to sell everything. Gen. 14:20

601.   What it means to bless God. Gen. 14:20

602.   The Age of the Gentiles and the priesthood then. Gen. 14:20

603.   True leadership; illustrations of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Changing of one’s mind. Gen. 14:21

604.   Payment for protection. Gen. 14:21

605.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Stages of National Discipline insert. Gen. 14:21

606.   Seeds of the stages of national discipline. Gen. 14:21

607.   The king of Sodom might be too nice of a guy. Gen. 14:21

608.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Contents of Abram's Spiritual Victory. Gen. 14:23

609.   Abram does not require the same spiritual values from his allies. Gen. 14:23

610.   Some nations loathed farming and liked attacking their enemies more. Gen. 14:24

611.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Map of the British Empire. Gen. 14:24

612.   Enjoying the spoils of victory. Gen. 14:24

613.   Imperialism by an honorable country is a good thing. Propaganda against imperialism. Gen. 14:24

614.   Gandhi. Gen. 14:24

615.   R. B. Thieme, Jr. and South Africa and Rhodesia. Gen. 14:24

616.   How the Soviets and how the United States divided up the world at the end of WWII. Gen. 14:24

617.   The United States and Japan. Gen. 14:24

618.   The United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. George W. Bush. Gen. 14:24

619.   False views of imperialism. Call the United States an imperialistic nation is lying propaganda. Gen. 14:24

620.   Having a right to do something does not mean you go ahead and do it. Gen. 14:24

621.   Proper thinking and current events of 2011. Gen. 14:24

622.   Abram does not force others to live by his standards. Gen. 14:24

623.   Application of this to “free healthcare.” Gen. 14:24

624.   Application of raising taxes; phoniness of Warren Buffet. Gen. 14:24

625.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Retrospective of Genesis 14. Gen. 14 Addendum

626.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: What We Learn from Genesis 14. Gen. 14 Addendum

627.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 14 Addendum

628.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 14. Gen. 14 Addendum

629.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Complete Translation of Genesis 14. Gen. 14 Addendum

630.   The Doctrine of the Word Gôwy—not finished yet!! Cross referenced in Joshua 12:23. Gen. 14:1

631.   The Doctrine of the Hivites/Horites—more or less finished! (see NIV Study Bible). Alluded to in Joshua 9:8 1Chron. 1:38. Gen. 14:6

632.   The Doctrine of the Name Hebrew. Gen. 14:13 (cross referenced inmeanwhi 1Sam. 4:6)

633.   Genesis 15 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

634.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Introduction and Overview of the Patriarchs (College Press). Gen. 15 Introduction

635.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Prequel of Genesis 15. Gen. 15 Introduction

636.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Principals of Genesis 15. Gen. 15 Introduction

637.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abrahamic Timeline for Genesis 15. Gen. 15 Introduction

638.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Synopsis of Genesis 15. Gen. 15 Introduction

639.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 15:1 Graphic. Gen. 15:1

640.   Reference to the Doctrine of Redemption and the Slave Market of Sin Illustration to come out of that chapter, as well as the seeds to the Stages of National Discipline, all found within Gen. 14 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 15:1

641.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Translations that Reveal Abram's Reticence to Believe. Gen. 15:2

642.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Refuting the Claims of the American English Bible Regarding Abram's Children. Gen. 15:2

643.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Abram Looking at the Stars (a graphic). Gen. 15:5

644.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Large Numbers and Abram. Gen. 15:5

645.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 15:6 Graphic. Gen. 15:6

646.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 15:6 in the New Testament. Gen. 15:6

647.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Illustration from Genesis 15 by James Padgett. Gen. 15:9

648.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A deep sleep fell upon Abram and a horror seizes him by Gerard Hoet 1728 (a graphic). Gen. 15:12

649.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The AEB on Why Much of the Popular Bible Chronology is Wrong! Gen. 15:13

650.   Reference to Liberalism, Conservatism and Christianity (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 15:14

651.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Shalom (a graphic). Gen. 15:15

652.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Do the Numbers Make Sense? Gen. 15:16

653.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: An Example of Four-Generation Degeneracy. Gen. 15:16

654.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: God Speaking to Abram (a graphic). Gen. 15:16

655.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 15:17 Graphic. Gen. 15:17

656.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Various Expositors Cover the Hittites. Gen. 15:20

657.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: "Lucky Guesses" found in Genesis (thus far). Gen. 15 Addendum

658.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: What is Incontrovertible about the History of the Bible. Gen. 15 Addendum

659.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: What We Learn from Genesis 15. Gen. 15 Addendum

660.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 15 Addendum

661.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 15. Gen. 15 Addendum

662.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Complete Translation of Genesis 15. Gen. 15 Addendum

663.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Word Cloud from a Reasonably Literal Paraphrase of Genesis 15. Gen. 15 Addendum

664.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Word Cloud from Exegesis of Genesis 15. Gen. 15 Addendum

665.   The Kenite, Kenizzite, Kadmonite, Perizzite and the Rephaim covered briefly here. Gen. 15:20

666.   The Doctrine of the Hittites (NOT finished yet!!!). See the Open Bible p. 419. Gen. 15:20

667.   Genesis 16 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

668.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Prequel of Genesis 16. Gen. 16 Introduction

669.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Principals of Genesis 16. Gen. 16 Introduction

670.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abrahamic Timeline for Genesis 16. Gen. 16 Introduction

671.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Synopsis of Genesis 16. Gen. 16 Introduction

672.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Sarai, Hagar and Abram (a graphic). Gen. 16:2

673.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Sarah presenting Hagar to Abraham (a graphic). Gen. 16:2

674.   Links to Abrahamic timeline. Gen. 16:3

675.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Map of the Way to Egypt. Gen. 16:6

676.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abbreviated Doctrine of the Angel of Jehovah. Gen. 16:7

677.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Hagar needs to face some simple facts. Gen. 16:8

678.   Reference to Black Liberation Theology (PDF format). Gen. 16:9

679.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Biblical Doctrine of Slavery. Gen. 16:9

680.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Lessons from the Doctrine of Slavery. Gen. 16:9

681.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Geographical Will of God. Gen. 16:9

682.   Reference to the laws of divine establishment. Gen. 16:9

683.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Ishmael Will Be a Wild Ass of a Man (a graphic). Gen. 16:12

684.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Passages Listed for Calling on the Name of Jehovah. Gen. 16:13

685.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: "You are El Roi, a God of Seeing" (a graphic). Gen. 16:13

686.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Various Ancient Takes on Genesis 16:13. Gen. 16:13

687.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Why is the Word of God not Perfectly and Supernaturally Preserved? Gen. 16:13

688.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Manuscripts of Ancient Texts. Gen. 16:13

689.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Earliest Manuscripts of the New Testament. Gen. 16:13

690.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Hagar believes in the Revealed God. Gen. 16:13

691.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Map of Beer-Lachairoi. Gen. 16:14

692.   The Doctrine of Polygamy is alluded to (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 16:15

693.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: What We Learn from Genesis 16. Gen. 16 Addendum

694.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 16 Addendum

695.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 16. Gen. 16 Addendum

696.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Complete Translation of Genesis 16. Gen. 16 Addendum

697.   The Doctrine of the Angel of Jehovah (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). See Zech. 12:8. See Scofield notes for Judges 2:1. NIV Study Bible also has a note here. This phrase is found nearly sixty times in Scripture to refer to God. Mentioned in Judges 6:12 13:21 and touched on in Judges 2:1. Gen. 16:7

698.   Do something on Ur (See “Treasuries of Bible Times” p. 44, 50). See also “Hard Sayings of the Bible” p. 191.

699.   Genesis 17 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

700.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Prequel of Genesis 17. Gen. 17 Introduction

701.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Principals of Genesis 17. Gen. 17 Introduction

702.   Reference to the complete Abrahamic Timeline (HTML) (PDF) Gen. 17 Introduction

703.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abrahamic Timeline for Genesis 17. Gen. 17 Introduction

704.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Synopsis of Genesis 17. Gen. 17 Introduction

705.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 17 Graphic. Gen. 17 Introduction

706.   Reference again to the complete Abrahamic Timeline (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 17:1

707.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 15–17 in the Abrahamic Timeline. Gen. 17:1

708.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: El Shaddai graphic. Gen. 17:1

709.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Ancient Law Codes. Gen. 17:1

710.   References to rebound (confession of personal sin to God) (HTML) (PDF); faith-rest (which is what Abram ought to be doing with the promises of God) (HTML) (PDF); and the laws of divine establishment (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 17:1

711.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Spiritual Life Implied and Stated so far in the Book of Genesis. Gen. 17:1

712.   References to Gen. 14 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and Gen. 19 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 17:1

713.   Reference to Salvation (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 17:5

714.   Reference to the Gift of Tongues (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 17:5

715.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: "I will make you exceedingly fruitful" (graphic). Gen. 17:6

716.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Abraham Bowing before God (a graphic). Gen. 17:6

717.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Suzerain Vassal Treaty. Gen. 17:7

718.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: God's Everlasting Covenant. Gen. 17:7

719.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Map of What God Has Given the Jews. Gen. 17:8

720.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Map of the Davidic Kingdom. Gen. 17:8

721.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Comparing and Contrasting Israel and the Church. Gen. 17:8

722.   Reference to 5th stage of national discipline, which are taught here and here. Gen. 17:8

723.   Did I stop indexing here?

724.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Circumcision Represents Regeneration. Gen. 17:12

725.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: What is this New Heart? Gen. 17:12

726.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Familial Relationship between God and Abraham's Seed. Gen. 17:12

727.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Slavery and the United States. Gen. 17:12

728.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Slavery in the United States—An Addendum. Gen. 17:12

729.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 17:13 (graphic). Gen. 17:13

730.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: God Waited to Include Sarah in the Son of Promise. Gen. 17:16

731.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Ancient Translations of the Bible. Gen. 17:16

732.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 17:17 (graphic). Gen. 17:17

733.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: God's 4 Responses to Prayer. Gen. 17:19

734.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Importance of Isaac. Gen. 17:19

735.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: God's 4 Answers to Prayer. Gen. 17:20

736.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Isaac is the Son of Promise (graphic). Gen. 17:21

737.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Acts 7:1–8 Interlude. Gen. 17:21

738.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Acts 7:51–60 Interlude. Gen. 17:21

739.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Romans 4 Interlude. Gen. 17:27

740.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abbreviated Doctrine of Sanctification. Gen. 17:27

741.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 17 as a chiasmos. Gen. 17 Addendum

742.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: What We Learn from Genesis 17. Gen. 17 Addendum

743.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 17 Addendum

744.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 17. Gen. 17 Addendum

745.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Genesis 17 and the Suzerain Vassal Treaty. Gen. 17 Addendum

746.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Complete Translation of Genesis 17. Gen. 17 Addendum

747.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Word Cloud from a Reasonably Literal Paraphrase of Genesis 17. Gen. 17 Addendum

748.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: Word Cloud from Exegesis of Genesis 17. Gen. 17 Addendum

749.   The Doctrine of Circumcision is here somewhere(?) Gen. See Barnes notes Deut. 10:16 and Gen. 17:10. P. 30 Dawn of the Kingdom, Clough. Notes on Joshua 5:2. Cross-referenced in 1Sam. 17:26. Gen. 17:11

750.   Genesis 18 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

751.   The time frame of Gen. 17–18. Gen. 18 Introduction

752.   Reference to Genesis 17 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 18 Introduction

753.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Prequel of Genesis 18. Gen. 18 Introduction

754.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Principals of Genesis 18. Gen. 18 Introduction

755.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: The Abrahamic Timeline for Genesis 18. Gen. 18 Introduction

756.   The two divergent topics of Gen. 18. God tells Abraham and Sarah that their child is imminent. Then God tells Abraham of the destruction of Sodom and Abraham asks for it to be spared. Gen. 18 Introduction

757.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Map: A Synopsis of Genesis 18. Gen. 18 Introduction

758.   The relationship between Gen. 17 and 18; 13 years of silence; 2 visits in 3 months. Gen. 18:1

759.   Mamre the person. Gen. 18:1

760.   Reference to the Doctrine of the Angel of Jehovah (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 18:1

761.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Links to Doctrines on the Preincarnate Christ. Gen. 18:1

762.   V. 1 is somewhat of a title for Gen. 18 as well as a transitional verse. Gen. 18:1

763.   God as a Trinity. Gen. 18:1

764.   Yehowah and the angels appear as men. Gen. 18:2

765.   These 3 illustrate the Trinity. Gen. 18:2

766.   The wâw conversative and rejecting this concept; mention of R. B. Thieme, Jr. Gen. 18:2

767.   Why God and the angels walk. Gen. 18:2

768.   The worship of the earth by mankind. Gen. 18:2

769.   It is okay to want clean water and clean air. Gen. 18:2

770.   Explaining how these men are over Abraham; and then how he then sees them walking. Gen. 18:2

771.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abbreviated Doctrine of Angels (Angelology). Gen. 18:2

772.   Abraham’s semi-conscious state. Gen. 18:2

773.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham entertaining angels (a graphic). Gen. 18:2

774.   The confusion of the noun Adonai. Gen. 18:3

775.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Is Abraham Speaking to One Lord or to Three? Gen. 18:3

776.   The Trinity is implied here. Gen. 18:3

777.   Abraham recognized the importance of hospitality. Gen. 18:4

778.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham lavant les pieds aux anges 1854 Felix Henri Giacomotti (graphic). Gen. 18:4

779.   Reebok and Saucony had not yet established outlets in Canaan. Gen. 18:4

780.   A great deal of time is spent preparing this meal for Abraham’s 3 visitors. Gen. 18:5

781.   Abraham’s meal contrasted with Lot’s. What this means. Gen. 18:5

782.   Lot’s wife probably liked the fashion in Sodom. Gen. 18:5

783.   Abraham may be looking forward to the news from the world from his visitors. Gen. 18:5

784.   As you get older, you tend to appreciate the news more. Gen. 18:5

785.   The gist of the way that Abraham asks for these strangers to stay and eat with him. Gen. 18:5

786.   The singulars and the plurals found in Abraham’s speaking to these 3. Gen. 18:5

787.   Abraham’s energy and hustle. Abraham’s good health from God. Gen. 18:6

788.   How much flour is Sarah using to make bread? Gen. 18:6

789.   Reconciling the word seah used here and elsewhere as a measurement for bread. Gen. 18:6

790.   Abraham is cooking veal. Gen. 18:7

791.   The 4000 year tradition of men cooking bbq. Gen. 18:7

792.   This meal represents fellowship among the men. Gen. 18:8

793.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham and the Three Angels by Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari (graphic). Gen. 18:8

794.   What food was served; we do not know if it was served in courses. Gen. 18:8

795.   The preincarnate Christ and the angels are all capable of eating food. Gen. 18:8

796.   Why the men ask about Sarah. Gen. 18:9

797.   Reference to the Angelic Conflict (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 18:9

798.   Eve, Sarah, Mary and the line of Jesus. Gen. 18:9

799.   God’s prophecy to Abraham; near and far fulfillments. Gen. 18:10

800.   God promised to return for the birth of Isaac; but there is no recording of that occurring. Perhaps God did not return in human form, but returned and breathed air into Isaac, giving him life. Gen. 18:10

801.   God does not come to Abraham for 13 months; now twice in 3 months. Gen. 18:10

802.   What the Bible calls old. Gen. 18:11

803.   Circumcision regenerated Abraham’s sexual organs. Gen. 18:11

804.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: How Isaac's Unusual Birth Foreshadowed Our Lord's. Gen. 18:11

805.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Genesis 18:12 (a graphic). Gen. 18:12

806.   An erotesis. Gen. 18:12

807.   An hapax legomenon. Gen. 18:12

808.   Every generation stands on the spiritual shoulders of the previous generation. Gen. 18:12

809.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Human Viewpoint Thinking versus Divine Viewpoint Thinking. Gen. 18:12

810.   Contradictions in the Bible. Gen. 18:13

811.   Dishonest websites which list contradictions. Gen. 18:13

812.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Examples of Bible Contradictions from Evil Bible. Gen. 18:13

813.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Genesis 18:14 (graphic). Gen. 18:14

814.   An erotesis. Gen. 18:14

815.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Doctrine of Pâlâ (פָּלָא) [pronounced paw-LAW] [so far]. Gen. 18:14

816.   How Abraham knows that God can keep His promises. Gen. 18:14

817.   After being a Christian for 5 years, you should notice some marked changes. Gen. 18:14

818.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Preview of coming attractions for Gen. 18–22. Gen. 18:15

819.   Sarah’s laughter is on the inside; and she will have laughter, a baby, on the inside. Gen. 18:15

820.   How the big picture is about Abraham, while being in fellowship, is able to interact with God and make intercession for others. Gen. 18:16

821.   Fantasy dinner party. Gen. 18:16

822.   Some populations ought to be purged from the earth. Examples of recent wars; New Orleans. Gen. 18:16

823.   We do not live in a theocracy; God does not speak audibly to our leaders. Gen. 18:16

824.   How would a Christian choose between Jimmy Carter ( a born again Christian) and Mitt Romney (a Mormon)? Gen. 18:16

825.   World events shape the use of our military. Along with our president. Gen. 18:16

826.   Angels and God’s character. Gen. 18:16

827.   Angels observe mankind like this is a big budget movie. Gen. 18:16

828.   The two reasons God came to Abraham. Gen. 18:17

829.   The great degeneracy in San Francisco. Gen. 18:17

830.   Why the United States is blessed as a nation. Gen. 18:18

831.   God is telling the angels just how consequential Abraham is. Gen. 18:18

832.   God knows that the concepts of right and wrong would be taught by Abraham and continued down through his family. Gen. 18:19

833.   Abraham commanded his household in righteousness and justice. Gen. 18:19

834.   A democracy is not what is key to raising up a great country. Gen. 18:19

835.   The laws of divine establishment are key to a country doing righteousness and justice. Gen. 18:19

836.   Reference to the doctrine of Dispensations (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 18:19

837.   Why Abraham is so influential. He is one of the most influential men of all times. Gen. 18:19

838.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Resources for the Preservation of the Old Testament. Gen. 18:19

839.   A democracy is not what is key to raising up a great country. Gen. 18:19

840.   George W. Bush’s problem with Iraq and Afghanistan. Gen. 18:19

841.   Reference to the Doctrine of the Spiritual Life (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 18:19

842.   Abraham owns no land and has no real political power, and yet he is the most powerful man in the area. Lot is a judge in his city and has no real power or lasting effect. Gen. 18:20

843.   Example of the use of justice where I was a teacher. Gen. 18:20

844.   Degenerate sins; addiction. Gen. 18:20

845.   Wall Street once had an honorable function. Gen. 18:20

846.   Gambling with futures in the market. Gen. 18:20

847.   Problems with translating v. 21. Gen. 18:21

848.   Why God needs to go to Sodom and Gomorrah Himself to see it. Gen. 18:21

849.   The problems with degeneracy sins. Gen. 18:21

850.   Example of gay agenda in the United States. Gen. 18:21

851.   The nature of man; heterosexual versus homosexual. Gen. 18:21

852.   The various attacks upon marriage. Gen. 18:21

853.   Promiscuity of homosexuals. Gen. 18:21

854.   Emendations disagreement; emendation in v. 22. Gen. 18:22

855.   The preservation of a people because of the believers in their area. Gen. 18:24

856.   Rasmussen reports and believers in the United States. Gen. 18:24

857.   Abraham’s reasoning with God about His character and actions. Gen. 18:25

858.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What we learn about prayer in studying Abraham. Gen. 18:25

859.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The National Entity Insert. Gen. 18:26

860.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What Preserves and Prospers a National Entity. Gen. 18:26

861.   The British empire and the influence of Bible doctrine. Gen. 18:26

862.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The British Empire (map). Gen. 18:26

863.   Great Britain today. Gen. 18:26

864.   The Revived Roman empire in prophecy. Gen. 18:26

865.   The influence of the United States around the world. Gen. 18:26

866.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: U.S. Military Troops and Bases Around the World (map). Gen. 18:26

867.   George Bush could have done something great, but he did not. Gen. 18:26

868.   Douglas MacArthur as the benevolent ruler of Japan. Gen. 18:26

869.   Bush believed that democracy is the key to a great and stable country. Gen. 18:26

870.   Why I enjoy working in Genesis. Gen. 18:26

871.   Confused believers and the Old Testament. Gen. 18:26

872.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Romans 13:1–10 Interlude. Gen. 18:26

873.   Paul explains our relationship to the nation in which we live. Gen. 18:26

874.   Martin Luther King, Jr. destroyed the Black church. Gen. 18:26

875.   The result of destroying the Black church. Gen. 18:26

876.   Paul did not protest against persecution by the Roman government. Gen. 18:26

877.   When the believer gets to disobey the state. Gen. 18:26

878.   The Arab Spring and destruction of Christian churches. Gen. 18:26

879.   Paul did not go from church to church to complain of Roman persecution. Gen. 18:26

880.   Coming across unjust laws does not give you the right to disobey these laws or to do things which are wrong. Gen. 18:26

881.   Resisting the authorities over you means you are resisting God. Gen. 18:26

882.   The limits we are under as believers, even in a democracy. Gen. 18:26

883.   The primary function of government. Gen. 18:26

884.   It is not up to the believer to fix and repair all social problems and all governmental problems. Gen. 18:26

885.   What the believer is allowed to do. Gen. 18:26

886.   How Black parents of the 1950's and 1960's warped their own children. Gen. 18:26

887.   Why political activism does not belong in the church. Gen. 18:26

888.   We should not obey the law simply out of fear of being caught. Gen. 18:26

889.   The false values of the 1960's; the anti-materialism, which meant you can destroy other peoples’ property. Gen. 18:26

890.   Paying taxes to a national entity. A government gets your tax dollars whether it is just or not. Gen. 18:26

891.   We are mandated to pay all of our taxes. Gen. 18:26

892.   Our booming economy and why no politician stopped it. Gen. 18:26

893.   Fiscal mismanagement of government. Gen. 18:26

894.   Our leaders’ cowardice is our fault, as we voted them into office. Gen. 18:26

895.   Explaining what it means to owe no man anything. Gen. 18:26

896.   The commandments and laws of God remain in effect, no matter what the federal or state governments decide. Gen. 18:26

897.   The drug laws; Colorado and Washington state. Gen. 18:26

898.   What it means to love your neighbor. Gen. 18:26

899.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Very Abbreviated Doctrine of a Client Nation. Gen. 18:26

900.   Reference to the Doctrine ot the Client Nation (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 18:26

901.   Why the Bible is a 1000+ page book. Gen. 18:26

902.   Individual responsibilities versus corporate responsibilities. Gen. 18:26

903.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The History of Client Nations from the 18th Century to the Present. Gen. 18:26

904.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Doctrine of the Pivot. Gen. 18:26

905.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Declaration of Independence. Gen. 18:26

906.   Paul’s prayer for the new pivot in Ephesus. Gen. 18:26

907.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Glossary of New Christian Terminology. Gen. 18:26

908.   A review of Abraham and Lot’s lives and interaction. Gen. 18:26

909.   Freedom and self-governance is not always the best thing for some people. Gen. 18:26

910.   Our founding fathers understood that having maximum freedom required personal morality. Gen. 18:26

911.   We misjudged the Arab Spring; and even those who knew there were problems, did not understand why. Gen. 18:26

912.   Muslims sometimes need an extremely tough leader to keep them in line. Gen. 18:26

913.   God’s power to protect His people then and now. Gen. 18:26

914.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Heathenism: What About the People Who Have Never Heard? Gen. 18:26

915.   Reference to the Doctrine of Heathenism (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 18:26

916.   The people of Sodom and Gomorrah and how they should have known right from wrong. Gen. 18:26

917.   How God reached out to this people using Abraham. Gen. 18:26

918.   Lot is an example of God’s grace. Gen. 18:26

919.   God judged Sodom, but let Salem live on for another 800 years and beyond. Gen. 18:26

920.   The stages of discipline and Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 18:26

921.   Contrasting Sodom and Salem. Gen. 18:26

922.   Why God asks some of the questions that He does. Gen. 18:26

923.   Applying what we learned about Sodom, Gomorrah and Salem and applying this to various countries today, like Germany and Japan; North and South Korea; Iraq and Afghanistan. Gen. 18:26

924.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Timeline of Lot Living in Sodom. Gen. 18:26

925.   Reference to the Abrahamic Timeline (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 18:26

926.   God teaching the angels. Gen. 18:26

927.   Why does God think He needs to be glorified? Gen. 18:26

928.   Reference to the Doctrine of the Angelic Conflict (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 18:26

929.   Why angels cannot simply co-exist with God. Gen. 18:26

930.   Our mistakes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gen. 18:26

931.   Abraham’s impersonal love toward his nephew Lot. Gen. 18:26

932.   A syntheton and a paronomasia. Gen. 18:27

933.   Abraham’s grace orientation before God. Gen. 18:27

934.   Guesses as to the size of Sodom. Gen. 18:28

935.   Abraham is not going to actually change God’s mind. Gen. 18:29

936.   Some of those in Lot’s family. Gen. 18:30

937.   New Orleans and the pivot of believers when Katrina hit. Gen. 18:31

938.   The key to the book of Job. Gen. 18:31

939.   God and the angels. Gen. 18:31

940.   The 1950's, the cold war, Russia, the bomb and Billy Graham. Gen. 18:31

941.   The number of people in Lot’s family and different ways to calculate that. Gen. 18:32

942.   Given Lot’s position in the city of Sodom and the years he has lived there, Abraham is expecting that he has had a positive impact on that area. Gen. 18:32

943.   God did not talk God down to only 10 people nor did Abraham change God’s mind about anything. Gen. 18:32

944.   A short history of Abraham and Lot and their mutual prosperity. Gen. 18:32

945.   This chapter is where the concept of a pivot has its roots. Gen. 18:32

946.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Seeds of Many Doctrines Found in Genesis 18. Gen. 18:32

947.   The spiritual decline of America summarized.

948.   Two reasons for degeneracy in America.

949.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What We Learn from Genesis 18. Gen. 18 Addendum

950.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 18 Addendum

951.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 18. Gen. 18 Addendum

952.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Complete Translation of Genesis 18. Gen. 18 Addendum

953.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from a Reasonably Literal Paraphrase of Genesis 18. Gen. 18 Addendum

954.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from Exegesis of Genesis 18. Gen. 18 Addendum

955.   Genesis 19 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

956.   Paragraph summary of Gen. 19. Gen. 19 Introduction

957.   Reference to Gen. 14 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and Gen. 18 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 19 Introduction

958.   Abraham bargaining with God. Gen. 19 Introduction

959.   Gen. 19 is a change of focus in the book of Genesis. Gen. 19 Introduction

960.   Lot is a righteous man. Gen. 19 Introduction

961.   Homosexuality is a sin of addiction and degeneracy. Gen. 19 Introduction

962.   How homosexuals deal with the Bible. Gen. 19 Introduction

963.   Temptation in life. Gen. 19 Introduction

964.   Corporate entities and God’s judgment of same. Gen. 19 Introduction

965.   Who wrote Gen. 19. Gen. 19 Introduction

966.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Prequel of Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Introduction

967.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Principals of Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Introduction

968.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abrahamic Timeline for Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Introduction

969.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Synopsis of Genesis 19 (by Clarke and by Poole). Gen. 19 Introduction

970.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matthew Henry's Alternative Outline. Gen. 19 Introduction

971.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Alternate Outline by Time. Gen. 19 Introduction

972.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Robby Dean's Introduction to Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Introduction

973.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Grace Before Judgment. Gen. 19 Introduction

974.   The progressive nature of sin. Gen. 19 Introduction

975.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God's Justice and God's Grace in Genesis. Gen. 19 Introduction

976.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Robby Dean's Doctrinal Introduction to Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Introduction

977.   Two problematic incidents in Gen. 19. Gen. 19 Introduction

978.   Even though Lot has believed in the Revealed Lord, this does not make his every action commendable. Gen. 19 Introduction

979.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Physical Nature of Angels. Gen. 19:1

980.   References back to Gen. 18. Gen. 19:1

981.   God and Abraham discussing the destruction of Sodom. Gen. 19:1

982.   Angels sent to do the works of God. Gen. 19:1

983.   What it means for Lot to sit at the gate of the city. Gen. 19:1

984.   Lot, his position at the gate; and his lack of livestock. Gen. 19:1

985.   Skepticism about the historicity of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Ebla Tablets. Gen. 19:1

986.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Christian and Politics. Gen. 19:1

987.   Lot’s one-man crusade. Gen. 19:1

988.   Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Parallels between Genesis 18 and Genesis 19. Gen. 19:1

989.   Lot’s personal strengths; his righteousness. Gen. 19:3

990.   Lot may be an alcoholic or consume a lot of alcohol. Gen. 19:3

991.   Drug and gang violence in Mexico. Gen. 19:3

992.   Stages of national discipline. Gen. 19:3

993.   Middle east cities where Christians are not allowed to live. Gen. 19:3

994.   Destruction of the laws of divine establishment; Islam. Gen. 19:3

995.   Men are men; even homosexual ones. Gen. 19:4

996.   Lot’s fortified house; the number of men surrounding his house. Gen. 19:4

997.   The number of partners that homosexuals have. Gen. 19:4

998.   Bisexual men. Gen. 19:4

999.   Love is in the soul; not in the body. Gen. 19:4

1000. Euphemism. Gen. 19:5

1001. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Men of Sodom Come to Lot's Home to Violate the Strangers (graphic). Gen. 19:5

1002. Potential homosexual rape is one of the most disturbing parts of prison. Gen. 19:5

1003. No difference between the Old Testament God and the New Testament God. Gen. 19:5

1004. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Few Points on Homosexuality. Gen. 19:5

1005. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Guzik on Homosexuality. Gen. 19:5

1006. The accumulation of scar tissue. Gen. 19:5

1007. The homosexuals gathered around Lot’s house cannot simply take “no” for an answer and hold an impromptu orgy. Gen. 19:5

1008. AIDS and homosexual relationships. Gen. 19:5

1009. Statistics and number of partners in homosexual relationships. Gen. 19:5

1010. Why gays are militant. Gen. 19:5

1011. The addiction and need to go outside of a group. Gen. 19:5

1012. Homosexual rape in prisons. Gen. 19:5

1013. When speaking about the people of Sodom, Jesus does not emphasize their sin but their lack of interest in God. Gen. 19:7

1014. In 2014, President Obama does not appear to realize that he cannot reason with Muslims or Putin. Gen. 19:7

1015. Lot offering his daughters; getting into Lot’s head. Gen. 19:8

1016. Metonymy and double metonymy. Gen. 19:8

1017. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query on, Why Did Lot Offer up his Daughters? Gen. 19:8

1018. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask: Was the sin of Sodom homosexuality or inhospitality? Gen. 19:8

1019. The homosexual movement, and judge not, lest you be judged. Gen. 19:9

1020. Judging people; judging sin. Gen. 19:9

1021. The strength of Lot’s door. Gen. 19:9

1022. The draw of Sodom. Gen. 19:9

1023. Guessing as to the number of homosexual rapes that had occurred. This is why Lot pressed the strangers to get them to stay with him. Gen. 19:9

1024. There is not enough of a pivot to save Sodom. Gen. 19:9

1025. The concept of grace before judgment. Gen. 19:9

1026. Reference to the Complete Doctrine of Homosexuality (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

1027. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abbreviated Doctrine of Homosexuality. Gen. 19:9

1028. Reference to the Doctrine of Eternal Security. Gen. 19:9

1029. Reference to a General Introduction to the Christian life (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 19:9

1030. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Symptoms. Gen. 19:9

1031. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Symptoms Part II. Gen. 19:9

1032. Will and Grace; Modern Family and the homosexual lifestyle. Gen. 19:9

1033. Uniqueness of father-son, mother-son relationships. Gen. 19:9

1034. 4 failures of the local church. Gen. 19:9

1035. R. B. Thieme, Jr. tapers group. Gen. 19:9

1036. 4th and 5th stages of national discipline; the imminent collapse of our nation. Gen. 19:9

1037. The key to saving our nation is evangelism and spiritual growth. Gen. 19:9

1038. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Robby Dean's Characteristics of Paganism. Gen. 19:9

1039. It is okay to have some political involvement. Gen. 19:9

1040. How the men outside of Lot’s house may have been blinded. Gen. 19:11

1041. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: How the Men outside of Lot's Door Might be Blinded. Gen. 19:11

1042. The spiritual application of being blinded. Gen. 19:11

1043. Despite being made blind, the men are still searching after the angels to rape them. Gen. 19:11

1044. Homosexual desires and AIDS. Gen. 19:11

1045. Politically active homosexuals often lie. Gen. 19:11

1046. Small percentage of homosexuals. Homosexual attraction is a continuum. Gen. 19:11

1047. Sexual attraction is not 100% a matter of birth. Gen. 19:11

1048. Propaganda and getting homosexual-friendly books into the classroom. Gen. 19:11

1049. Homosexual males desire new and different partners. Gen. 19:11

1050. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Blindness in the Bible. Gen. 19:11

1051. Angels are not omniscient. Gen. 19:12

1052. Counting heads of Lot’s family. Gen. 19:12

1053. Lot can bring anyone out of Sodom. Gen. 19:12

1054. Another head count. Gen. 19:12

1055. God is all-knowing; angels are not. Angels are highly intelligent, however. Gen. 19:12

1056. Palestinians seek to remove all Jews from their midst; Jews do not do this to Palestinians. Gen. 19:12

1057. The people around Lot’s house are too far gone. Gen. 19:13

1058. Illustrated with liberals who believe in socialism; they are too far gone. Gen. 19:13

1059. There was a possibility of redemption for King David, even though he had sunk deep into sexual lust. Gen. 19:13 Contrast that with Saul who was at the point of no return. Gen. 19:13

1060. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why does God want to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? Gen. 19:13

1061. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Angels, an addendum. Gen. 19:13

1062. Head count. Gen. 19:14

1063. Not everyone in Sodom was homosexual. Gen. 19:14

1064. Believers in a national entity have responsibilities. Believers with doctrine has responsibilities. Our blessed nation has responsibilities. Gen. 19:14

1065. People facing judgment often react with derision. Gen. 19:14

1066. Recognizing judgment in our day. Gen. 19:14

1067. Sodom is described in the New Testament as giving no thought to God or to judgment. Gen. 19:15

1068. Your soul is invisible; you cannot show it to anyone. Gen. 19:15

1069. The Church Age is different from the time of Genesis. Gen. 19:15

1070. The invisible Angelic Conflict. What is invisible is what is important. Gen. 19:15

1071. Reading trends; moving as per God’s will. Gen. 19:16

1072. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The 3 Categories of the Will of God. Gen. 19:16

1073. Reference to Gen. 12 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 19:16

1074. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Lot Fleeing Sodom (a Painting) by Benjamin West. Gen. 19:16

1075. It is no good for a state to sponsor sin. Gen. 19:16

1076. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The 4 Angelic Commands Made to Lot. Gen. 19:17

1077. Contrasting Abraham’s obedience to circumcision with Lot’s hesitation to do what the angels told him to do. Gen. 19:18

1078. There is no “we” in what Lot has to say. Gen. 19:19

1079. Lot’s lack of logic when it comes to finding a place to be safe. Gen. 19:19

1080. How different Abraham and Lot are. Gen. 19:19

1081. Our society is trying to reject God’s divine institutions. Gen. 19:19

1082. The pivot that preserves a geographical area is based upon proportion. Gen. 19:21

1083. Why God is delivering Lot and his family. Gen. 19:22

1084. Prayers are answered for mature believers because they are asking according to the plan of God. Gen. 19:22

1085. Our place in the plan of God is sitting in the stands watching the game or sacking the quarterback. Gen. 19:22

1086. Abraham was a shepherd; and yet we know more about him than any king of this era. Gen. 19:22

1087. As believers in the Church Age, our names can be among the names of the great believers of history. Gen. 19:22

1088. Rush Limbaugh “People want to matter.” Gen. 19:22

1089. Our participation in the plan of God. Gen. 19:22

1090. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask on, the Sun Rising in the Bible. Gen. 19:23

1091. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Lot and his daughters enter the town of Zoar; Art by John Martin. Gen. 19:23

1092. Several explanations as to the fire and brimstone judgment of Sodom. Gen. 19:24

1093. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, by John Martin, 1852. Gen. 19:24

1094. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Pulpit Commentary on the Southern Location of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 19:24

1095. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Dead Sea Asphalt Discharge (photo). Gen. 19:24

1096. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Dead Sea Map. Gen. 19:24

1097. The elements necessary for the sort of explosion described were present in large quantities near and around Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 19:24

1098. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Commentary on the Nature of the Judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 19:24

1099. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Keil and Delitzsch on the Possible Origins of the Dead Sea. Gen. 19:24

1100. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Dead Sea Scrolls. Gen. 19:24

1101. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The National Geographic on the Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Gen. 19:24

1102. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: CenturyOne Bookstores 25 Fascinating Facts on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Gen. 19:24

1103. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Leon Levy Dead Sea Scroll Discovery Sites. Gen. 19:24

1104. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Clarke on the Salt Sea and the Area of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 19:25

1105. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sodom and the Final 3 Stages of National Discipline. Gen. 19:25

1106. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Links to the 5 Cycles (Stages) of [National] Discipline. Gen. 19:25

1107. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Last House Standing (Photograph). Gen. 19:25

1108. God brings natural judgments on various geographical areas. Gen. 19:25

1109. Lot’s wife becoming a pillar of salt. Gen. 19:26

1110. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Coffman on "Remember Lot's Wife." Gen. 19:26

1111. A variety of commentary about how Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt. Gen. 19:26

1112. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query on Lot's Wife Becoming a Pillar of Salt. Gen. 19:26

1113. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Was God too Harsh with Lot's Wife? Gen. 19:26

1114. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Photograph of Mount Sodom and Lot's Wife. Gen. 19:26

1115. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Salt-Encrusted Pillars at the Dead Sea. Gen. 19:26

1116. Judgment will come to the middle east and to Africa. Gen. 19:26

1117. Once we have prayed, we need to leave it in the hands of God. Gen. 19:28

1118. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Maundrell's First-hand Description of the Salt Sea. Gen. 19:28

1119. Prayer and the desire behind the petition. Gen. 19:29

1120. Synecdoche. Ellipsis? Gen. 19:29

1121. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Few Points on Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 19:29

1122. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sodoma E Gomorra by Alessandro Bavaria. Gen. 19:29

1123. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sodom and Gomorrah Postscript. Gen. 19:29

1124. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Eschatological Vocabulary. Gen. 19:29

1125. Eschatology, in a nutshell. Gen. 19:29

1126. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sodom and Gomorrah in the New Testament. Gen. 19:29

1127. Luke 17:22–35. Gen. 19:29

1128. A New Testament example of the 1st and 2nd advents being taught together as if one advent. Gen. 19:29

1129. American debt ratio. Gen. 19:29

1130. Teachers protesting their salaries in Chicago. Gen. 19:29

1131. The 6th stage of national discipline. Gen. 19:29

1132. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Great spiritual works done in a city can turn that city around. Gen. 19:29

1133. Matt. 10:12–24. Gen. 19:29

1134. Peace in the Bible is often the peace established between God and man. Gen. 19:29

1135. Jesus on the judgment of Capernaum. Gen. 19:29

1136. Illustration of New Orleans judgment. Gen. 19:29

1137. Doctrinal teaching in Houston; economic boom in Houston. Gen. 19:29

1138. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sodom and Gomorrah are evidence of a future, eternal judgment. Gen. 19:29

1139. Jude 5–7. Gen. 19:29

1140. Lot is like Gen X; the Generation of Promise also mentioned. Gen. 19:29

1141. Reference to Gen. 6 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 19:29

1142. Our innate spirit tells us that evil will be judged. Gen. 19:29

1143. People are not simply burned up in the ultimate judgment by God. Gen. 19:29

1144. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God knows how to preserve the righteous and to level judgment on the wicked. Gen. 19:29

1145. 2Peter 2:4–13. Gen. 19:29

1146. The 3 reasons why God preserved Lot. Gen. 19:29

1147. Positional righteousness; experiential righteousness. Gen. 19:29

1148. Various lusts. Gen. 19:29

1149. Power lust and Mitt Romney. Gen. 19:29

1150. Intentional misrepresentations by political homosexuals. Gen. 19:29

1151. Marijuana decriminalization. Gen. 19:29

1152. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sodom is used to denote sexual deviance of the Beast in the end times. Gen. 19:29

1153. Rev. 11:3–10. Gen. 19:29

1154. Control of nature by Al Gore or Barack Obama. Gen. 19:29

1155. We do not have sign gifts in the post-canon Church Age. Gen. 19:29

1156. Billy Graham and the power of the Word of God. Gen. 19:29

1157. Muslims displaying dead bodies of Christian evangelists. Gen. 19:29

1158. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Offensive Nativity Scene (Cartoon). Gen. 19:29

1159. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament. Gen. 19:29

1160. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sodom and Gomorrah lay in ruins for the entire history of ancient Israel, as a warning to them of God’s judgment. Gen. 19:29

1161. Deut. 29:16–28. Gen. 19:29

1162. Old Testament idolatry; Church Age idolatry. Gen. 19:29

1163. There are churches today where homosexuality is excused or even celebrated. Gen. 19:29

1164. Different sins; different lusts. Gen. 19:29

1165. Josephus was a witness to the devastation of Sodom and Gomorrah 2000 years after the fact. Gen. 19:29

1166. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God judged Sodom; and He will judge His people if they engage in similar behavior. Gen. 19:29

1167. Deut. 32:20–43. Gen. 19:29

1168. The Bible is not anti-possession. Gen. 19:29

1169. You cannot base taxes on the rich young ruler. Gen. 19:29

1170. In the 1950's, both Democrats and Republicans were anti-communist. Gen. 19:29

1171. The generation of the 1960's. Gen. 19:29

1172. The U.S. teetering on disaster. Gen. 19:29

1173. What if the dollar was no longer the default currency. Gen. 19:29

1174. Only one man that we go through to get to God. Gen. 19:29

1175. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Brief History of Israel. Gen. 19:29

1176. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Chart of the Prophets. Gen. 19:29

1177. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Believers should recognize the power of the Lord. Gen. 19:29

1178. Psalm 107:1, 31–35. Gen. 19:29

1179. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Isaiah warns of the 5th stage of national discipline. Gen. 19:29

1180. Isa. 1:1–10. Gen. 19:29

1181. Rom. 9:6–15, 27–32. Gen. 19:29

1182. Sodom and Gomorrah have no posterity. Gen. 19:29

1183. Jesus is the stone of stumbling. Gen. 19:29

1184. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Israel will reap the evil of their own sin, as did Sodom. Gen. 19:29

1185. Isa. 3:8–10. Gen. 19:29

1186. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God will judge unbelieving Jews, both in time and eternity. God will judge Babylon. Gen. 19:29

1187. Isa, 3:9, 11, 13, 19–22. Gen. 19:29

1188. Babylon. Gen. 19:29

1189. Christianity is based upon historical events. Gen. 19:29

1190. Why there are 4 gospels. Gen. 19:29

1191. Other messianic figures from the 1st century. Gen. 19:29

1192. Will Durant’s testimony. Gen. 19:29

1193. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Jeremiah speak of the destruction of Babylon. Gen. 19:29

1194. Jer. 50:35–43. Gen. 19:29

1195. Wikipedia and Babylon. Gen. 19:29

1196. Reference to Josh McDowell and his book of fulfilled prophecies. Gen. 19:29

1197. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God gives those on negative volition and under discipline a second chance, and they still do not turn toward Him. Gen. 19:29

1198. Amos 4:1–12. Gen. 19:29

1199. 5 stages of national discipline in Amos. Gen. 19:29

1200. Raising a child; and age-appropriate teaching. Gen. 19:29

1201. Christian growth and vocabulary. Gen. 19:29

1202. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The people of the southern kingdom to become like Sodom and Gomorrah to God as had already happened to the northern kingdom. Gen. 19:29

1203. Jer. 23:9–17. Gen. 19:29

1204. These many lessons about Sodom and Gomorrah by the prophets would have meant very little if the hearers had not witnessed or known about Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 19:29

1205. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God, through Jeremiah, laments the future destruction of Judah. Gen. 19:29

1206. Lam. 4:6–8. Gen. 19:29

1207. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Ezekiel Hammers the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, Referencing Sodom. Gen. 19:29

1208. Ezek. 16:36–63. Gen. 19:29

1209. Modern-day child sacrifice. Gen. 19:29

1210. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Prophets use Sodom and Gomorrah to show that God will judge the nations. Gen. 19:29

1211. Zeph. 2:9–11. Gen. 19:29

1212. Prophecy and fulfillment of the judgment of Moab. Gen. 19:29

1213. Jer. 49:17–18. Gen. 19:29

1214. Prophecy and fulfillment of the judgment of Edom. Gen. 19:29

1215. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Prophets Speak of the Last Judgment. Gen. 19:29

1216. Change of fortune for Lot. Gen. 19:30

1217. Zoar. Gen. 19:30

1218. God destroys 4 cities for their sexual sins; Lot and daughters engage in incest. Gen. 19:30

1219. Correct and incorrect separation. Gen. 19:31

1220. Missionaries need to be squared away on the plan of God. Gen. 19:31

1221. Lot can parallel our spiritual lives. Gen. 19:31

1222. Lot’s daughters do not consider moving to Uncle Abraham’s. Gen. 19:31

1223. Why Lot’s daughters did not know better than incest. Gen. 19:31

1224. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Did Lot and Family Carry Containers of Wine out of Sodom? Gen. 19:32

1225. Some theologians act as apologists for Lot and his daughters. Gen. 19:32

1226. Keep quiet instead of speaking negatively about others. Gen. 19:32

1227. Rumor spread about me. Gen. 19:32

1228. These women understood enough about sex even without public education. Gen. 19:32

1229. Sex-ed purports to be a cure, but it is not. Gen. 19:32

1230. Original intent of schools. Gen. 19:32

1231. Lot’s daughters see themselves as being in a hopeless situation. Gen. 19:32

1232. Lot’s age compared to Abraham’s age. Gen. 19:33

1233. Lot is not involved in incestuous lust for his daughters. Gen. 19:33

1234. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Alcohol in Genesis (a graphic) Gen. 19:33

1235. Why a euphemism ought to be translated as a euphemism. Gen. 19:33

1236. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask, Does God Condone Incest? Gen. 19:33

1237. Motivation of Lot’s daughters. Gen. 19:34

1238. When people sin, they like to involve others. Gen. 19:34

1239. Lot may have drunk excessively at this time. Gen. 19:35

1240. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Lot and his daughters - a painting by Peter Paul Rubens. Gen. 19:35

1241. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Lot and His Daughters Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (a painting). Gen. 19:35

1242. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hendrick van Somer - Lot and his Daughters (a painting). Gen. 19:35

1243. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Orazio Gentileschi - Lot and His Daughters (a painting). Gen. 19:35

1244. What separates the sins of the people of Sodom and the sins of Lot’s daughters? Gen. 19:36

1245. The meaning of Moab. Gen. 19:37

1246. No shame for Lot’s older daughter. Gen. 19:37

1247. The change in norms and standards in the United States. Young people see homosexual rights as being the civil rights issue of their day. Gen. 19:37

1248. Gloss of v. 37. Gen. 19:37

1249. Reference to Gen. 11 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 19:37

1250. Reference to the Book of Ruth (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 19:37

1251. The Ammonites. Gen. 19:38

1252. Why the narrative of Lot and his daughters is found in the Bible. Gen. 19:38

1253. Reference to Doctrine of Moab and Ammon (HTML) (PDF). Gen. 19:38 Also mentioned in Judges 3:13 Psalm 83:6. Gen. 19:38

1254. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abbreviated Doctrine of Moab and Ammon. Gen. 19:38

1255. Lot’s daughters’ names are not found in the Bible. Gen. 19:38

1256. No reference to God in this section as well. Gen. 19:38

1257. Reference to Human Viewpoint versus Divine Viewpoint (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 19:38

1258. Reference to Blessing by Association (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 19:38

1259. Streets, neighborhoods and cities are blessed by the people living there. Gen. 19:38

1260. The greatness of America and the blind fools who want to change it. Gen. 19:38

1261. Wilful ignorance of those who want to change the United States. Gen. 19:38

1262. God takes terrible things in our life and works them for good. Gen. 19:38

1263. Why Lot’s daughters did not look up Abraham. Gen. 19:38

1264. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Significant Failures in the Plan of God. Gen. 19:38

1265. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Authorship of Genesis. Gen. 19:38

1266. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: False Theories About the Authorship of Genesis. Gen. 19:38

1267. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Who Wrote Genesis—from the Internet. Gen. 19:38

1268. Moses is said to write 4 books of the Pentateuch. Gen. 19:38

1269. Jesus quoting Genesis but not saying Moses is the author. Gen. 19:38

1270. Matt. 19:3–9. Gen. 19:38

1271. John 7:19–24. Gen. 19:38

1272. Circumcision of the fathers (not of Moses). Gen. 19:38

1273. Apostles speak of Moses as author of the Law. Gen. 19:38

1274. The intense personal nature of verses in the book of Genesis. Gen. 19:38

1275. The Exodus generation knew about God; and therefore had the book of Genesis. Gen. 19:38

1276. Reference to the Introduction of Genesis (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 19:38

1277. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Lot, an Addendum. Gen. 19 Addendum

1278. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Summary of the Life of Lot. Gen. 19 Addendum

1279. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God gives specific plots of land to Moab and Ammon. Gen. 19 Addendum

1280. Deut. 2:8b–9.

1281. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of Canaan, Moab and the Negeb. Gen. 19 Addendum

1282. Deut. 2:17–19.

1283. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God will destroy the enemies of Israel, even Moab and Ammon. Gen. 19 Addendum

1284. Psalm 83:1–

1285. Douglas MacArthur wanted Bibles and missionaries sent to Japan.

1286. Succeeding in Japan and Korea; failing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

1287. The key to prosperity in the United States.

1288. Satan’s strategy in the Angelic Conflict.

1289. The United States is on a collision course with Islam.

1290. The enemies of Israel have disappeared into history.

1291. Reference to Psalm 83 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

1292. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham and Lot—Compare and Contrast. Gen. 19 Addendum

1293. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Robby Dean's Cosmic System. Gen. 19 Addendum

1294. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why is Genesis 19 in the Word of God. Gen. 19 Addendum

1295. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What We Learn from Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Addendum

1296. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 19 Addendum

1297. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Addendum

1298. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Complete Translation of Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Addendum

1299. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from a Reasonably Literal Paraphrase of Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Addendum

1300. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from Exegesis of Genesis 19. Gen. 19 Addendum

1301. Genesis 20 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

1302. Gen. 20 is a deceptive little chapter filled with spiritual information. Gen. 20 preface

1303. Grace fundamental to Gen. 20. Gen. 20 preface Gen. 20 Introduction

1304. A general time frame for this chapter. Gen. 20 Introduction

1305. Gen. 20 is placed where it is as a testament to God’s grace. Gen. 20 Introduction

1306. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Parallels between Genesis 19 and Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Introduction

1307. The Jews and chronology. Gen. 20 Introduction

1308. Reference to Philistines and to Gen. 21 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 20 Introduction

1309. Liberals often think that similar stories come from the same incident which is repeated. Gen. 20 Introduction

1310. The concept of parables in the Old Testament. Gen. 20 Introduction

1311. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Prequel of Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Introduction

1312. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Principals of Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Introduction

1313. Reference to the Abrahamic Timeline (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and the Patriarchal Timeline (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 20 Introduction

1314. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abrahamic Timeline for Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Introduction

1315. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Synopsis of Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Introduction

1316. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matthew Henry's Outline for Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Introduction

1317. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hajime Murai Organizes Genesis 20:1–18. Gen. 20 Introduction

1318. Gen. 20 one of the oddest chapters in the Bible. Gen. 20 Introduction

1319. Coffman on the two accounts of Gen. 12 and 20 are not the same. Gen. 20 Introduction

1320. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Negev; a Graphic and Explanation. Gen. 20:1

1321. Abraham does not know that Lot is alive. Gen. 20:1

1322. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A map of Abraham's journeys. Gen. 20:1

1323. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of Gerar, Shur and Kedesh-barnea. Gen. 20:1

1324. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Kedesh of Judah (a.k.a. Kadesh or Kadesh-barnea). Gen. 20:1

1325. Gerar. Gen. 20:1

1326. Shur desert area. Gen. 20:1

1327. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of Gerar and Beersheba. Gen. 20:1

1328. Abraham’s move time. Gen. 20:1

1329. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of Shur, the Negev and Gerar. Gen. 20:1

1330. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map 12: of the Arabah, Negeb, Wildernesses of Zin and Paran. Gen. 20:1

1331. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Speculation: Why did Abraham move? Gen. 20:1

1332. Sarah’s attractiveness. Her age quantified. Gen. 20:2

1333. When Abimelech takes Sarah, this could call into question the paternity of Isaac. Gen. 20:2

1334. Why Abraham might have lacked trust in God at this time. Gen. 20:2

1335. Gen. 20 provides striking proof of the inspiration of the Scriptures. Gen. 20:2

1336. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: So Abimelech king of Gerar sent and took Sarah (a painting). Gen. 20:2

1337. Abimelech may view his marriage to Abraham’s sister as a blessing to Abraham. Gen. 20:2

1338. No moral laws then against polygamy or against marrying one’s half-sister. Gen. 20:2

1339. Morally, adultery was known to be wrong. Gen. 20:2

1340. Suzanne Summers. Gen. 20:2

1341. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Summarizing logical points of speculation from Genesis 20:2. Gen. 20:2

1342. Hypocrisy in Christians. Gen. 20:2

1343. God keeps His Word, even when we are unfaithful. Gen. 20:2

1344. Goettsche on grace. Gen. 20:2

1345. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Alan Carr: Sin Cannot Derail God's Plan. Gen. 20:2

1346. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The 20 Dreams of Scripture. Gen. 20:3

1347. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query on, Why didn't Abimelech die? Gen. 20:3

1348. Why Abimelech is a believer (in two points). Gen. 20:3

1349. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Doctrine of The Sin Unto Death. Gen. 20:3

1350. There are clearly believers out in the world besides Abraham. Melchizedek for instance. Gen. 20:3

1351. The patriarchs of the flood are still alive. Gen. 20:3

1352. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: How Shem's Lifetime Overlapped Abraham's Lifetime. Gen. 20:3

1353. Governments do not come out better in the end by taxing sin. Gen. 20:3

1354. In Ex. 6:3, God says: “I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name the LORD I did not make myself fully known to them.” Gen. 20:4

1355. Reference to the Laws of Divine Establishment (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 20:4

1356. If Melchizedek was a believer and a priest, then clearly, there were believers all over the land of Canaan. Gen. 20:4

1357. Reference to the Doctrine of Heathenism (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 20:4

1358. When Abraham moved his family to the west, he had intended for all of them to go to Canaan, as instructed by God. However, since he brought so many along, they all stopped in Haran. Gen. 20:4

1359. Abimelech innocent by the standards of that day; and there was no Law of God. Gen. 20:5

1360. Examples of insider trading done by members of Congress; yet the law went after Martha Stewart. Gen. 20:5

1361. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Poetic Nature of Abimelech's Words. Gen. 20:5

1362. Evangelism in the ancient world. Gen. 20:6

1363. Abraham, Sarah and Hagar all living under the same roof; 13 years God set Abraham aside. Gen. 20:6

1364. The time frame for Gen. 20 explained. Gen. 20:6

1365. Nothing is done apart from divine permission. Gen. 20:6

1366. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Examples of God's protective, overruling will. Gen. 20:6

1367. Concept of a prophet. Gen. 20:7

1368. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Commentators on the Use of the word "Prophet" in Genesis 20:7. Gen. 20:7

1369. Abraham as a type of Christ. Gen. 20:7

1370. God’s easy way or hard way. Gen. 20:7

1371. Jesus intercedes for us. Gen. 20:7

1372. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Parallels Between the Coming Savior and Abraham in Genesis 20. Gen. 20:7

1373. Jesus our Mediator and Intercessor. Gen. 20:7

1374. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Little Prince Meets the King. Gen. 20:8

1375. Abimelech and his staff all fear God. Gen. 20:8

1376. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Had Abimelech believed in the Revealed God? Gen. 20:8

1377. The seed of Abraham versus the seed of Canaan. Gen. 20:8

1378. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abimelech Rebukes Abraham (Graphic). Gen. 20:9

1379. Abimelech has a clear concept of morality; right and wrong. Gen. 20:9

1380. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Whedon Notes the Poetic Nature of Abimelech's Words. Gen. 20:9

1381. What were you thinking? Gen. 20:10

1382. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What is fundamental to a good nation? Gen. 20:10

1383. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What is not fundamental to a good nation? Gen. 20:10

1384. Reference to the Doctrine of Revolution (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 20:10

1385. Reference to the Fear of the Lord (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 20:11

1386. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abbreviated Doctrine of Fear of the Lord. Gen. 20:11

1387. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Did Abraham believe the people of Gerar to be like the Sodomites? Gen. 20:11

1388. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Speculation about Abraham and his lying to the King of Gerar. Gen. 20:11

1389. Trivializing God. Gen. 20:11

1390. Noah as the uncorrupted line. Gen. 20:11

1391. Our privilege as believers in the Church Age. Gen. 20:11

1392. Reference to Abraham’s spiritual life (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and the Spiritual Life of the Believer in the Church Age (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 20:11

1393. You cannot marry your half-sister under the Law of Moses. Gen. 20:12

1394. Moses’ half-truth was a lie. Half-truths which are lies. Gen. 20:12

1395. Elohim and the singular/plural verb. Passages. Gen. 20:13

1396. Why Abraham might be using the plural verb with Elohim. Gen. 20:13

1397. Abraham blaming others. Gen. 20:13

1398. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Coffman on Abraham's four-fold excuse. Gen. 20:13

1399. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Goettsche on How we should view our confessed sins. Gen. 20:13

1400. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Goettsche on, Know your weaknesses and avoid them. Gen. 20:13

1401. Elohim and the plural verb. Gen. 20:13

1402. Abraham does not admit his sin to Abimelech nor does he confess it to God. Gen. 20:13

1403. The large number of people traveling with Abraham and Sarah. Gen. 20:14

1404. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham receives Sarah from King Abimelech, a painting by Nicolaes Berchem. Gen. 20:14

1405. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Christians Ask— "Why did God let Abraham prosper by lying?" Gen. 20:14

1406. Abimelech understands that keeping Abraham close would be a good thing. Gen. 20:15

1407. Abimelech and Abraham; the men of Sodom and Lot. Gen. 20:15

1408. The value of 1000 silver coins. Gen. 20:16

1409. “A covering for the eyes” discussed. Gen. 20:16

1410. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Commentators Explain Genesis 20:16. Gen. 20:16

1411. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Summarizing the Meaning of Genesis 20:16. Gen. 20:16

1412. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What Abimelech gives to Abraham. Gen. 20:16

1413. With great blessings comes great responsibility. Gen. 20:16

1414. The time frame of Gen. 20. Gen. 20:17

1415. Closing the wombs in Abimelech’s palace. Gen. 20:17

1416. Our participation in God’s plan can grind to a halt. Gen. 20:17

1417. Examples of intercessory prayer. Gen. 20:17

1418. Illustration of a quarterback and his linemen. Gen. 20:18

1419. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Keeping the dream alive: Abraham and Sarah (Painted by Lars Justine). Gen. 20:18

1420. Time frame of Gen. 20. Gen. 20:18

1421. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Comparing Genesis 12 to Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Addendum

1422. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What We Learn from Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Addendum

1423. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why is Genesis 20 in the Word of God. Gen. 20 Addendum

1424. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 20 Addendum

1425. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Addendum

1426. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Testing of Abraham. Gen. 20 Addendum

1427. Robbie Dean looks at Abraham’s life as a series of tests. 15 tests from Gen. 12 to 22. Gen. 20 Addendum

1428. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Gen. 1–22 Genesis a retrospective. Gen. 20 Addendum

1429. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Jesus Christ in Genesis 1–22. Gen. 20 Addendum

1430. References to Gen. 1 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 2 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 3 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 4 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 5 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 6 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 7 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 8 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen.11 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 12 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 13 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 14 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 15 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 17 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 19 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 20 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 21 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) Gen. 22 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 20 Addendum

1431. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Complete Translation of Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Addendum

1432. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from a Reasonably Literal Paraphrase of Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Addendum

1433. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from Exegesis of Genesis 20. Gen. 20 Addendum

1434. Genesis 21 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

1435. Reference to Gen. 20 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21 Preface.

1436. The time between the last prophecy of God and Isaac’s birth. Gen. 21 Preface.

1437. Gen. 21 subheadings. Gen. 21 Preface. Gen. 21 Introduction

1438. The impact of men on human history. Gen. 21 Introduction

1439. The importance of Abimelech. Gen. 21 Introduction

1440. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Prequel of Genesis 21. Gen. 21 Introduction

1441. Reference to Genesis 16 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21 Introduction

1442. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Principals of Genesis 21. Gen. 21 Introduction

1443. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Patriarchal Timeline for Genesis 21. Gen. 21 Introduction

1444. References to the Abrahamic Timeline (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and the Patriarchal Timeline (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21 Introduction

1445. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Synopsis of Genesis 21 by Matthew Poole. Gen. 21 Introduction

1446. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matthew Henry's Alternate Outline. Gen. 21 Introduction

1447. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: David Hocking's Alliterative Outline of Genesis 21. Gen. 21 Introduction

1448. Cole on God’s faithfulness in the ordinary. Gen. 21 Introduction

1449. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hajime Murai Organizes Genesis 21:1–8. Gen. 21:1

1450. What has happened between God’s promises of the birth of Isaac and the birth of Isaac. Gen. 21:1

1451. The meaning of pâqad, which means to visit. Gen. 21:1

1452. The meaning of circumcision. Gen. 21:1

1453. Reference to circumcision (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:1

1454. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query on, Did God Impregnate Sarah? Gen. 21:1

1455. The emphasis upon Sarah and how this relates to the virgin Mary. Gen. 21:1

1456. Type and antitype. Gen. 21:1

1457. Let’s assume that Matthew and Luke wrote their gospels with Genesis in mind. This would lead to what set of conclusions? Gen. 21:1

1458. Modernizing a quote of John Trapp and using Obama. Gen. 21:1

1459. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sarah gives birth to Isaac (graphic). Gen. 21:2

1460. The Bible is never confused about the natural birth process. Gen. 21:2

1461. Pink on the birth of Isaac. Gen. 21:2

1462. A meeting between the preincarnate Christ and Abraham is not recorded at the birth of Isaac. Gen. 21:2

1463. First two verses emphasize the fulfillment of God’s Word. Gen. 21:2

1464. Pink on the necessity of the new birth of man. Gen. 21:2

1465. Grand themes of Scripture. Gen. 21:2

1466. McGee: out of death, God brings life. Gen. 21:2

1467. Isaac’s name and its meaning. Gen. 21:3

1468. The meaning of circumcision. Gen. 21:4

1469. References to the Doctrine of Circumcision (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and to Circumcision and Regeneration (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:4

1470. Circumcision represents the new birth. Gen. 21:4

1471. Abraham’s strong faith in the New Testament. Gen. 21:5

1472. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Genesis 17:16–17 (a graphic). Gen. 21:6

1473. Sarah and laughter. Gen. 21:7

1474. How long Abraham and Sarah will live. Gen. 21:7

1475. Online posting for the Parallels Between the Birth of Isaac and the Birth of Jesus (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:7

1476. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Parallels Between the Birth of Isaac and the Birth of Jesus. Gen. 21:7

1477. Logical choices when it comes to the Bible, types and antitypes. Gen. 21:7

1478. Logical choices when it comes to the person of Jesus Christ. Gen. 21:7

1479. Quotations front-loaded in my documents. Gen. 21:7

1480. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: T. H. Leale Sums up the Parallels of the Births of Isaac and Jesus. Gen. 21:7

1481. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Ray Pritchard on, What Abraham learned from the birth of Isaac. Gen. 21:7

1482. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Isaac's Birth in the New Testament. Gen. 21:7

1483. Rom. 4:13. Gen. 21:7

1484. Reference to the Doctrine of Legalism (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:7

1485. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abbreviated Doctrine of Legalism. Gen. 21:7

1486. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Isaac’s birth in the New Testament continued. Gen. 21:7

1487. Paul quotes nearly 100 separate Old Testament verses. Gen. 21:7

1488. Two portions of Church Age. Gen. 21:7

1489. New Testament Scripture writers. Gen. 21:7

1490. Paul’s recognized authority. Gen. 21:7

1491. Eph. 3:1–7. Gen. 21:7

1492. Rom. 4:13–16. Gen. 21:7

1493. The Mosaic Law; keeping the Law. Gen. 21:7

1494. Highly politicized science. Gen. 21:7

1495. Rom. 4:16–24. Gen. 21:7

1496. Is God the greatest egotist? Why does He require us to glorify Him? Gen. 21:7

1497. The sphere of faith and the sphere of the Law. Gen. 21:7

1498. Heb. 11:11–12. Gen. 21:7

1499. Hyperbole. Gen. 21:7

1500. JEPD theory. Gen. 21:7

1501. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Reasons Why We Can Believe the Bible is the Word of God. Gen. 21:7

1502. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hajime Murai Organizes Genesis 21:8–21. Gen. 21:8

1503. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: And the child grew and was weaned (a graphic). Gen. 21:8

1504. The arc of a man’s life. Gen. 21:8

1505. Reference to Gen. 16 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:9

1506. Ishmael’s laughter. Gen. 21:9

1507. Genesis 21:9c Text from the Greek Septuagint. Gen. 21:9

1508. Abraham’s history with Hagar; her 401k account. Gen. 21:9

1509. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Laughing with Isaac. Gen. 21:9

1510. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hagar and Ishmael Banished by Abraham Verhaghen (1728-1811) (graphic). Gen. 21:10

1511. Inheritance is key to the riff between Isaac and Ishmael. Gen. 21:10

1512. When you hear something, you need to determine its rightness or wrongness apart from the source. Gen. 21:10

1513. Jews are enslaved to the law and it can do nothing but condemn them. Gen. 21:10

1514. What is the Mosaic Law; what is its purpose? Gen. 21:10

1515. Killing fetuses; problem with the theological argument which favors that. Gen. 21:10

1516. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Is Sarah being too harsh with Hagar and Ishmael? Gen. 21:10

1517. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Interlude: the Son of the Free Woman versus the Son of the Slave Woman. Gen. 21:10 Gen. 21:10

1518. Gal. 4:21–31. Gen. 21:10

1519. Reference to the doctrine of legalism (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:10

1520. Reference to A Brief History of Israel (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:10

1521. Reference to the doctrine of legalism (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:10

1522. Reference to The Spiritual Life in the Church Age (HTML) (PDF) and The Basic Mechanics of the Christian Life (aka, The Christian Life for Dummies) (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:10

1523. Circumcision. Gen. 21:10

1524. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Summary of Galatians 4:21–31. Gen. 21:10

1525. Stuff that will not get God’s attention. Gen. 21:10

1526. Ishmael and Isaac are illustrative and real. Gen. 21:11

1527. Difficult for slaves to act in their own self interest. Gen. 21:11

1528. Slavery to the massive welfare system in the United States. Gen. 21:11

1529. This is often the favorite verse of women named Sarah. Gen. 21:12

1530. Bullinger on the seed. Gen. 21:12

1531. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God gives reasons why Abraham should listen to Sarah. Gen. 21:13

1532. Reference to blessing by association (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:13

1533. Blessing by association; illustration of R. B. Thieme, Jr. and large corporation. Gen. 21:13

1534. Lot never chose to return to Abraham. Gen. 21:13

1535. There is a time for a family to cut lose their son or daughter. Gen. 21:13

1536. Gen. 21:14 is a good starter verse to translate from Hebrew to English. Gen. 21:14

1537. Why doesn’t Abraham load an ass with more supplies? Gen. 21:14

1538. Huge step for Ishmael and Hagar. Gen. 21:14

1539. Many customs and scenarios found in Genesis have roots in the code of Hammurabi. Gen. 21:14

1540. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query on, was Abraham right to send Hagar away? Gen. 21:14

1541. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Justification of Abraham, by the Preacher's Complete Homiletical Commentary. Gen. 21:14

1542. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query on, isn't Ishmael the firstborn son? Gen. 21:14

1543. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hagar and Ishmael in the Desert by Jean-Charles Cazin (graphic). Gen. 21:14

1544. Why didn’t Abraham provide more supplies. A partial explanation is found in the Hebrew. Gen. 21:14

1545. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Dismissal of Hagar by Dutch painter Adriaen van der Werff. Gen. 21:14

1546. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Was Abraham remiss in the supplies he gave Hagar and Ishmael? Gen. 21:14

1547. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God Provides (graphic). Gen. 21:15

1548. Ishmael gave most of the water to his mother. Gen. 21:15

1549. Despite the promises of God, Hagar appears to have given up. Gen. 21:15

1550. Coming out of slavery, Hagar and Ishmael cannot take care of themselves. Gen. 21:15

1551. Thrusting people of America into the wild; they could not survive either. Gen. 21:15

1552. How welfare enslaves. Gen. 21:15

1553. Imperfect verbs and wâw consecutives. Gen. 21:16

1554. The distance of a bowshot. Gen. 21:16

1555. The description of a bowshot is probably related to her seeing Ishmael’s bow. Gen. 21:16

1556. Hagar does not pray to God; she talks to herself. Gen. 21:16

1557. How this narrative finds its way into the Word of God. Gen. 21:16

1558. Hagar provides the point of view for this narrative. Gen. 21:16

1559. The Greek incorrectly has Ishmael as crying out. Gen. 21:16

1560. Ishmael’s silent voice is heard by God. Gen. 21:17

1561. Ishmael’s name is not found in Gen. 21; but it is found hidden in this narrative. God’s odd sense of humor. Gen. 21:17

1562. Reference to the Doctrine of the Angel of Jehovah (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:17      

1563. God’s encounters with man often begins with God asking a question. Gen. 21:17

1564. The Angel of Jehovah and the Angel of God in Hagar’s life. Gen. 21:17

1565. Ishmael previously had an idyllic existence. Gen. 21:17

1566. God is repeating Bible doctrine to Hagar when saving her and Ishmael. Gen. 21:18

1567. Some genealogies confirm the promises of God. Gen. 21:18

1568. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hagar's Extremity (a graphic). Gen. 21:19

1569. If we are faithless, God remains faithful. Gen. 21:19

1570. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hagar and Ishmael painted by Carl Bauerle and engraved by W. Roffe. Gen. 21:19

1571. Seeing the well is analogous to the gospel. Gen. 21:19

1572. Hearing and singing hymns at school and never knowing what they meant. Gen. 21:19

1573. Ishmael allowed his mother to drink most of the water, but was otherwise worthless. Gen. 21:20

1574. Ishmael needed a marketable skill. Gen. 21:20

1575. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Gill, on the Legacy of the Bow in the Line of Ishmael. Gen. 21:20

1576. Paran. Gen. 21:21

1577. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of the Wilderness of Paran. Gen. 21:21

1578. Adrichomius describes Paran (from the 1500's). Gen. 21:21

1579. What was involved to find Ishmael a wife. Gen. 21:21

1580. Parents choosing marriage partners for their children. Gen. 21:21

1581. God did not provide them food; work is fundamental to life. Gen. 21:21

1582. God killed off Gen X after continually providing for them. Gen. 21:21

1583. Man is designed to work; not to sit around and get a check from the government. Gen. 21:21

1584. God did not design us to retire. Gen. 21:21

1585. Setting the stage of Abraham and Abimelech’s meeting. Gen. 21:22

1586. Dating this meeting. Gen. 21:22

1587. The timing of the events in this chapter. Gen. 21:22

1588. Reference to Genesis 20 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:22

1589. The nature of the agreement between Abraham and Abimelech. Gen. 21:22

1590. Abimelech had positive volition toward the God of Abraham; Lot did not. Gen. 21:22

1591. No believer lives up to Jesus Christ. Gen. 21:23

1592. Reference to Blessing by association (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 21:23

1593. Importance of having a well. Gen. 21:25

1594. The abundance of water in the United States. Gen. 21:25

1595. Abimelech’s stilted speaking.

1596. The dispute between Abraham and Phicol’s soldiers. Gen. 21:26

1597. Explaining contracts between peoples; using the example of rental contracts. Gen. 21:27

1598. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abimelech and Abraham discuss the problem with the wells (a graphic). Gen. 21:27

1599. Abimelech is not worried about Abraham’s increasing size and power. Gen. 21:27

1600. The 7 ewe lamb custom is not repeated elsewhere in the Bible. Gen. 21:28

1601. Why the ewe lambs. Gen. 21:29

1602. How long sheep live. Gen. 21:30

1603. Why the ewe lambs. Gen. 21:30

1604. No explanation about what this narrative means. Gen. 21:30

1605. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Meaning of the Ewe-Lamb Narrative. Gen. 21:30

1606. The ministry of Jesus Christ and the change in this ministry. Gen. 21:30

1607. The meaning of Beersheba. Gen. 21:31

1608. The well of Hagar was probably not dug by Abraham. Gen. 21:31

1609. The meaning of Beersheba. Gen. 21:31

1610. Description of a well and the difficulty in digging a well. Gen. 21:31

1611. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Review of Gen. 21:22–31. Gen. 21:31

1612. Tying the narratives of Gen. 21 together. Gen. 21:31

1613. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Parallels from Genesis 21–22 to the Ministry of our Lord. Gen. 21:31

1614. Abraham did not need to track down Abimelech over an injustice about the wells. Gen. 21:32

1615. The pattern which is set by the Abraham/Abimelech narrative. Gen. 21:32

1616. The controversy of Philistines in the land. Gen. 21:32

1617. People are sometimes named according to the land where they live. Gen. 21:32

1618. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask, on the Philistines in Palestine in the era of Abraham. Gen. 21:32

1619. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Peter Pett on the Philistines. Gen. 21:32

1620. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Genesis 21:33 (graphic). Gen. 21:33

1621. Tree or groves planted by Abraham. Gen. 21:33

1622. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Dr. Shuckford on, Calling on the Name of the Lord. Gen. 21:33

1623. Clarke on the Everlasting God. Gen. 21:33

1624. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Scofield on, the Everlasting God. Gen. 21:33

1625. What it means for Abraham to call out the name of God. Abraham is proclaiming the name (character, essence) of God. Gen. 21:33

1626. The oasis of Abraham. Gen. 21:33

1627. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What Abraham is doing in Bathsheba on the outskirts of Gerar. Gen. 21:33

1628. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Various Commentators on Abraham's Life in Beersheba. Gen. 21:33

1629. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Clarke's final points on Genesis 21:33. Gen. 21:33

1630. Abimelech’s relationship with Abraham helps to explain David and his protection of Abigail’s husband. Gen. 21:34

1631. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Gentile Salvation in the Old Testament. Gen. 21:34

1632. This set up was beneficial to Abraham; and to his ministry. Gen. 21:34

1633. Looking at this chapter as a whole and comparing it to the ministry of Jesus Christ. Gen. 21 Addendum

1634. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Parallel Lives of Ishmael and Abraham. Gen. 21 Addendum

1635. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why Genesis 21 is in the Word of God. Gen. 21 Addendum

1636. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What We Learn from Genesis 21. Gen. 21 Addendum

1637. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 21 Addendum

1638. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 21. Gen. 21 Addendum

1639. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Complete Translation of Genesis 21. Gen. 21 Addendum

1640. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from a Reasonably Literal Paraphrase of Genesis 21. Gen. 21 Addendum

1641. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from Exegesis of Genesis 21. Gen. 21 Addendum

1642. The Doctrine of Edom—this needs to be looked at again. Alluded to in Psalm 83:6. Gen. 21:21 is the wrong place for this doctrine. It has been done, but only half of it is found in Gen. 36.

1643. The Doctrine of Beer-sheba (Beersheba)—not finished yet!! This needs to be placed in Gen. 21:33


1645. Genesis 22 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

1646. Format change: verses and links grayed in; translations now include Catholic and expanded categories.

1647. Quotations; preface.

1648. The means of salvation and the cross are not perspicuous in the Old Testament. Gen. 22 Introduction

1649. Satan, with all of his brilliance, was unaware of the cross. Gen. 22 Introduction

1650. Gen. 22 is a type. Gen. 22 Introduction

1651. Progressive revelation. Gen. 22 Introduction

1652. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Grace Apparatus for Perception. Gen. 22 Introduction

1653. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Rembrandt's the Sacrifice of Isaac. Gen. 22 Introduction

1654. Reference to the Angelic Conflict (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22 Introduction

1655. Reference to the Importance of Bible Doctrine (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22 Introduction

1656. The crucifixion is the central event of human history. Gen. 22 Introduction

1657. Abraham offering Isaac was seen for 2000 years as simply a great act of obedience. Gen. 22 Introduction

1658. Progressive revelation. Gen. 22 Introduction

1659. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Prequel of Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Introduction

1660. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Principals of Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Introduction

1661. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Places of Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Introduction

1662. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Patriarchal Timeline for Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Introduction

1663. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Clarke's Synopsis of Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Introduction

1664. Coffman on the theme of Genesis. Gen. 22 Introduction

1665. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matthew Henry's Alternate Outline. Gen. 22 Introduction

1666. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Lawlor: Genesis 22 Reads like a Two-Act Play. Gen. 22 Introduction

1667. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: David Cox's Alliterative Division of the First Section. Gen. 22 Introduction

1668. Atheists do not like the story about Abraham and Isaac. Gen. 22 Introduction

1669. Reference to Parallels between the Birth of Isaac and the Birth of our Lord (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22 Introduction

1670. Dake and typology and how recent this approach is. Gen. 22 Introduction

1671. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query on, God Tempting Abraham. Gen. 22:1

1672. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Robbie Dean on God Testing Abraham. Gen. 22:1

1673. God testing us, even after the Bible is completed. Gen. 22:1

1674. Chuck Smith on things holding up under pressure. Gen. 22:1

1675. Abraham probably recorded each and every meeting with God. Gen. 22:1

1676. When Abraham is speaking to God, which Member of the Trinity is it? Gen. 22:1

1677. Angels and their appearance. Gen. 22:1

1678. Legalism is the enemy of Christianity. Gen. 22:1

1679. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask, How is Isaac Abraham's only son? Gen. 22:2

1680. Abraham’s age at this time. Gen. 22:2

1681. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Trinity in the Old Testament (the Abbreviated Version). Gen. 22:2

1682. Reference to the Doctrine of the Trinity in the Old Testament (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:2

1683. When I believed in Jesus Christ, I did not know about or understand the resurrection. Gen. 22:2

1684. Reference to the doctrine of Melchizedek (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:2

1685. Reference to Gen. 3 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:2

1686. The physical distance of this trip. Gen. 22:2

1687. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Maps of the Land of Moriah. Gen. 22:2

1688. McGee on Moriah. Gen. 22:2

1689. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: ISBE and Smith on the Land of Moriah. Gen. 22:2

1690. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Jerusalem from a distance (photo). Gen. 22:2

1691. Argument that this cannot be the Moriah near Jerusalem. Gen. 22:2

1692. Why isn’t Moriah specified here as Golgotha? Gen. 22:2

1693. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Sacrifices of Abraham Required by God. Gen. 22:2

1694. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Scofield on the Four Crises of Abraham. Gen. 22:2

1695. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask, How can God ask Abraham to sacrifice his own son? Gen. 22:2

1696. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query on, Did Abraham Offer Up Ishmael and not Isaac? Gen. 22:2

1697. McGee and the sacrifice of Isaac. Gen. 22:2

1698. The location of Moriah. Gen. 22:2

1699. Why Scripture does not make a big deal out of Mount Moriah being Golgotha. Gen. 22:2

1700. Angels and the beginning of their existence and their relationship to God at that time. Gen. 22:2

1701. Satan did not realize that the cross was coming. Gen. 22:2

1702. Human history is a great morality play for angels. Gen. 22:2

1703. Foreshadowing in the movies that we watch. Gen. 22:2

1704. The Old Testament was written hundreds of years before the New. Gen. 22:2

1705. Abraham contrasted with Lot. Gen. 22:3

1706. The importance of this chapter is not some maturity peak that Abraham has reached, but his impact, which will continue for centuries. Gen. 22:3

1707. Why Abraham was traveling with wood for the sacrifice. Gen. 22:3

1708. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Clarke (and Ainsworth) "On the third day...". Gen. 22:4

1709. The contradictory things in Abraham’s mind concerning offering his son. Gen. 22:5

1710. What the wood, fire and knife all represent. Gen. 22:6

1711. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham and Isaac Walking Toward the Mountain; a graphic by Jim Padgett. Gen. 22:6

1712. How the wood, knife and fire are symbolic and who is carrying each. Gen. 22:6

1713. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Child Sacrifice. Gen. 22:6

1714. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham and Child Sacrifice. Gen. 22:6

1715. Estimations of Isaac’s age. Gen. 22:6

1716. Reference to the blood of Christ. Gen. 22:6

1717. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham and Isaac Ascending the Mountain (a graphic). Gen. 22:6

1718. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hineni (graphic). Gen. 22:7

1719. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham and Isaac (Illustration by Robert Crumb). Gen. 22:7

1720. It is natural that the boy would ask what about a lamb? Gen. 22:7

1721. The mistaken way v. 8 is translated. Gen. 22:8

1722. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Lord Will Provide (a graphic). Gen. 22:8

1723. People did not know what would happen in the 1st advent. Gen. 22:8

1724. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Explain: "My son, God will look to Himself, the lamb for a burnt offering.". Gen. 22:8

1725. How Abraham knows where to go. Gen. 22:9

1726. God’s plan is explicit and specific. Gen. 22:9

1727. Believers today do not operated under a protocol plan. Gen. 22:9

1728. Hosea 4:6. Gen. 22:9

1729. Reference to the American Heritage Special (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:9

1730. Christians using everything today except the Bible. Gen. 22:9

1731. The ages of Abraham and Isaac. Gen. 22:9

1732. Abraham’s faith is in the Word of God. Gen. 22:9

1733. The change of society toward homosexuality. The influence of television. Ways in which homosexuality is not portrayed on television. Gen. 22:9

1734. President Obama’s changing position on homosexuality. Gen. 22:9

1735. The changing and transitory norms of society. Gen. 22:9

1736. Isaac’s age. Gen. 22:9

1737. How angels know who to watch. Gen. 22:9

1738. Life is like a stage production for angels. Gen. 22:9

1739. Marat Sade live on stage. Gen. 22:9

1740. Reference to the Doctrine of the Angel of Jehovah (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:11

1741. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abbreviated Doctrine of the Angel of Jehovah. Gen. 22:11

1742. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Repeated Names, by Wells of Living Water Commentary. Gen. 22:11

1743. When God directs us to do something, the intended audience are other men or angels. Gen. 22:11

1744. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Caravaggio: The Sacrifice of Isaac (1605). Gen. 22:12

1745. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Caravaggio's The Sacrifice of Isaac (1603). Gen. 22:12

1746. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Titian's Abraham and Isaac. Gen. 22:12

1747. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask on, Didn't God know what Abraham would do? Gen. 22:12

1748. The God-ward side and the man-ward side of Abraham offering up his son to God. Gen. 22:12

1749. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham and Isaac (an artistic rendition by Peter Bently). Gen. 22:12

1750. Abraham’s obedience contrasted with Satan’s disobedience and hatred. Gen. 22:12

1751. Fallen angels are no more likely to change their allegiance than politicians are to reject their own lies. Gen. 22:12

1752. Application of the mortgage industry takeover. Gen. 22:12

1753. Understanding the fear of the Lord. Gen. 22:12

1754. Reference to the Doctrine of Fear of the Lord in the Old Testament (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:12

1755. God is not going to require you to do some ghastly thing. Gen. 22:12

1756. People who get special messages from God are psychos. Gen. 22:12

1757. The narrative of Gen. 22 progresses on two levels. Gen. 22:12

1758. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Great Analogy of the Written Word of God and the Living Word of God. Gen. 22:12

1759. We know for a certainty that there is time between the writing of the Old and New Testaments. Gen. 22:12

1760. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why did God not allow Abraham to offer his son, and then resurrect Isaac? Gen. 22:13

1761. Why a ram instead of a lamb? Gen. 22:13

1762. Isaac is a type of Christ; meaning of type. Gen. 22:13

1763. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: An Illustration of the Parallel Between Abraham Offering Isaac and the Cross. Gen. 22:13

1764. Infinite series; density. Gen. 22:13

1765. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Parallels Between Abraham Offering Up Isaac and Jesus Offering Himself. Gen. 22:13

1766. Reference to How Isaac's Unusual Birth Foreshadowed the Birth of Our Lord (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:13

1767. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Parallels between the Deaths of Jesus and Isaac, from the Bible Illustrator. Gen. 22:13

1768. Explaining Jehovah Jireh. Gen. 22:14

1769. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Explaining 2Samuel 22:14. Gen. 22:14

1770. The play on words in Gen. 22:14.

1771. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Names of God. Gen. 22:14

1772. Angels going from nothing to being created. How do they know Who and What God is? Gen. 22:14

1773. The faith of evolutionists. Gen. 22:14

1774. Angels observing God and man. Satan and Job. Gen. 22:14

1775. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: An atheist interlude. Gen. 22:14

1776. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud for Atheism Resource homepage. Gen. 22:14

1777. God’s oath to Abraham; possibly the last such oath to the patriarchs where He swears by Himself. Gen. 22:16

1778. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Genesis 22:17 (a graphic). Gen. 22:17

1779. Stars of the heavens compared to sand of the seashore. Gen. 22:17

1780. Reference to the Lucky Guesses in Genesis (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:17

1781. Possessing the gates of one’s enemies. Gen. 22:17

1782. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Operation Footstool. Gen. 22:17

1783. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Doctrine of Typology. Gen. 22:17

1784. Reference to 2Sam. 18 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:17

1785. Reference to Isaac’s Birth and the Birth of our Lord (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:17

1786. Water from the rock graphic. Gen. 22:17

1787. Serpent on the stick graphic. Gen. 22:17

1788. Reference to the Doctrine of Typology (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:17

1789. The Hithpael stem. Gen. 22:18

1790. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hithpael Usage in "All the Nations of the Earth will be Blessed by your Seed." Gen. 22:18

1791. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Dr. Thomas Constable on the Four Seeds of Abraham. Gen. 22:18

1792. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Isaac was a Type of Christ. Gen. 22:18

1793. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God's Promised Blessings to Abraham in Genesis 22. Gen. 22:18

1794. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God Piles Blessings onto Abraham. Gen. 22:18

1795. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abrahamic Covenant Passages. Gen. 22:18

1796. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Offering of Isaac and Our Lord's Sacrifice on the Cross. Gen. 22:18

1797. Reference to How Isaac's Unusual Birth Foreshadowed the Birth of Our Lord (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:18

1798. Reference to Typology: Abraham's Offering of Isaac/God's offering of Jesus (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:18

1799. Reference to Operation Footstool (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:18

1800. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hebrews 11:17–19 Interlude. Gen. 22:18

1801. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: God's plan is person-specific. Gen. 22:18

1802. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Escrow Blessings. Gen. 22:18

1803. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Ancient adoption. Gen. 22:18

1804. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Adoption and escrow blessings (Ephesians 1:3–10). Gen. 22:18

1805. Mystery doctrines. Gen. 22:18

1806. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Our inheritance is based upon adoption (Ephesians 1:11–13). Gen. 22:18

1807. Ancient world adoption. Gen. 22:18

1808. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The 3 categories of truth (Ephesians 1:14–20). Gen. 22:18

1809. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Escrow Blessings Explained. Gen. 22:18

1810. Billy Graham evangelistic programs in the 1950's and 1960's. Gen. 22:18

1811. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Escrow Blessings Graphic. Gen. 22:18

1812. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Second Escrow Blessings Chart. Gen. 22:18

1813. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Stan Simonton of Katy Community Church on Escrow blessings. Gen. 22:18

1814. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Third Escrow Blessing Graphic. Gen. 22:18

1815. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Exegesis of James 2:14–26. Gen. 22:18

1816. Reference to Christian Basics (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and/or Living the Christian Life (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:18

1817. Reference to the Abbreviated Doctrine of Sanctification (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:18

1818. Reference to Bible Doctrine Resources for the Doctrine of Justification and to Bible Doctrine Resources for the Doctrine of Righteousness. Gen. 22:18

1819. J. Vernon McGee on James 2. Gen. 22:18

1820. The great handoff to the next generation. Gen. 22:19

1821. There is little else that Abraham can do which matches Gen. 22. Gen. 22:20

1822. Personal news being passed about in the ancient world. Gen. 22:20

1823. The types of genealogies. Gen. 22:20

1824. The genealogy of Jesus Christ. Gen. 22:20

1825. Communications in the ancient world. Gen. 22:20

1826. Written language existed in the time of Abraham. Gen. 22:20

1827. The handoff from one generation to the next. Gen. 22:20

1828. Two types of genealogies in the Bible. Gen. 22:20

1829. The meanings of the names Abram, Abraham, Sarah, Sarai, and Nahor. Gen. 22:20

1830. My personal jealousies. Gen. 22:20

1831. Reasons for this genealogy. Gen. 22:20

1832. The relationship of Nahor and Abraham. Gen. 22:21

1833. Uz. Gen. 22:21

1834. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Uz's of Scripture. Gen. 22:21

1835. Buz. Gen. 22:21

1836. Kemuel. Gen. 22:21

1837. Aram, grandson of Nahor, is not the father of the Aramæans. Gen. 22:21

1838. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query, on Asimov's Guide to the Bible. Gen. 22:21

1839. Chesed. Gen. 22:22

1840. Hazo. Gen. 22:22

1841. Pildash. Gen. 22:22

1842. Jidlaph. Gen. 22:22

1843. Bethuel. Gen. 22:22

1844. Rebekah. Gen. 22:23

1845. Constable on the different types of genealogies. Gen. 22:23

1846. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Clarke on Concubines. Gen. 22:24

1847. Concubines. Gen. 22:24

1848. Anti-Bible websites mad about mistresses in the Bible. Gen. 22:24

1849. Ideal of Bible is one man and one woman. Gen. 22:24

1850. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Marriage Equality Graphic. Gen. 22:24

1851. Reference to Marriage Alternatives Found in the Bible (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 22:24

1852. Gaham. Gen. 22:24

1853. Thahash. Gen. 22:24

1854. Maacah. Gen. 22:24

1855. Location of Reumah’s children. Gen. 22:24

1856. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why Nahor's Children are Listed in Scripture. Gen. 22:24

1857. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Line of Terah (a genealogical chart). Gen. 22:24

1858. Maacah. Gen. 22:24

1859. Nahor has no impact on human history. Gen. 22:24

1860. Abraham’s child versus Nahor’s 12 children. Gen. 22:24

1861. J. Vernon McGee on justification in James. Gen. 22 Addendum

1862. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why Genesis 22 is in the Word of God. Gen. 22 Addendum

1863. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What We Learn from Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Addendum

1864. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 22 Addendum

1865. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Addendum

1866. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Complete Translation of Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Addendum

1867. J. Vernon McGee on Gen. 22. Gen. 22 Addendum

1868. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from a Reasonably Literal Paraphrase of Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Addendum

1869. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from Exegesis of Genesis 22. Gen. 22 Addendum

1870. Genesis 23 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

1871. Quotations; preface

1872. Gen. 23 could be easily shortened to one verse. Gen. 23 Introduction

1873. Reference to Genesis 22 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 23 Introduction

1874. Abraham’s first ownership of land in the Land of Promise. Gen. 23 Introduction

1875. Why Abraham is buying this land. Gen. 23 Introduction

1876. Blurring of events due to Abraham’s loss. Gen. 23 Introduction

1877. Abraham contrasted with Lot. Gen. 23 Introduction

1878. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Prequel of Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Introduction

1879. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Principals of Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Introduction

1880. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Places of Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Introduction

1881. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Patriarchal Timeline for Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Introduction

1882. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Synopsis of Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Introduction

1883. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matthew Henry's Alternate Outline of Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Introduction

1884. The age of Abraham and Sarah. Gen. 23:1

1885. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Sarah's Life. Gen. 23:1

1886. Some minor textual problems with v. 1. Gen. 23:1

1887. Why Abraham wrote this rather than Moses. Gen. 23:1

1888. Where and when Sarah died. Gen. 23:2

1889. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Doctrine of Physical Death. Gen. 23:2

1890. Kiriath-arba (Hebron). Gen. 23:2

1891. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of Hebron. Gen. 23:2

1892. Abraham’s age. Gen. 23:2

1893. Reference to the Doctrine of Hebron (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 23:2

1894. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Brief Summary of the Doctrine of Hebron. Gen. 23:2

1895. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hebron, the Home of Abraham (graphic). Gen. 23:2

1896. Abraham’s human memory under stress. Gen. 23:2

1897. Example of Principal Taylor before his death. Gen. 23:2

1898. No reason to idolize Mary any more than Sarah. Gen. 23:2

1899. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: And Sarah died in Kiryat Arba by Yoram Raanan. Gen. 23:2

1900. Abraham’s consideration in burying Sarah. Gen. 23:3

1901. The Hittites. Are these the famous Hittites? Gen. 23:3

1902. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: An Introduction to the Hittites. Gen. 23:3

1903. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask, on the Sons of Heth in Canaan. Gen. 23:3

1904. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Driver on the Hittites. Gen. 23:3

1905. How Abraham begins speaking to the Hittites; where they come from. Gen. 23:3

1906. The holdings of Abraham and of the Hittites. Gen. 23:4

1907. Reference to Gen. 14. Gen. 23:4

1908. Reference to David and Nabal. Gen. 23:4

1909. Sarah is not the first person Abraham has buried. Gen. 23:4

1910. Many in the land of Canaan were clearly believers. Gen. 23:6

1911. Just as their descendants became rabid dogs, those descended from the WWII generation have nothing in common with their forefathers. Gen. 23:6

1912. Why these business transactions took place at the city gates. Gen. 23:8

1913. Machpelah. Gen. 23:9

1914. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Genesis 23:8b–9a (graphic). Gen. 23:9

1915. Men in the time of Abraham were healthier, lived longer, and probably had a great brain capacity. Gen. 23:9

1916. How Genesis came to Moses is unknown. Gen. 23:9

1917. The book of Genesis was the Word of God during the time of Moses. Gen. 23:9

1918. Radically different writing styles in the book of Genesis. Gen. 23:9

1919. Writing existed in the time of Abraham. Gen. 23:9

1920. Scripture for burials in caves, gardens and fields. Gen. 23:9

1921. Why Ephron may have wanted to sell Abraham all of his property. Gen. 23:11

1922. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of Hebron and Mamre. Gen. 23:12

1923. Abraham refused the gift of the King of Sodom in Gen. 14. Gen. 23:13

1924. The business transaction between Abraham and Ephron is not necessarily some that we should emulate. Gen. 23:13

1925. Believers and business dealings. Gen. 23:13

1926. Real estate agents act as buffers. Gen. 23:13

1927. Interactions between people for business deals. Gen. 23:13

1928. The value of silver today and how to check prices. Gen. 23:15

1929. Comparing the price of this lot to that price of Samaria when it is sold. Gen. 23:15

1930. Many commentators said it was done that Abraham should have come back and offered half the price that Ephron stated. Gen. 23:15

1931. When the Hebrews began to use coinage. Gen. 23:15

1932. Jewish stereotype of parsimonious nature is contradicted by Abraham. Gen. 23:15

1933. Spot silver again. Gen. 23:16

1934. It is possible that the details of this transactions were not written down. Gen. 23:16

1935. Everyone at the gates knows the complete transaction and a description of the property conveyed. Gen. 23:16

1936. Getting the silver suggests that Abraham had another meeting with these people. Gen. 23:16

1937. Probably 3 meetings that took place. Gen. 23:16

1938. Cutting back on one’s working hours. Gen. 23:16

1939. Abraham cut back on his own working hours, it appears. Gen. 23:16

1940. 60 year olds should get jury duty more often than 30 year olds. Gen. 23:16

1941. No closed doors, no secrecy and no written contracts here. Gen. 23:17

1942. Machpelah. Gen. 23:17

1943. Varying ownership rights. Gen. 23:18

1944. It is okay for two Christians to have an agreement on paper rather than a handshake deal. Gen. 23:18

1945. Abraham is not poor. Gen. 23:18

1946. Why we have real estate agents to act as buffers. Gen. 23:18

1947. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Scofield on the Burying Place of Sarah. Gen. 23:18

1948. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Who is buried where? Gen. 23:18

1949. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Three Explanations Given by the Pulpit Commentary. Gen. 23:18

1950. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Burial of Sarah from Gustave Doré. Gen. 23:19

1951. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Burial of Sarah in Hebron by Tom Lovell (a graphic). Gen. 23:19

1952. Where this land is today; a mosque on top of it. Gen. 23:19

1953. This is the first land purchased in the Land of Promise by Abraham as far as we know. Gen. 23:20

1954. Robby Dean and the future of these people. Gen. 23:20

1955. Why this chapter appears to be written by a grieving husband. Gen. 23:20

1956. The woman touching the hem of Christ’s garment. Gen. 23:20

1957. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why Genesis 23 is in the Word of God. Gen. 23 Addendum

1958. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What We Learn from Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Addendum

1959. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 23 Addendum

1960. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Addendum

1961. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Complete Translation of Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Addendum

1962. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from a Reasonably Literal Paraphrase of Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Addendum

1963. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from Exegesis of Genesis 23. Gen. 23 Addendum

1964. Genesis 24 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD).

1965. Quotations; preface

1966. Like a bedtime story. Gen. 24 Introduction

1967. God’s history versus man’s history. A made-up example. Gen. 24 Introduction

1968. 3 important invisible things in our life. Gen. 24 Introduction

1969. God knows what we ought to focus on. Gen. 24 Introduction

1970. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Prequel of Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Introduction

1971. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Principals of Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Introduction

1972. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Places of Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Introduction

1973. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Patriarchal Timeline for Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Introduction

1974. The ages of the patriarchs during this narrative. Gen. 24 Introduction

1975. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Clarke's Synopsis of Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Introduction

1976. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Arno Gaebelein's Chapter Outline. Gen. 24 Introduction

1977. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Scofield's Typical Approach to Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Introduction

1978. Dramatic differences between the culture of Abraham and Isaac and our culture today. The Bible should seem like a relic because of these great differences. Gen. 24 Introduction

1979. Old age and the arc of life. Gen. 24:1

1980. References to Genesis 22 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and Genesis 23 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 24:1

1981. Your knowledge of Abraham as over against your knowledge of any king of this era. Gen. 24:1

1982. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham, a Friend of God (a graphic). Gen. 24:1

1983. Fame and recognition. Fame is fleeting. Fame with God or man. Gen. 24:1

1984. References to Gen. 22 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD), and Psalm 22 and Isa. 53. Gen. 24:1

1985. Every believer can have the impact of Abraham. Gen. 24:1

1986. Billy Graham and the influence of his parents. Gen. 24:1

1987. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abbreviated Doctrine of Bârake. Gen. 24:1

1988. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Communism, Socialism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gen. 24:1

1989. Reference to Liberalism, Conservatism and Christianity (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 24:1

1990. Jesus, the rich young ruler, and liberals. Gen. 24:1

1991. Communism, socialism and the Bible. Gen. 24:1

1992. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Jesus the Socialist (a graphic). Gen. 24:1

1993. Abraham is a very rich man and God does not tell him to give up his wealth. Gen. 24:1

1994. Slavery and a living wage. Gen. 24:1

1995. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham's Blessings. Gen. 24:1

1996. Slavery, a living wage; the Mosaic Law. Gen. 24:2

1997. Abraham’s slave has more power and authority that we have. Gen. 24:2

1998. The Bible and slavery. Gen. 24:2

1999. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham and his Servant (a graphic). Gen. 24:2

2000. Abraham’s slave might be Eliezer. Gen. 24:2

2001. The ancient oaths. Gen. 24:2

2002. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Words of man interlude. Gen. 24:3

2003. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Various Royal Titles and Designations of God and How They are Used. Gen. 24:3

2004. Problems with the Canaanites. Gen. 24:3

2005. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Doctrine of Racial Intermarriage. Gen. 24:3

2006. Reference to The Doctrine of Racial Intermarriage (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 24:3

2007. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What is wrong with the Canaanites. Gen. 24:3

2008. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Land of Birth or Land of Kindred? Gen. 24:4

2009. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Desalinization plants (graphic). Gen. 24:4

2010. J. Vernon McGee on marriage and family. Gen. 24:4

2011. Downton Abbey theme of finding the proper partner. Gen. 24:4

2012. Unequally yoked. Gen. 24:4

2013. In deciding to find a woman for Isaac, Abraham is considering the covenant and his own age. Gen. 24:4

2014. We have active roles in the Christian life. Gen. 24:4

2015. The Christian physician. Gen. 24:4

2016. God has not interacted directly with Abraham for 30 years. Gen. 24:4

2017. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The 5 Divine Institutions. Gen. 24:4

2018. Some Canaanites did believe in Yehowah. Gen. 24:4

2019. Decrease of age in man. Gen. 24:4

2020. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Ages of the Patriarchs Chart. Gen. 24:4

2021. We change our opinions from generation to generation. Gen. 24:4

2022. Family and work are blessings to a man’s life. Gen. 24:4

2023. The servant cleverly suggests that Isaac go with him. Gen. 24:5

2024. The servant does not have an ipod or an array of photographs of Isaac to take with him. Gen. 24:5

2025. The clever approach of the servant. Gen. 24:5

2026. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham's reasoning about not letting Isaac leave the Land of Promise. Gen. 24:6

2027. Reference to Gen. 22 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and Gen. 26 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 24:7

2028. Abraham’s faith and confidence in finding this wife for Isaac. Gen. 24:7

2029. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham's logical conclusion, based upon the promises of God. Gen. 24:7

2030. J. Vernon McGee on Abraham’s faith. Gen. 24:7

2031. The mechanics of how angels work and exactly what they do. Gen. 24:7

2032. Abraham knows that God will fulfill His promises to him. Gen. 24:8

2033. The Bible has cultural practices as well as God’s norms and standards. Gen. 24:9

2034. Abraham and camels. Gen. 24:10

2035. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Christianity Today on Abraham's Anachronistic Camels. Gen. 24:10

2036. We should not be jealous of our bosses or of CEO’s. Gen. 24:10

2037. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of Aram-naharaim. Gen. 24:10

2038. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of Abraham's Journeys. Gen. 24:10

2039. The city of Nahor. Gen. 24:10

2040. Duncan on the active and passive sides of faith. Gen. 24:10

2041. Wells and culture. Gen. 24:11

2042. One could always find unmarried women at the well. Gen. 24:13

2043. How much water the young woman carried for the servant. Gen. 24:14

2044. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: How does this prayer square with the will of God? Gen. 24:14

2045. Figuring out the will of God. Gen. 24:14

2046. There is some leeway in our actions in the plan of God. God does not tell us what to do every moment of the day. Gen. 24:14

2047. Chuck Smith on prayer that God’s answers no. Gen. 24:15

2048. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Terah's Line (chart). Gen. 24:15

2049. Bethuel is much older than Isaac. Gen. 24:15

2050. The beauty of women. Rebekah’s beauty. Gen. 24:16

2051. The spring or well is inaccessible to the camels. Gen. 24:16

2052. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: "Eliezer and Rebekah" by Gustave Doré (a graphic). Gen. 24:16

2053. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Rebekah at the Well by Michael Deas. Gen. 24:18

2054. Why the servant does not get his own water. Gen. 24:19

2055. The possible design of the well. Gen. 24:19

2056. Rebekah’s service to this man. Rebekah’s character. Gen. 24:19

2057. The number of trips to give drink to the camels. Gen. 24:20

2058. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Rebekah gives water to the servant's camels (a graphic). Gen. 24:20

2059. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: F. Hastings describes the scene. Gen. 24:20

2060. Culture and the woman drawing all of the water. Gen. 24:21

2061. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The servant places bracelets on the wrist of Rebekah (a graphic). Gen. 24:22

2062. Duncan on value of jewelry. Gen. 24:22

2063. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Clarke on Jewelry of the Bible. Gen. 24:22

2064. Status and slavery. Gen. 24:23

2065. Southern slave owners who taught their slaves to read and write and gave them the gospel. Gen. 24:23

2066. Reference to the Doctrine of Slavery (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 24:23

2067. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Abbreviated Doctrine of Slavery. Gen. 24:23

2068. What does Abraham’s servant’s quest have to do with us? Gen. 24:25

2069. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Blessing God. Gen. 24:27

2070. Going to mom transcends time and cultures. Gen. 24:28

2071. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Where's Mom? (A graphic). Gen. 24:28

2072. Finding a good mate. Gen. 24:31

2073. The servant must reveal his mission before eating. Gen. 24:33

2074. A good leader must be able to delegate responsibility. Gen. 24:34

2075. References to Fast and Furious, Obama, Benghazi, and debates with Mitt Romney. Gen. 24:34

2076. References to Bush and hurricane Katrina and finger-pointing. Gen. 24:34

2077. Slavery in the Bible; slavery in the United States. Taxpayer slavery. Gen. 24:35

2078. Reference to the Doctrine of Divine Blessing (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 24:35

2079. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Blessings for the Church Age Believer. Gen. 24:35

2080. Talking to someone and it sounds like you are starting from the middle of the conversation. Gen. 24:36

2081. Those who hate Abraham hate his God; those who hate the Jews hate their God. Gen. 24:37

2082. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Steven Cole's four aspects of God's wisdom for the choice of a mate. Gen. 24:38

2083. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Wenstrom and Ballinger on the Function of Angels. Gen. 24:40

2084. Reference to the doctrine of the Angelic Conflict (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 24:40

2085. A confluence of events which leads us to a decision. Gen. 24:40

2086. The servant is a detail-oriented person; others are big picture people. Examples.

2087. Exegesis requires detail and big picture. Gen. 24:42

2088. Why people do not just take the water from the well. Gen. 24:44

2089. Gen. 24 is a bedtime story. Gen. 24:44

2090. Why the servant does not simply take out the water himself. Gen. 24:46

2091. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The servant recounts his experience (a graphic). Gen. 24:48

2092. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Who is Bethuel—Really? Gen. 24:50

2093. Theories on who Bethuel is. Gen. 24:50

2094. Why Abraham is respected in Laban’s household. Gen. 24:50

2095. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Keys to Determining the Proper Wife and Proper Husband. Gen. 24:50

2096. You know very little about Jesus Christ when you exercise faith in Him. You often learn a lot after that. My own ignorance regarding the Lord after salvation. Gen. 24:51

2097. God narrowing the options when it comes to major decisions. Gen. 24:51

2098. Laban’s motivations. Gen. 24:51

2099. Why Bethuel seems to be silent. Gen. 24:51

2100. Reasons why Bethuel is not saying much. Gen. 24:55

2101. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Rebekah and her consent to marriage. Gen. 24:57

2102. J. Vernon McGee on the assured decision of faith. Gen. 24:58

2103. Rebekah’s nanny, Deborah and what role she might play in the future. Gen. 24:59

2104. Who is Rebekah’s seed? Gen. 24:60

2105. The negative view of servitude in the United States.

2106. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Servant is a Type of Christ. Gen. 24:61

2107. Beer-lahai-roi. Gen. 24:62

2108. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of Southern Israel (Including Beer-lahai-roi, Gerar and Beersheba). Gen. 24:62

2109. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Importance of Knowing the Word of God in the Old Testament. Gen. 24:63

2110. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Rebekah's Veil (a graphic). Gen. 24:65

2111. Don’t worry that Christians are going to try to pass legislation for require veils. Gen. 24:65

2112. Authorship of the Word of God; recognizing it to be the Word of God. Gen. 24:66

2113. Separate tents for husband and wife. Gen. 24:67

2114. Difference in cultures in just one generation. Gen. 24:67

2115. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The 3 Great Life Events of Isaac and What They Point to. Gen. 24:67

2116. Reference to the Parallels Between the Birth of Isaac and the Birth of Jesus (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 24:67

2117. Reference to Typology: Abraham's Offering of Isaac/God's offering of Jesus (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 24:67

2118. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Culture of Genesis and the Bible. Gen. 24:67

2119. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why Genesis 24 is in the Word of God. Gen. 24 Addendum

2120. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: What We Learn from Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Addendum

2121. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Josephus' History of this Time Period. Gen. 24 Addendum

2122. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Edersheim Summarizes Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Addendum

2123. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Complete Translation of Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Addendum

2124. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from a Reasonably Literal Paraphrase of Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Addendum

2125. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Word Cloud from Exegesis of Genesis 24. Gen. 24 Addendum

2126. Somewhere in here I should do something about the historicity of the Patriarchs (See “Treasuries of Bible Times” p. 58).

2127. The Doctrine of Rings—not finished yet!!! Alluded to in Judges 8:24. Gen. 24:2`2

2128. Genesis 25 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Abraham and Keturah/Abraham’s Death/Ishmael’s Sons/ Jacob and Esau (or, The Arab Chapter)

2129. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Quotations. Goettsche, Barnhouse, Heber Evans, Bishop Newton. Gen. 25 Preface

2130. This is a chapter mostly about Arabs. Gen. 25 Introduction

2131. The words Arab and Arabia in the Bible. Gen. 25 Introduction

2132. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Prequel of Genesis 25. Gen. 25 Introduction

2133. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Principals of Genesis 25. Gen. 25 Introduction

2134. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Places of Genesis 25. Gen. 25 Introduction

2135. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Patriarchal Timeline for Genesis 25. Gen. 25 Introduction

2136. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matthew Pools Provides a Synopsis of Genesis 25. Gen. 25 Introduction

2137. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matthew Henry Outlines Genesis 25. Gen. 25 Introduction

2138. Abbreviated view of Gen. 25. Gen. 25 Introduction

2139. Commentators who place Abraham’s married to Keturah much earlier in time; and some refutation of that position. Gen. 25:1

2140. Considering the Hebrew going from Gen. 24 to Gen. 25. Gen. 25:1

2141. God sexually reinvigorated Abraham. Gen. 25:1

2142. Problems with Abraham having Sarah and Keturah as wives. Gen. 25:1

2143. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Genesis 25 is correctly placed, chronologically speaking. Gen. 25:1

2144. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Arguments Against Chronological Order. Gen. 25:1

2145. Keturah. Gen. 25:1

2146. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask: Is Keturah a Wife or Concubine? Gen. 25:1

2147. Secondary wives. Gen. 25:1

2148. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask—How can Abraham have more children? Gen. 25:1

2149. Wenstrom on Abraham having the ability to have children after Sarah. Gen. 25:1

2150. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Why Abraham married Keturah after the death of Sarah. Gen. 25:1

2151. Did Abraham marry outside of “his family” with Keturah? Gen. 25:1

2152. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: An Unusual Theory About Abraham's Children. Gen. 25:1

2153. It was not wrong for Abraham to father Arabic children who would later cause problems for the Jews. Gen. 25:2

2154. Unbelieving friends of mine whose daughter became a Christian. Gen. 25:2

2155. United States on a collision course with Islam. Words will not solve this problem. Gen. 25:2

2156. Obama is not making our relations with Islam any better. Gen. 25:2

2157. Billy Graham used to be broadcast on network television nightly. Gen. 25:2

2158. The Black community and church. Gen. 25:2

2159. Growing atheism in the United States. The welfare hammock. Gen. 25:2

2160. Midian; J. Vernon McGee on Midian. Gen. 25:2

2161. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Fausset on Midian. Gen. 25:2

2162. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Snider on Midian. Gen. 25:2

2163. Meaning of the names, Medan and Midian. Gen. 25:2

2164. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Bible Query on, What happened to Keturah's Sons? Gen. 25:2

2165. Ancient Assyria. Gen. 25:3

2166. Reference to 2Sam. 2:9 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:3

2167. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Line of Abraham and Keturah (Chart). Gen. 25:4

2168. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Wenstrom, Snider, Driver, and Clarke on the Descendants of Abraham and Keturah. Gen. 25:4

2169. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of the Location of the Sons of Keturah. Gen. 25:4

2170. Extended Wikipedia remarks on Shuah. Gen. 25:4

2171. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of the Peoples of Arabia (before Christ). Gen. 25:4

2172. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Other Sons of Abraham. Gen. 25:4

2173. Cluster genealogies. Gen. 25:4

2174. Relationship of Asshur and Midian with the Assyrians and Midianites. Gen. 25:4

2175. Why we have this list of names. Gen. 25:4

2176. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible, Poverty, Inheritance, Wealth, and Spreading the Wealth Around. Gen. 25:5

2177. God NEVER tells Abraham to start spreading his wealth around. Gen. 25:5

2178. God does not encourage Abraham to divide up his wealth evenly. Excellent. Gen. 25:5

2179. The rich young ruler and socialists and communists. Gen. 25:5

2180. A web page where taxpayers can be hooked up with welfare recipients. Gen. 25:5

2181. Does Abraham has more than 2 mistresses? Gen. 25:6

2182. Abraham giving bribes to his sons by mistresses. Gen. 25:6

2183. Abraham sending his other children away was not cruel, wrong, or selfish. Gen. 25:6

2184. It was okay for Abraham to have other children besides Isaac, even though their descendants would be antagonistic to Isaac’s descendants. Gen. 25:6

2185. Abraham’s children would have been evangelists to the east. Gen. 25:6

2186. Interpreting the word mistresses. Gen. 25:6

2187. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: A Summary of God's Promises to Abraham (from Robert Dean). Gen. 25:6

2188. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Genealogy of Abraham (chart). Gen. 25:6

2189. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Snider Summarizes Genesis 25:5–6. Gen. 25:6

2190. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Ages of Abraham's Descendants at his Death. Gen. 25:7

2191. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Age of Our Early Ancestors. Gen. 25:7

2192. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Clarke on Jesus Breathing His Last. Gen. 25:8

2193. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Commentators on, Abraham living to a good old age, full of years. Gen. 25:8

2194. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Links to the Doctrine of Dying Grace. Gen. 25:8

2195. Reference to Gen. 11 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:8

2196. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Genesis 25:8 (a graphic). Gen. 25:8

2197. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask, on the Hebrews early understanding of life after death. Gen. 25:8

2198. Reference to Essence of God in the Pentateuch (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:8

2199. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Wenstrom's Brief Doctrine of Sheol (Hades). Gen. 25:8

2200. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Free Bible on the Dead, Where Are They? (Sheol/Hades, Gehenna, Tartarus). Gen. 25:8

2201. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Summarizing the Death of Abraham. Gen. 25:8

2202. Continuing the testimony of God past the death of Abraham. Gen. 25:8

2203. The story of the flood pass down by Shem and Japheth. Gen. 25:8

2204. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Who Died When (a Chart). Gen. 25:8

2205. God and His programs before the flood and for the 1000 years following the flood. Gen. 25:8

2206. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Robbie Dean on Abraham's Spiritual and Historical Impact. Gen. 25:8

2207. Reference to Gen. 21 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:9

2208. Isaac and Ishmael as adults arranging the funeral of Abraham. Gen. 25:9

2209. Reference to Gen. 23 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:9

2210. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Wenstrom on the Cave of Machpelah. Gen. 25:9

2211. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Clarke's Homage to Abraham. Gen. 25:10

2212. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham, an overview. Gen. 25:10

2213. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham in the New Testament. Gen. 25:10

2214. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Part I: Abraham in the Synoptic Gospels. Gen. 25:10

2215. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Occurrences of Old Testament Saints in the New Testament (chart). Gen. 25:10

2216. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham in the Gospels/The Coniah Curse/The Types of Baptisms in the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2217. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matt. 1:1–2, 17 Luke 3:34 The Genealogies of Jesus. Gen. 25:10

2218. Matthew most references to Old Testament in gospels.

2219. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Lineage of Jesus; His Legal Line and the Line of His Humanity (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2220. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Coniah Curse (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2221. Reference to the Basic History of Israel HTML PDF; with no links: PDF). Gen. 25:10

2222. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Coniah Curse. Gen. 25:10

2223. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Luke 1:46–55 The Song (Magnificat) of Mary. Gen. 25:10

2224. Reference to the Doctrine of the Fear of the Lord in the Old Testament (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2225. The categories of Abraham’s offspring. Gen. 25:10

2226. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Luke 1:67–80 Zechariah's Song. Gen. 25:10

2227. What peace means in the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2228. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matt. 3:1–11 John the Baptizer. Gen. 25:10

2229. What repent means in the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2230. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: John the Baptizer out in the Wilderness (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2231. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Baptisms in the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2232. Bearing fruit; dead works. Gen. 25:10

2233. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matt. 8:5–13 Jesus and the Roman Soldier Who Understands Authority. Gen. 25:10

2234. Reference to the Doctrine of Slavery (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2235. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Centurion (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2236. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Matt. 22:23–33 The Sadducees' Question about Marriage in the Resurrection. Gen. 25:10

2237. The liberal refrain, Clinton left a balanced budget, but Bush spent us into great debt. Gen. 25:10

2238. The sadducees and the resurrection. Gen. 25:10

2239. People, who do not care about the Bible, arguing that homosexuality is okay, using the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2240. Reference to Marriage Alternatives in the Bible (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2241. Reference to Liberation Theology (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2242. Liberals using the Bible to stand up for the downtrodden, meaning, there should be higher taxes. Gen. 25:10

2243. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Luke 13:10–16 Jesus Heals on the Sabbath. Gen. 25:10

2244. The purpose of healing in the time of Jesus. Gen. 25:10

2245. Ruler of the synagogue misquoting the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2246. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Doctrine of the Sabbath Day. Gen. 25:10

2247. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Luke 13:22–30 Gentiles Will Be Saved Instead of Jews. Gen. 25:10

2248. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Luke 16:19–31 Lazarus and the Rich Man. Gen. 25:10

2249. The Bible is not anti-rich; but it is against a life focused on making money. Gen. 25:10

2250. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2251. This man is able to recognize Abraham in heaven, having never seen him before. Gen. 25:10

2252. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Luke 19:1–10 Jesus and the Rich Tax Collector. Gen. 25:10

2253. Liberals do not quote the story of the rich tax collector. Gen. 25:10

2254. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Tree of Zacchaeus (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2255. About 80% of Americans believe in God. Gen. 25:10

2256. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Part II: Abraham in the Gospel of John. Gen. 25:10

2257. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: John 8:20–59 Jesus' Message in the Treasury. Gen. 25:10

2258. David, Solomon, the Tabernacle and the Temple. Gen. 25:10

2259. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Jesus Speaking in the Treasury (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2260. Reference to Jesus is not a liberal (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2261. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Jesus was a liberal (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2262. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Graphic about hell. Gen. 25:10

2263. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Truth Will Set You Free (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2264. Hearers often did not understand what Jesus was teaching. Gen. 25:10

2265. When people reject Jesus Christ, it is not because they are being rational or logical; but simply because it is convenient. Gen. 25:10

2266. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham in the book of Acts. Gen. 25:10

2267. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Healing of the Lame Man (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2268. When the Apostles began with their message, there was no reason for anyone to listen to them, apart from miracles.

2269. The people were surprised by the energy of the evangelists of Jesus. Gen. 25:10

2270. The incredible miracle of the beggar. Gen. 25:10

2271. The healing of the lame man is nothing like the hokey of today’s churches. Gen. 25:10

2272. If there are far fewer miracles, then what draws hearers to the gospel? Example of Gary ___ evangelizing the kids at Humble. Gen. 25:10

2273. Reference to the Doctrine of Intercalation (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2274. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Prophecy of Moses and Salvation. Gen. 25:10

2275. Rejecting Jesus Christ for every moment of your existence carries into eternity. Gen. 25:10

2276. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Reinterpreting Old Testament Truths. Gen. 25:10

2277. Entitlement; thinking you deserve what you do not. Gen. 25:10

2278. A time frame for God speaking to Abraham and Abraham leaving Mesopotamia. Gen. 25:10

2279. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham's Journey from Ur to Haran (a graphic). Gen. 25:10

2280. Traveling away from the Euphrates was a great act of faith. Gen. 25:10

2281. Why God did not just give the land of promise to Abraham. Gen. 25:10

2282. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Seed of Abraham and the Life of the Believer. Gen. 25:10

2283. Reference to the Doctrine of Circumcision (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2284. The growth of people of Abraham in Egypt. Gen. 25:10

2285. The changing of history. Gen. 25:10

2286. Lies taught about American history. Gen. 25:10

2287. Dishonesty and point-of-view of historians; illustration of Bush and Obama. Gen. 25:10

2288. Lies and half truths about European socialism. Gen. 25:10

2289. Deuteronomy was the teaching of real history to the people of Israel. Gen. 25:10

2290. Inaccurate teaching about Obama and Reagan. Gen. 25:10

2291. Stephen is properly explaining and interpreting Jewish history to his audience. Gen. 25:10

2292. Our forefathers and the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2293. David Barton’s American Heritage Special DVD set. Gen. 25:10

2294. The distortions of Moses in The Bible The Epic Miniseries. Gen. 25:10

2295. Moses was not lost in the desert. Gen. 25:10

2296. Reference to the Biblical Doctrine of Leadership (Military and Leadership—and other leadership doctrines—the MP3's must be ordered from R. B. Thieme, Jr. Ministries) (Angelfire). Gen. 25:10

2297. The parallel between Moses and Jesus (when Moses goes to the people, but the people do not know him).

2298. Early history of Moses. Gen. 25:10

2299. TEA party, founders, lack of historical knowledge. Gen. 25:10

2300. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Repentance of Sins in the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2301. Reference to Messianic Prophecies (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2302. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham in the Pauline Epistles. Gen. 25:10

2303. Reference to Gen. 15 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD) and Gen. 17 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2304. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Romans 9:1–16 The True Seed of Abraham. Gen. 25:10

2305. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Things which Belong to Israel. Gen. 25:10

2306. Types of genealogies in the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2307. Anthropopathism. Gen. 25:10

2308. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Romans 11:1–6 The Remnant of Grace. Gen. 25:10

2309. Why God has different plans throughout the ages. Gen. 25:10

2310. The Bible was preserved by opposing groups. Gen. 25:10

2311. The Old and New Testament canon. Gen. 25:10

2312. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: New Testament Chart—Individuals recognition of books; Individuals devised canon. Gen. 25:10

2313. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: New Testament Chart 2—Canons established by translation and by councils. Gen. 25:10

2314. Disputed books of the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2315. Languages of the Bible. Gen. 25:10

2316. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: 2Cor. 11:18–23 Paul Compares His Credentials with Those of the Judaizers. Gen. 25:10

2317. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Galatians 3:5–12 Abraham shows us that we are saved by faith and not by the law. Gen. 25:10

2318. Reference to The Parallels between the Birth of Isaac and the Birth of Jesus (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2319. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: When Critics Ask, on the Time Problem. Gen. 25:10

2320. Mediator; intermediator. The Law is not a mediator between God and man; it is a barrier. Gen. 25:10

2321. Helpful hints in Deuteronomy. Gen. 25:10

2322. Reference to The Offering of Isaac (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2323. After Jesus came, there are two reasons why we are not under the Law. Gen. 25:10

2324. Illustration of Charley’s upcoming birthday. Gen. 25:10

2325. No superficial distinctions among Christians. Gen. 25:10

2326. Reference to Gen. 21 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2327. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham in Hebrews. Gen. 25:10

2328. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hebrews 2:9–18 Jesus brings many sons to glory. Gen. 25:10

2329. Reference to Genesis 14 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2330. The High Priest. Gen. 25:10

2331. Types. Gen. 25:10

2332. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Ark of the Covenant is a Type of Jesus Christ. Gen. 25:10

2333. Reference to Genesis 14 (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2334. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Hebrews 11:8–19 The Faith of Abraham and Sarah. Gen. 25:10

2335. The stars of heaven compared to the sands of the seas, which are then compared to Abraham’s descendants. Gen. 25:10

2336. Reference to Isaac in his birth was a type of Christ (HTML) (PDF) (WPD); Isaac, when offered up by Abraham, was a type of Christ (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2337. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Abraham in the General Epistles. Gen. 25:10

2338. Newly recruited celebrity Christians. Gen. 25:10

2339. Disasters sometimes supercharge a person’s faith. Gen. 25:10

2340. Abraham’s growth in his faith. Gen. 25:10

2341. 3 types of sanctification. Gen. 25:10

2342. Reference to Abraham’s offering of Isaac was one of the greatest applications of faith, as this foreshadows the cross of Christ. (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:10

2343. A woman should concentrate on the inner person. Gen. 25:10

2344. In my lifetime, I have seen the repudiation of many Biblical concepts, like the submission of a wife to her husband. Gen. 25:10

2345. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Robert Dean's Summary Points of Abraham in the New Testament. Gen. 25:10

2346. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Wenstrom's Division of Genesis. Gen. 25:11

2347. God blessing Isaac. Gen. 25:11

2348. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: An Addendum to the 7th Section by Albert Barnes. Gen. 25:11

2349. Wenstrom divides up the Ishmael section of Gen. 25. Gen. 25:12

2350. Ishmael had to grow up fast. Gen. 25:12

2351. Melchizedek may have handed off the Bible to Abraham. Gen. 25:12

2352. Isaac was a man of milestones. Gen. 25:12

2353. Reference to Essence of God in the Pentateuch (HTML) (PDF) (WPD). Gen. 25:12

2354. Two types of genealogies. Gen. 25:13

2355. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Pulpit Commentary on Ishmael the Prince. Gen. 25:13

2356. Nebaioth and Kedar. Gen. 25:13

2357. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Bible Query: Do the references to Kedar refer to Mohammed? Gen. 25:13

2358. Adbeel and Mibsam. Gen. 25:13

2359. Mishma and Dumah. Gen. 25:14

2360. Hadad [or, Cheder], Tema, Jetur, Naphish and Kederman. Gen. 25:15

2361. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: The Sons of Ishmael (by Barnes, Clarke, Driver, Gill, Keil, Delitzsch, Wenstrom). Gen. 25:15

2362. The time frame of Gen. 25. Gen. 25:16

2363. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Expositors on Villages and Encampments. Gen. 25:16

2364. People are closely associated with where they live. Gen. 25:16

2365. Potential for growth of one’s descendants. Gen. 25:16

2366. Explaining the descendants of Ishmael. Gen. 25:16

2367. Authorship and content of this portion of Gen. 25. Gen. 25:16

2368. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Map of the Tribes of Ishmael. Gen. 25:16

2369. How Isaac wrote this. Gen. 25:16

2370. The history of their mothers does not mean that Isaac and Ishmael would be antagonistic towards one another. Gen. 25:16

2371. Ages of the patriarchs and of Ishmael. Gen. 25:17

2372. Ishmael is not some villain of Scripture. Gen. 25:17

2373. God looked out for Ishmael and his mother. Gen. 25:17

2374. The concept of the human soul. Gen. 25:17

2375. Humanists deny the soul, mostly don’t know what it is. Gen. 25:17

2376. Chart/Short Doctrine/Graphic: Doctrine of the Human Soul. Gen. 25:17

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2379. The doctrine of the Human Soul is why there is a push for us to believe in evolution. Gen. 25:17

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